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(Trax X) Those Outside

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    The night's streets were quiet as the Kindred moved through them. South Sacramento, as it often was at this time, was dead - the kind of quiet of a place that most normal folks did not wish to be at late o'clock, outside, unless they had a damn good reason. Of course, vampires were hardly normal people. This was the witching hour; the time for the undead to rise and rule the earth.

    Or at the very least, for them to try to eek out a pitiful existence on the substrate of vampire society. The Requiem was not equal. Nor was it fair.

    If any happened to wish to stray from the front of the bar they would see an alleyway.

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    Isaac took a quick glance outside into the street before stepping out. It wasn't as though he had much to fear from the average street, not as a Kindred, but habits died hard. Besides, there were things out there that would prey on anything.

    "All right," said Isaac as he stepped out, turning to look at the others. "What might this proposition be?"

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    While waiting for the discussion to begin, Mason eyed the other kindred intensely ... and a bit nervously. The presence of so many unknown beasts were making him edgy. Despite looking at them aggressively as he usually does, he remains silent towards them as to not appear threatening.

    Mason was still a newcomer and he still had a lot to learn about vampirism so it was not the time to make ennemies. He wondered what Charlotte had in mind though he hoped that would mean having a support group, allies and stuff to increase his survival chances ...

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    Taking a pencil and notepad out of her purse, Anabella scrawls a note and shows it to any of the assembled kindred that wish to take a look at her statement.

    It would be greatly appreciated by me if a conversation audible to any kine in there were to take place regarding my history of mental instability and/or drug abuse. Something along the lines of "that bitch needs to lay off the LSD. Last time she thought the Bartender was king of the fucking faeries" would do quite nicely. Saying it to Mason should prove particularly effective. I would be willing to consider any comparable favors in the future in return for such a consideration.

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    Gareth stepped outside and looked over the familiar and unfamiliar faces. His beast flared again, snarling and roaring in it's furious desire to dominate everything, his searching gaze almost predatory in it's evaluation of the assembling group. He soothed it, out here in full view of the public was definitely NOT the place and even his beast calmed in agreement. Successful predators didn't give themselves away...

    He raised an eyebrow as Anabella showed her note around and looked slightly pointedly at Mason and Juan when he followed them out. He hoped they would throw themselves at the chance to make nice with the pretty Daeva and leave the serious business to people he felt less on edge around.

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    The older guy from inside walks out past the group, a bottle of Smirnoff in hand. He walks on past and disappears into the nearby alleyway, on his way to parts unknown to the Kindred.

    You may roll Perception if you wish.

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    While waiting for the reunion to begin, Mason can't help but notice the old guys passing the group. The nosferatu hoped that nothing nefarious was going on. He was starting to get a bit more than suspicious of everything that happened around him ... especially since he became a vampire.

      3 suxx on perception roll
    Date Action Roll Result
    2013-03-06 18:42:30 Mason Carpenter rolls 5 to perception roll at Trax X- Outside Roll 5 dice (wit+comp 5) (10 Again) 9, 2, 9, 10, 1, 1 3 successes

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    Juan raised an eyebrow and watched as the old guy left with the bottle of smirnoff... It all seemed very, very strange - especially seeing as they had all left.
    Juan gave the slightest shrug at Gareth's pointed stare. I wonder if this is how he deals with everyone? Juan thought to himself, noting the way he'd been looked at as they left the bar. If so, i'm not suprised he hasn't made it out of this shithole. "You do realize half the bar's patrons just left the bar and are currently standing out front?"He murmured quietely. "I get your point, but perhaps we should discuss things with your hombre another night, perhaps at a different locale." He gave a short look over at Charlotte, Isaac and Gareth. He doubted any of them would want to discuss whatever schemes they had outside, especially nothing of supernatural importance. Not on a night like this.

      1 suxx
    Date Action Roll Result
    2013-03-06 19:04:34 Juan rolls 6 to percieve stuff. (10 Again) 8, 2, 3, 4, 2, 2 1 success

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    Date Action Roll Result
    2013-03-06 19:39:19 Anabella Prieto rolls 5 to Perception (10 Again) 7, 2, 7, 6, 6 failure

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    Charlotte's expression could have soured milk. She had been looking for a quick, private conversation with her three prior companions, but the idiot Daeva had ruined things with her loose tongue. Now half the bar had congregated on the street outside, which would be odd enough to any passers by, and they had been followed by one of the Kine. So soon after the fiasco with Joe and the Masquerade breach that blossomed around him, Charlotte had no intention on putting the Kine's movements down to simple co-incidence. She allowed her enhanced senses to expand, taking in the full panopoly of sensory information offered to her, in the hopes of catching any tip-off as to what the Kine was doing down the alley.

    So when she took one glance over Anabella's note, the venom in Charlotte's voice was quite genuine. The Mekhet gave the occasional small twitch as her Beast raged within, sending fantasies of ripping the Daeva's tongue out flitting back and forth through her mind.

    "You're off your medication again, aren't you, you stupid bitch?" Charlotte snapped. "Go home. Sort yourself out. Because next time I'm getting the authorities involved."

    The authorities, in this case, being Vorrigan. Charlotte took a moment to reign in her frustrations before speaking to Isaac, Gareth and Juan.

    "Juan's right. I'm sorry about wasting your time like this, but I didn't realise we would have an...audience. Gareth was kind enough to give me a contact number earlier; if you two do the same, then I can arrange something a little more private."

      3 to Perception
    Date Action Roll Result
    2013-03-07 22:16:35 Charlotte rolls 5 to perception (10 Again) 9, 5, 8, 9, 4 3 successes

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