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(Loyalty Is,) Diner Destination

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    Bugul's face is goat-like, as are his ears and short horns reminiscent of the same beast adorn his head. He is covered in rough fur, gray in color. His facial hair is more apparent, with his mustache growing think beneath his goat-like nose and the stubble on his chin growing longer like a billy goat beard. Woody vines grow from his scalp and forearms evidencing that this being is no mere Beast, but something else as well. He looks upon the world with clear blue, goatlike eyes and walks on the earth with cloven hooves.
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    Bugul shifted slightly on his weight.

    Then he walked forward, his steps slow and easy before stopping a mere foot from the Elemental.

    His expression isn't one of anger. Instead the Goatman offers a look of solemn understanding.

    "I have known killers Robert, mate of Allie," he says, his voice a low rumble, "Even though you snuffed out the life of Abraham, you are not among them."

    If Robert allowed it, a hand would come to grasp his shoulder, fire or no.

    "If you go to her now, you will not be at peace,"
    he said, "And if your Allie is anything like my Korrigan... we both know she deserves to see you returned at your best. I will not kill you. That would cast dishonor on your bond."

    It takes a strange coward to kill broken men.

    Was Bugul taking a risk getting this close? Yes, but it was apparent he felt the risk was necessary.

    Then the Beast's free hand reached for his belt, retrieving his large knife and holding it out to the Fireheart.

    "Take it,"
    he says, "Prove me wrong. My belly is exposed. Show me you're a killer."

    Bugul stares the man down with his goat-like eyes.

    "Or tell us what is stuck in your heart so that you might begin your journey to peace,"
    he offers, "I do not pretend to know your Allie, but I can suspect which she would have you choose. And it is the same path Korrigan would have wanted for me."

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    A striking brunette in her 20s with deep blue eyes, shoulder length hair and a 1000-watt smile. Her features have a radiant beauty to them. She styles herself after the latest fashions, never forgetting to add a touch of tradition to her mises.


    The elegant and armonious movement of the celestial spheres is reflected upon her hair, galaxies dance across the pitch black background in clockwork-like precision, delicate specks of moondust blaze down in her wake, disappearing just as they touch the floor. Her eyes, like star sapphires, shine in tandem with the globes of light that dance around her, floating like planets swept around a Sun.


    A field of roses under the glistening pale moon of a star sprangled spring night. Occasionally, midnight blue roses emerge from her hair, their petals swept by a gentle breeze, just to fade into the bed of sparkling diamond moondust left in her trail by her mien, vanishing without trace soon thereafter.
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    Was this really the place for such a show? Not many people were around, but they were in public nonetheless, and although the Satyr's offer spoke of courage, she wished that saner counsel would prevail.
    She taps her feet against the floor impatiently.

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    Sonja "Sonnie" Wu
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    (Sonja Wu)

    An alluring young beauty, Sonnie Wu is 5'2" and lean-bodied, with a light, nimble step and eyes that seem to say "Hey, you know what would be fun?" Her reddish-brown hair often seems slightly unkempt, and an amused smile regularly plays on her lips. Sonnie is usually dressed casually or for outdoor activity. She almost always wears a pair of red leather tabi boots.

    To the eyes of Fae, Sonnie's feet are like those of a monkey: Toes as long as fingers, with one on each foot being opposable like a thumb. A long monkey tail protrudes from the base of Sonnie's spine, covered in hair the same shade as her head. It appears to be prehensile, and often moves to react to her mood and dances about when she speaks, like people who "talk with their hands." Finally, her brown eyes turn golden.
    Mundane Equipment:

    Smart phone, messenger bag, quarterstaff, 2 throwing knifes (concealed), 3 goblin fruit (changes by season), mountain bike.

    Cloud-Stepping Shoes
    Hedgespun ● +2 Speed

    Coin of the Lucky Monkey
    Hedgespun ● +1 Defense



    Sonnie just shook her head. The anger was gone. There was just sadness and regret. All she wanted to do now was go home and hug her dog and eat an entire pizza and watch pro wrestling. When it came to downer emotions, Springs were good at denial.

    "Sorry, Robert. No suicide by Claviger today."

    She watched Bugul make his dramatic gesture. "Bart's got a... point. Let's have that be the only point he gets tonight, okay?"

    The Steepscrambler shrugged, but kept one eye on the Fireheart, just in case he took her fellow Beast up on his offer.

    "Maybe Abraham made a bad mistake. He got carried away and jumped to conclusions. I'm sorry your wife paid the price for it. But so did he. There's... there's been enough death, I think." She looked Robert straight in the eyes. "You gotta live. If you're gone, who's gonna remember Allie? We never knew her. Long as you live, so does she."

    She sighed, just feeling tired now. "Maybe you can tell me about her sometime. I'll listen."
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