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Loyalty is, Check In

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    Twist Scenes

    Yes, she would. Sonnie would like to spend more time with her fellow Beast.

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    Then he will be available

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    Yumyumcrow Scenes

    Anatole would probably fall into a similar situation...

    If we assume a call to arms went out (most likely this is the case) then he'll team up with his Sovereign in Source.

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    (Street, Clubs)
    Primal Urge

    Rhodes Scenes
      Dreams 3 Armour/Dreams 3 weapon, Forging the Dream
     Herden Mask, 
      Activate Hedespun Coat (+1Def), Riding the Falling Leaves, Willpower

    Angular features, pointed ears. His jet-black hair bursts into bright red flowers and fine dark leaves about his ears forming a wreath of firey foliage that trailed just below his shoulders. Thin woody vines broached and twined across his milky-white skin, with leaves and budding flowers breaking into bloom at his cuffs.

    Hedgespun coat - darkest thunderclouds, broiling and writhing, occasionally flashing as if lighting was happening on the other

    Nimbus: Scarlet flames rising out from her like giant sperading wings, and the sound of an eagle's screech.

    An opportunity for Anatole of Autumn to show his quality...

    Given Rhodes is suspicious this whole thing is a Loyalist snatching ground, he would completely be up for having more hands as well.

    Consider the balloon to be up.
    "Why? Why? Why? WHY?"
    "Four excellent questions!"
    Martin Kreefe and Douglas Richardson, Cabin Pressure

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    0 Scenes

    OOC note
    IC Sonnie shouldn't feel bound or obliged to follow Titania, since the latter lied. So, feel free to join the hedge thread if you wish.

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    Twist Scenes

    It's fine. The hedge team is big enough as it is, anyway.

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    0 Scenes

    Okay my lovely lings, I'll get the plots thrown up in the next day or so

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    0 Scenes

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    0 Scenes

    The next scene's up! http://nwod.org/forum/showpost.php?p=14449945

    If Shane wants to join in on Dinner Destination, would that be okay with everyone currently in the scene? Vincent , Abyssalstar Stray

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    Twist Scenes

    It's fine by me!

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