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Mekhet Shadows in the Dark 100-101
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Bloodworking is the unique Discipline of the Norvegi, a Mekhet bloodline of Norse origin that is looked down upon by most of Kindred society. Bloodworking is mainly a combat discipline, as it turns the body of the Norvegus into a powerful weapon; however, it does have many drawbacks, such as permanently scarring and disfiguring its users, and generally requires large amounts of Vitae to use.

Basic Discipline Levels

• Fingertongue

The finger becomes covered in tiny, hairlike needles, which can draw blood into the body of the user.

•• Skewer

A collection of miscellaneous knives and spikes erupts from the user, turning them into a lethal weapon.

••• Bloodshell

Blood rises to the surface, forming a thick scab-like covering of armor that provides defensive benefits.

•••• Fleshdart

A massive spike of blood and flesh rises from the hand, which can be ejected with great and dangerous force.

••••• Erupting Quills

The body of the Norvegus lets out a giant shower of needles, injuring all who are at all near.

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