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Plots and Thoughts

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    Origins's Avatar

    Circe Scenes
      Focus upon the roll
      Mask Hardened

    Eeeny, Meeny, Moe. So C. No Miny because you can never go wrong with Moe

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    Selena's Avatar

    Vivian York

    Winter 2 (Chilled air around her)
    SL 4 (Violet Eyes, Inviting)
    Pres 3 (Lively)

    Winter Pledge 1 yr

    Okay so to start out for plots here they are.

    Orianna , Woland , Xadun please go to Gates Galore

    Abyssalstar , Cross , Vincent please go to There's a what?

    If there are any more interested, I could probably take two more in each plot, but please state which you would be interested in if that is the case.

    NOTE: I typically do not post Monday evenings as I have a quirky obligation to do that day.

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    Hades_Roses's Avatar

    Cole Volker

    Mien is dull grey skin with seemingly molten veins, runes are barely carved
    Summer Mantle 1
    Cole Volker Scenes

    Ah... Probably the Hedge, if only to keep the Freehold safe from potential harm. Though, depending on the reports coming from the playground, Cole might go there too?

    Hedge stuff takes priority, I suppose? If there's Fae frickering about, Cole wants to put a stop to it.

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    Vincent's Avatar

    0 Scenes

    (Noise) There's a what?
    Let's have fuuuuuun! Abyssalstar Cross

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    Abyssalstar's Avatar

    We're going on a plot thread! - Frodo Baggins, probably

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    Ruach's Avatar
    Matt Joule
    Dirt Nap
    Alfonso Franco

    Striking Looks (Athletic) 2
    Matt Joule
    Dirt Nap
    Alfonso Franco
    Kaze Scenes
      Cloaked spells, Cloaked spell
      Break the grapple!

    So, sorry! I posted for Alfonso Franco in the playground topic without thinking. I didn't even see this thread about the plot, and thought it was an Open scene at first, and then when I realized it was plotty, had a memory of having signed up and posted. Now though, I think I was remembering a mage plot that is staging.

    So, if it's okay to have Alfonso Franco just show up, cool, but please delete my post if it's a problem at all or cutting in line in front of someone! Sorry for spacing!

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