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(1911) Duel Consilium II

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    The Circle is a large almost imposing building of Gothic Architecture. It is an almost perfect replica of Westminster, but no one ever notices. Sleeper eyes slide over the ruins of what used to be, and only Awakened eyes can pierce the subtle occultation.

    The year is moving towards its end now with increasing speed. Halloween has passed and Thanksgiving is on the horizon. Beyond that lies Yule, Christmas, and New Year. Even the stores are beginning to pick up on this theme, as the first Christmas sales appear. The pace is picking up, too, as the Sleeper crowds slowly become aware of the impending seasonal festivities; and as the nights start to draw in.

    The Awakened have had a tumultuous year of ups and downs; of gains and losses; victory, defeat, and change.

    The year began with a Duel Arcane.

    And it will end with one.

    A shout out to deltadream for the opening paragraph. It just felt right to re-use it in this post

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    This Hierarch is a Mystagogue and the Circle is a temple as much as it is a meeting place and a Sanctuary in time of direst needed. The Circle's cool and dim interior is now lit up! Candle upon candle; candelabra upon candelabra; light upon light in gothic splendour. Incense drifts thickly around the Circle's precincts - testament to the Mystogogue's work through the day preparing the Sanctuary for this most momentous meeting.

    Campanella is dressed in his ceremonial robes once again, performing one last circuit of the nave with a censor swing gently between his outstretched hands.
    NIMBUS: A halo. With more powerful magic the ambient glow obscures his features.

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    Nimbus: A halo of light accompanied by sounds of machinery: hissing steam engines, turning cogs and the like.


    Enter Shodan, dressed in his own kind of 'robes', a modern blend befitting a modern mage. He's spent some time in front of a wardrobe for this meeting - for him, it was not enough that he will win what is to come, but that he does so with style.

    The lights and thick smell of incense assault the Libertine's senses as he strides into the cathedral with confidence. Just how much time must it take to prepare this humongous place like that? He has a small backpack with him, filled with supplies that are bound to come in handy regardless of the duel's outcome - a bottle of water, tissues, granola bars... if it's good for hangovers, it's probably good for duel injuries, too.

    If he's surprised to be the first to arrive after Campanella, the Prime Mover doesn't show it. In fact, there's only a slight smile on his lips as he says


    in greeting. No nod, no handwave, no nothing.

    And now we wait.
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    The Mirage: Star appears translucent with overlapping and slightly offset images of himself in different identities/disguises.


    The Illusionist

    The more things change, the more they stay the same. It's a contradiction to the whole older and Wiser thing. Or maybe that's a contradiction. Mouths of babes and all that.

    These were the steps they all met on.

    This is where We met.

    That's Our alcove.

    Someday, maybe it'd be worth a Look at the resonance, or even echoes. Nothing's ever truly gone​. Because everything is stardust. Someone's getting dusted today, yo. And the Angel is dressed to deliver a benediction.

    "Remember when this guy wore suits?"
    he asked no one in particular as he approached Campanella. "Nice. I like it. A little over the top? Maybe that's why I like it." Fingers plucked here and there, straightening out the robe's wrinkles. "Also? You left these at my place." A hand opened, showing a pair of cufflinks with alchemical symbols. How did those get in the theater? Gosh, Tuesday. Talk about deserving better. "It's a big day. Got your speeches prepared? You know. A blue envelope and a red envelope? No? No biggie. You'll wing it." Wing it. Get it? "And I'll be watching." Tick tock, it don't stop. "Avis sends her regards. Okay, not really. It was more like. Well. You know Avis. Where's Truce? I always figured you two... Nevermind. Don't ask, don't tell."

    It's all betters now, yo. Because the Angel is here.
    Cloaked spells, not overt magical res. Scrut for deets.
    '...Watch With Glittering Eyes...'
    - Roald Dahl

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    The Duel Arcane. How the Awakened settled everything from personal perceived insults to more grievous offenses. This had always been the way, and it must always be respected and observed.

    So to respect the tradition, she didn’t go with jeans, but a black business suit over which she wore a long black jacket. And knowing some wounds would not be able to be healed with magic, because she was expecting vulgar spells to fly, she had a bag with her. Basic first aid supplies, bandages and the such. It wasn’t her jump bag, that was in her rental. But, it would work.

    The sound of her heeled boots announced her arrival, her expression somber. Though the numerous candles and smells brought a hint of a smile to her face. The place was truly beautiful with the candle light.

    Spotting Campanella, she offers him a nod of her head, then looks to Shodan and nods to him. The new face gets a once over, and a small smile.

    Seemed she was content to remain quiet for now. But considering anything she had said at the last meeting was largely ignored, she didn't care to say anything.

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    The shaman entered wearing green scrubs from head to toe. His rapidly balding head covered by a bandana which featured monkey's flinging bananas at each other. Upon entering the Circle he pauses inside the doorway to open his big black bag. Quietly he slips green shoe covers over his comfortable sneakers. He pulls a belt out of the bag and straps it around his waist. The utility belt is an odd assortment of surgical tools, a rattle, a small drum, and a strange looking small ceremonial knife. He pulls out a stethoscope and wraps it around his neck, before finally pulling on a single black latex glove. He picks up his bag and moves deeper into the Circle, finding a quiet place to observe.

    An eager grin plays at his lips.

    There will be blood.

    Blood is knowledge.

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    A halo of white fire burns around his head.


    The holiday season was one of commercialization. One where stuff and catchy jingles managed to overcome thanks and family. One Cosmo would be happy to avoid if there was any option anywhere in a developed city to avoid such a holiday. So maybe a duel would be a welcome change of pace. A tradition to bring closure to an issue that seemed to eat at the relationship between members of the community. An opportunity for everyone to move forward in a way that brought Wisdom rather then resentment.

    Or maybe Shodan and Winter would actually kill each other because of a wounded ego. Whatever. The end result would be the same and Cosmo seriously doubted it would be one that went with yams or candy canes. It would be final though, and not having to hear them trash talk each other or their orders would be a refreshing change.

    The Theurgist came in his usual plain black suit, content in a look that was both formal and unobtrusive. As he entered an eyebrow quirked up at Anima's choice of clothing. The bandana alone sent a clear message, and it was one the Ladder intended to remember.

    "Hello." Cosmo gave a chin-up to Star, the only person in the room he didn't recognize and a welcome distraction from the notion of 'banana' flinging. "I'm Cosmo, scion of the Watchtower of the Golden Key and acolyte of the Silver Ladder."

    In a one on one with a Sleeper he might shake hands to be courteous, but here? Everybody keeps their sympathy to themselves and Cosmo was no exception.

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    Nimbus. The sound of rushing wind and flashes of lightning surround Kaze, and his clothes and hair move as if he is in a windstorm.

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    Supernal Vision Prime Pot 1.
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    Kaze comes in with a thoughtful, interested expression wearing a black shirt under a brown leather jacket and black trousers and shoes. "Hey everyone, Hierarch." He says in a friendly, respectful tone. He looks at Star with a puzzled expression as if he can't decide if he's seen him before or should greet him as a new arrival. He apparently decides not to introduce himself as a new acquaintance, and settles in the back to watch the door and see who else was coming.
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    Papilio was excited. To interact in a Consilium once more, after so long? It was not enough so as to be anxiety-inducing, but he was perhaps a tad wary. A folder and pen, and eyes wide open- not magical, not yet. The Hierarch's words, and his own reservations, ensured Papilio would take caution before peeking into others' selves...

    ...Though in any event, the... Apprehensive? Tense? Something feeling that made everything different. Perhaps it was the location, as the Hierarch seemed to finish up his preparations. Regardless, the Mastigos was slightly wary as he introduced himself. "Hierarch. Ah.. Papilio, Mastigos of the Mysterium- for those that have yet to meet me." A slight welcoming gesture, and a smile, as he surveyed the room. What was there to do here? What was there to say?
    Grim Sight

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    Visual lag (jerky motions, sudden starts and stops) seems to occur around the onlookers' periphery, and the world takes on muted rainbow shades that shift and bend, like a magnet near a CRT television.


    Butterflies didn't quite describe it. It was more like having bumblebees in your stomach. Okay, not bumblebees (too nice), but those skinny striped jerks. End of the story though, Mobius was a little nervous - and it wasn't even her big show.

    She entered the consilium grounds for the third time now, though she had spent no time becoming familiar with them. A quick look around at the increasingly familiar faces and she wanders her way towards Kaze, the closest she'd come to making a friend at this point. She stands a comfortable distance from him with eyes drifting carefully around the chamber. "Taking bets?" she jokes, with a nervous chuckle.

    Halloween Clinic - , Temporal Dodge (Pot 3, +3 def), Grim Sight (Mage Sight)

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