This forum is different than the others in that it represents singular events that spawn threads representing conversations within the events rather than different threads representing different events/locations.

These events take place at the Circle of Creation and come in two flavors:

Threads with this label will be formal gatherings of the Consilium at large. An official meeting with a time and date, expected participation, and presided over and run by Consilium officials.
● Consilium gatherings will be held quarterly: January, April, July, and November.
● Threads should use the 'Consilium' prefix and be titled with (YYMM), such as (1601) for a 2016 January meeting.
● These are formal/semi-meetings in that they are earmarked for official IC business.
Official business should wait 7 days to give everyone an opportunity to enter.
After 7 days the thread is closed to new arrivals.

'Sancturary' will be the re-branding of 'Eternal Consilium'. It's a play on the Circle being a church and the Right of Sanctuary -- and totally open for suggestions of a new name. Mostly because 'Eternal' came from 'Eternal Court' where 'Eternal' was a play on both 'ongoing' and the immortal nature of Vampires -- and so it's not really fitting for all the non-Tremere mages.

But what is it?

It's more of a concept than an event. It's a representation of the comings and goings of Consilium members through the Circl e of Creations; meeting, chatting, whatever. It's a chance to hang out with your fellow Mages on neutral, protected grounds.
● It's not an event.
● It's not participation-mandatory
● Sanctuary threads will run each month between Consilium meetings.
● Threads should use the 'Sanctuary' prefix and be titled with (YYMM), such as (1602) for a 2016 February meeting.

Consilium & Sanctuary
In both cases, these are 'open' Scenes, and 'public' Scenes. They're not for private meetings: anything you say in either can be heard by any and all who are present. It's the nature of public gatherings; to gossip, to eavesdrop. It's part of the attraction and danger of such.
● If you want a private meeting, go start a Sanctum thread.
● This is neutral, protected ground and should be treated with respect.
Councilors (or their Provosts) should probably attend, but it's not mandatory.
Sentinels are expected to attend and be safe-guarding the premises.
● These should both be go-to Scenes for new people to be Recognized, unless Consilium is underway (see above).
● Avoid entering these in the last week of the month as there is really isn't any time to accomplish anything other than slowing down the closing.
● These are considered STICKY threads, regardless of whether they are flagged as such or not.