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Circle of the Crone Sourcebook p. 188-191
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Ralab is the godhood-mocking discipline of the Asnam, Kindred whose twisted sense of beliefs causes them to believe that they are an all-powerful deity. With proper use of Ralab, and perhaps Majesty, they can easily make others believe it, too.

For more details, purchase Circle of the Crone a Sourcebook for Vampire: the Requiem.

The Ralab discipline is associated with the Asnâm bloodline.

Basic Discipline Levels

• Pact of Allure

Forms a pact between the Sanam and a mortal, making them appear beautiful, and tricking others into thinking the mortal is actually the Kindred.

•• Haven of Flesh

Allows a ghoul to be used as a haven, merging inside them to be protected from sunlight for the day.

••• The Infinite Chalice

Any ghoul who worships the user can have his blood taken and converted into Vitae, regardless of distance.

•••• Of Will Undivided

Transfers Willpower freely between ghoul and the Sanam.

••••• Unholy Avatar

Turns an infant child into the Sanam's vessel, allowing them to be reborn inside it upon the time of their death.

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