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Kal's Typical Week

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    Kal had been a vampire for about two years, but he had already reached the conclusion that un-life was significantly harder than the movies made it out to be. As a matter of fact, it downright sucked a lot of the time.

    How am I suppose to live for hundreds of years if the bus doesn't get here on time so I can get back to my haven before the sun comes up?

    This was just one of many problems faced by the young vampire.

    Monday Through Friday, Kal puts in 8 hours of his night working remotely as a search engine tester for a marketing company. That brought in some income, which was good considering that he needed to pay the monthly rent on his storage locker he used for a haven, but it didn't leave time for hunting. It also meant a paper trail.

    Saturday and Sunday were his nights to hunt, and by the end of the week he was always really hungry. Hunting and life in general are confined to the barrens out in West Sacramento. You know, the place where hunting is supposed to suck.

    To make matters worse, Kal didn't even have a car. When he went out hunting, he would have to make sure he caught the last bus in order to make it back to the haven. If he missed it, he'd have to walk back...always a "fun time."

    And as for the hunting itself, that was also a pain in the ass. Kal never had what it takes to "get with chicks." Though he'll at least stalk people on facebook.

    So for hunting, Kal preyed on people that were asleep. Sometimes it might be a bum passed out in a park, or the drunk college kid passed out on the couch at the end of the night, other times he's had to literally sneak into someone's house to steal the blood and get out.

    He's managed to survive so far. But deep down Kal knew it was only a matter of time before something went terribly wrong.

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    At last, the bus heaves into view, trundling up to the sidewalk spluttering in hacking coughs as the engine turns over. The light inside is dingy - yellowing like nicotine stains - but to Kal's amped senses, it's bright enough that his eyes burn for a second or two, before adjusting. The driver's too zoned out to pay Kal - or his bleary reflection - much notice, slumped in front of the wheel, like a badly aged potato. There aren't many passengers at this time; just a young woman with crazy eyes, breathing onto the glass and writing with her finger, a guy in overalls and something else at the back.

    At the back of the bus is an emaciated vulture of a man in a battered leather jacket and a shirt for something called 'Popsicle Shiv'. He's inhumanly gaunt; splinter thin with jaundiced skin and pockmarks. He looks up at Kal and suddenly he feels it; this guy's has a Beast to him. Kal's own Beast emerges without warning; on fire and beating its chest, spoiling for a fight.

    Roll Res+Comp for Predator's Taint
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    3 Sux

    Kal grinds his teeth together as he steps toward the back of the bus, a cold hand reaching down to grab at his knife, but not pulling it out, yet.

    He fights the beast down and drops his voice to address the guy.

    "I'm not looking for a fight. But I've got something inside that wants to kick your ass. Got any reason for me not to listen to it?"

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    Craning his neck up to meet Kal's eyes, the guy looks positively avian as he stares fish-eyed up at the Shadow. Then his face splits into a rot-tooth grin, wet chuckle issuing out, shaking the prominent Adam's apple like a maraca.

    "No reason at all, cowboy. Hey, maybe you should..."

    His voice is a reedy whisper, wavering with amusement. The closer you get and the longer you look, the stranger he appears. The irises in his bugged out eyes are a tawny yellow.

    "But the 20c route, graveyard shift? My hustle, Opie. All mine. Find elsewhere to make ends, 'cus this well's dry."

    Roll Dex+Larceny if you're trying to palm the knife without him noticing: Target is 2 Sux.
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    2011-07-24 12:59:33 [01] Kal Ryan rolls 5 to palm knife (10 Again) 9, 2, 8, 6, 3 2 successes

    Kal got his knife as he moved to his side so that no one notice immediately.

    He takes a quick glance at the mortals before looking back at the vamp in front of him.

    "I'm not looking to drink here. Just need this to get to where I'm going. So If you still out of my way, I'll stay out of yours."

    The young vampire felt nervous about the situation.

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    The rot-tooth grin curls into an unpleasant smirk. As the bus yields to a cab, Kal sees that they're in one of the deadest part of the home turf, with the old firehouse and the boarded up store-fronts spaced between overgrown sprawls of urban prairie and battered chain-link. The man in the overalls gets up and wades to the front of the bus. The doors hiss as he steps out into the dark. It seems unlikely that he has any business around here at this hour. More likely he knows something's up on his bus and wants no part of it. The neckbiter at the back of the bus glances outside before looking sidelong at Kal.

    "Where's 'where you're going'?"

    Roll Wits+Empathy
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    2011-07-24 14:31:44 Kal Ryan rolls 3 to wits + empathy 7, 10, 2 1 success

    "Where I need to go that's where," Kal answers dryly.

    Kal sits down across from the other fang, holding the knife slightly behind his back. He quickly makes a mental note to get off at the stop before he usually gets off. It would be a longer walk back to the haven, but at least it wouldn't tip the other fang off as to where he was staying.

    "So you got a name or something?"

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    "Aw, look at that, you're scaring away all the fish..." Route 20c's claim staker mutters, glancing at the working man who'd just hopped off. He looks intently at Kal in a way that makes him think that he's being sized up.

    "A name? Sure, I got one of those," he replies, evasive. "I go by Donny."
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    Kal snickers ever so slightly.

    "Not my fish, not my problem," he says before nodding his head slightly.

    "Ok Donny. Nice to meet you...I guess." It really wasn't.

    "I'm Kal."

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    Donny doesn't respond for a while, watching the working man disappear around a corner as the bus hurtles past. He glances sourly at the remaining passenger.

    "I'm thinking it is your problem, Kal," he replied. "I mean what you just proposed, 'you stay out of my way, yada blah words' - that was an oral arrangement, right?"
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