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    Hey guys!

    I know Travisc06489 has been amazing with his Budding Thorns Plot, it's already weaving into something epic, with a creative cast of NPCs, a few of which are probably going to be staying around for a while.

    Now, with my nifty green name comes great responsibility.

    I have a few plotish ideas brewing and bubbling, but I don't want to steam roll them into being a thing, especially if no one would have fun with them, soooo I'm asking you the players who make plots and stories oh so epic and wonderful and fun, to tell me, just what you're looking for in a plot?

    Action? Accenture? Wacky Hedge shenanigans? Less wacky shenanigans? Horror? Mystery? Weird battle royal gladiator style arenas?

    I mean, come on. This is changeling, anything is possible.

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    Maybe Hedge stuff (Budding Thorns covers Sacramento human side stuff)

    Maybe something building on what has been established recently (last year or so) with the Bay and its issues?


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    I do like the idea of some of what's happening in the Bay spilling over onto our shores. Circe and a few spread NPCs have done a pretty good job on selling that something is going down, which is only more intriguing as the Bay doesn't actually have a Freehold section on the wiki. Plus, I believe this was a previously planned plot before Changeling ended up without an ST, so there is some plan and forethought to it.

    So I'm curious to see all that come to fruition.

    Another thing I might like to see is some human animosity. I might have mentioned it earlier on Discord, but I think it'd be interesting to see a few more mundane threats. I think it'd throw a lot of characters for a loop if they realize they have a mortal antagonist whose goals don't fall on the other side of the Hedge, he just has a bone to pick with us for other reasons.

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    For my own two cents, I think a mundane threat could also be fun. Largely due to the fact that Quick really isn't a master of the Fae arts.

    Side note: Quick is available for any of your solo projects - and I'm going to have to come up with some more stuff of my own to give Echo some time to shine.

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    Along with Budding Thorns, I would like to make some smaller, contained scenes for Changeling characters with an 'axe to grind'. Have interest in confronting a Fetch? Have your Keeper's hounds caught your scent? Is there there an XP expenditure that requires a little... explanation? This will be your opportunity!

    Think of it as things you might have put into a Glimpse, but prefer the mystery of ST input and the chance of the dice roll. If there is something like this you're interested in digging into with your character, contact me via PM and we will see what we can do!

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    Fresh start, the beginings of an idea. What do you all think of a a plot dealing with Dreams?

    I know Yumyumcrow is interested, would there be anyone else up for a little investigation, and little Dream exploration and possible combat?

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    AwakeOrangutang's Avatar


    I love me some plots and I haven't done Dream stuff before (missed the bus on that last time around), do I'd be down for it.

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    The ephemeral, drifting floating. Exiting as it always is. Thoughts and dreams, moments and seconds....solidifies into one cohesive thought.

    The Dream. Oneiromancy, manipulating the Dream, navigating it, mastering it. Do kickass things you can't do when you're wide awake.

    Each of you have drifted to sleep, as one does but this night your dreams are wretched away from your control. You are lead to an arena and told to fight!

    Obviously there is something wrong, who had lead you here? Why must you fight? And just how can you wake?

    This is the intro for an Oneiromancy plot!

    First dibs are Yumyumcrow , Cayce , AwakeOrangutang

    For anyone else, if you're interested post below!

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    Circe Scenes
      Focus upon the roll
      Mask Hardened

    Vacation over, I am interested in some joining some plot if there is still an opening.

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