Okay! Now with the Site back up and running I wanted to get started on this awesome experiment! Thought up by the wonderful Benji and already being used in Mage!

Virtue and Vice Glimpses!

Based on Risk, your Virtue and Vice are your Character's motivators helping guide and inspire them. Which an ST can use to tempt your Character by putting forth an interesting choice before them to tempt them. While I've been on the Site, I've never Triggered my Virtue/Vice, yes they've inspired Character development, especially with Alice Hart, my old vampire, but they've never come up in play - now as an ST myself, it's extraordinarily difficult to keep track of everyone's Virtue/Vice and plan and place interesting choices to tempt a Character to remain Virtuous or give in to their Vice.

Virtue/Vice Glimpses, their very purpose is to temp and trigger your Virtue/Vice, which will help you regain Willpower faster, because, oh boy is it ever slow to come back!

Though of course, by indulging your Virtue/Vice and to bring about the Risk as mentioned above, fulfilling either will cost you:
Degen Rolls
Pledge (with the Risk of breaking it)
Merit Dots (temporarily suspend a merit. Resources=tapped out. Allies are unavailable. Retainer unavailable, status temporarily suspended, etc).

Note, that this HAS to be a cost. So you couldn't choose damage and then just heal it with a Contract or Goblin Fruit! That's not a cost.

Also! The cost has to be reflected in the story presented in your Glimpse. You can't just randomly choose a cost, the cost MUST be associated with the virtue/vice story you chose.

Charity (Helping a homeless family) = Resources
Lust (seducing a married ally) = Allies
Wrath (starting a bar fight) = Damage
Justice (killing someone) = Degen Roll


Vice Fulfillment:
Will be a one for one exchange. 1 Willpower for:
1 Degen Roll
1 Lethal Damage
3 Glamour
Pledge Lasting One Month; 30 days.
1 Merit Dot (temporarily reduce a merit by 1 dot).

Virtue will refresh ALL your Willpower:
1 Degen Roll
3 lethal
6 Glamour
Pledge Lasting One Seasons; 89 days.
Temporarily suspend a Merit (temporarily reduce a merit. Resources, tapped out. Allies are unavailable. Retainer unavailable, status temporarily suspended, etc).

Damage will stay with your Character until it heals naturally.
Temporary lost Merit dots will remain at -1 or completely unavailable for the Month the Glimpse is submitted.
Glamour lost by Virtue/Vice fulfillment will remain lost for the Month the Glimpse is submitted.
Pledges must be mechanically sound and will remain for the Month (Vice)/Season (Virtue), and as with all Pledges there will be the possibility of breaking it which of course will invoke the Pledge's Sanction.