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    Starflower waited on the spirit side of Fremont Park. He sat cross legged, facing away from Flame of Man's grave. He wore a pair of camouflage pants, a black shirt, and Diggers old, well worn leather jacket. The patches that covered the back have been replaced, with bright white lettering stating loudly "ACB" and "Wilkins".

    In front of him saw an oil pan for a car, with three arrows standing upright and leaning against each other, then wrapped tightly with a metal wire. In the middle of the oil pan, a bright, white wax is piled into the middle, going straight up, through the middle of the arrows, and coming to a head at a total of about a foot and a half tall. He did not have his lamp lit yet, eager and waiting to see the expected turnout.

    The wolves of Sacramento were going to need all the help they could get....

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    Stefan wasn't a ritualist. Actually, he didn't have the first idea how to perform any of the Rites, and watching Sally do them just confused the ever-living Hell out of him. But he was a Cahalith, and a Storm Lord, and he was supposed to be supporting his pack. Which meant that he'd need to learn in time. At first, he figured he could just watch. Watching taught people a lot. He padded towards the Tur, his eyes scanning the unfamiliar shapes around him. He had to get more used to seeing this side of things, too. Less nervous about it.

    There was an old, battered oil lamp between his teeth. He'd found it in some charity shop or other for a buck, but he was trying to play the part. He'd also charmed them down to the 50c he'd found on the pavement outside, but that wasn't the point.

    The large black wolf sat back on his haunches and scowled for a moment, before he began to stretch and warp into the good-looking Cahalith pup, who pulled the lamp out of his mouth.

      2 successes
    Date Action Roll Result
    2011-11-08 22:54:23 Stefan Anderson rolls 6 to Stamina 3 + Survival 2 + Primal Urge 1 (10 Again) 5, 10, 7, 5, 2, 4, 10, 3 2 successes

    "Hey. Don't think we've met before? I'm Stefan, from the Shadow Seekers."

    Oh Goddamnit, I'm the second here.

    Yeah, but don't tell him that. Look confident. CONFIDENT.

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    Dale Hunt


    Dale walked up to the park casually whistling to himself. He was wearing the same old pair of worn out jeans he had worn the last time he had visited the Tur, and a black tank top that revealed a few different tattoos. One of them identified him as a member of the Blood Talons. He was carrying a thick branch, wrapped around with some cloth on one end.

    The message said a lamp...hopefully this jury-rigged torch will do.

    Once he arrived at the location he looked around and didn't see anyone at first.

    That's odd...

    However, he recalled that the message Starflower had posted mentioned something about letting the spirits know of their presence. Dale concentrated as he tried to cross over to the other side, but was unable to do so at first. He frowned, upset at his inability to step through, but decided that he'd try again by allowing the essence in his body facilitate the transition this time around.


    Once he had crossed the Gauntlet he noticed that Starflower and another Uratha he hadn't met before were already there. He nodded at each respectively.

    "Hey there."

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    Raul paced back and forth in his living room. He had met some of the People when he had first come to Sacramento, but this would be the first time he would be really involving himself in the community here. Not only that, but it was as part of a large ritual! Way to jump in over your head. Maybe he would just skip it until he knew the rest of the People better.

    No. He shook his head and grabbed his lamp on his way out the door. No, he would go now. Timidity was no part of a Uratha.


    Fifteen minutes later his bike pulled up to the park. Butterflies flitted through his stomach as he saw someone who had the feel of being a Uratha walking into the park, disappearing into the trees.

    He pulled out his lamp, a converted old motorcycle headlight, and walked forward toward the Center of the park. The Center, at least for wolves. As he reached it, he shivered with the change in feeling and with a deep breath opened himself to the other half of reality and stepped through.

    As he fades across, the People on the other side become visible and nerves hit him again - no one looks familiar.

    "Raul Castillo, Ithaeur of the Sworn. Here to be in the Rite. Am I welcome, señores?"

    4 successes

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    Starflower smiled as Stefan approached, doing his bet to try and bleed away the nervousness he felt about leading a community ritual. "Seekers, huh? Firebringers a good member of the People. All the spirits 'round here are either afraid or respectful, more often both, of him."

    The nervousness continued to fade as Dale showed up. While the guy might not be a pack mate, theres always something to be said about 'sharing foxholes' and such. "Hey bud, thanks for coming." As he says this he gives a welcoming nod to Raul. "This is Tur, and you have an Auspice, so you are more than welcome to participate. Starflower tried to ignore the fact that he had slightly more renown scrawling his body than the others - soon, hopefully, the Elders would be showing up, and the meager Renown that Starflower had gained would be put into proper perspective. "Considering ive only met one of you guys, and that was under...hmm....'duress', i believe proper introductions are in order. I am Starflower Wilkins, Rahu of the Hirfathra Hissu. No, it isnt a deed name." He says with almost a sneer of derision.

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    Ryan Deshane

    Digger strolls up, cigarette in one hand, lamp in the other. "Nice Jacket." Digger says to Starflower. Digger sets down his lamp and waits for the party to start.

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    Sally Romanov

    Sally strolls up shortly after Stefan. She is also in Hishu and has a nice smile on her face. "Well hello everyone, Blessed be to you all." Sally's warmth is near palpable, pleased to be involved in a ritual such as this. The woman carries a old oil lantern with her.

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    Stefan nodded to Starflower, wondering what the guy had done to get such a shitty deed name. And then the guy said it wasn't a deed name. Yeowch. Must've had some really dickish parents. Sucks.

    "I'm Stefan Anderson, Cahalith of the Iminir,"
    he offered, then flashed a grin at the newcomers. And a wave to his pack beta. Cool. Lots of Werewolves.

    That's a new thought.

    Eh, it's better than 'ARGH! LOTS OF WEREWOLVES!'

    You have a point.

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    Dale Hunt


    Dale nodded at his fellow Rahu. He was glad there were at least a couple of familiar faces there.

    "I'm Dale Hunt, Rahu of the Suthar Anzuth. Moved up here from L.A. a few weeks ago."

    He pointed at his tatoo on his right shoulder as he made his tribal affiliation known to the others there.

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    The Elodoth made his entrance to the Spiritual side of the Tur with a relaxed smile and new Coleman lantern in his left hand. Having grown up in Maine it certainly wasn't his first Coleman Lantern but the idea of having a new Lantern to symbolize the new beginning he had found in this city was too good of a symbol to pass up. Well that and the fact that the Coleman Lanterns of his youth had been thrown out with most of the other stuff in the garage when he'd gone off to College, but hey that didn't mean the new beacon wasn't also a symbol. Symbolic and practical, a twin set of concepts that caused Matt to smile, a gesture that caused the scar on his left cheek to become slightly more pronounced against his youthful appearance.

    Moving towards the group, he sees a few familiar faces and greets Sally, Fred and Digger with a polite nod.

    "Evening." He says to the group at large, the genuine smile still on his face.

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