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Hunter House Rules
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The Cast
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Experience Allowances

  • Starter characters: 0-30.
  • Beginners: 0-60.
  • Mainstream: 60-100.
  • Beginner and Mainstream are available at the ST's discretion. There will be no starting Elder characters in this venue.

Applying as a Hunter or a Mortal

  • The character cap for the Hunter venue is two. If you want to run two Hunters, a Mortal and a Hunter or two Mortals, these are all valid options. Do bear in mind that if you are joining the venue for the first time, there will be a 6 month wait before a secondary character will be a possibility.


  • Glimpses can give a lot of insight into your character, or provide a nice bit of back story to be elaborated upon. While glimpses are not a necessity, XP will be awarded if a glimpse is written. Also, I like reading them!

Hunters, Mortal and Organisations

  • If Hunters meet the pre-requisites, they can start as members of one of the Mortals Organisations. Doing so may severely impact the Hunt, however, and it prevents them from starting as a member of a Compact, as the commitment to the Organisation takes up too much time.
  • If a Mortal takes up the Vigil, they do not necessarily need to leave their chosen Organisation. They would find it difficult getting the time to join a Compact, but that's a decision they'll have to make for themselves.
  • Tier 3 Hunters are not allowed. Conspiracies must be joined in character. Please don't make a character for the sole reason of joining a particular Conspiracy; things might not pan out. Make sure you enjoy playing the character first.

Cells and Professions

  • While cells are not mandatory, if you want to use tactics and not die a lot then they're a damn good idea.
  • Mortals cannot join cells. However, if they become a Hunter then they will have the chance to in-game.
  • Mortals do have Professions, but the Professional Training Merit is restricted to Hunters. As a result a Mortal's profession has no impact unless they take up the Vigil. Ergo it's not particularly important. Currently existing Mortals can pick a Profession now or decide at the point where they take up the Vigil.

Can Mortals risk Willpower?

  • No. That's the dividing line between a Mortal and a Hunter.

Hunter Occult Skill

Your character knows everything at the level of his occult score and below, as well as anything specifically told to them in a thread on this site. If you have any questions, ask before assuming.

Unless specifically researched in-game, a character is initially only aware of the supernatural that caused their Hunt to begin. For example, if Mr. Black, with 5 occult dots, became a Hunter after being attacked by a zombie crocodile monster, then this is the supernatural he is most familiar with. He would not also be aware of Man-Eating slugs, vampire and the cookie monster; unless this had been encountered in play.

  • 0: All Hunters are aware of the existence of the supernatural.
  • 1: Threat level of supernatural creatures.
  • 2: Existence of compacts, possible ways to kill supernaturals, existence of supernatural societies, basic physiology.
  • 3: Specific compacts, habits of supernaturals, basic behaviours and common supernatural powers.
  • 4: Existence of Conspiracies and supernatural societies, definite ways to kill supernaturals, complex behaviours and rare supernatural powers.
  • 5: Specific conspiracies and supernatural societies.

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