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Yamiyo Lillich
Lonely Succubus
Freehold Fairest Spring
Striking Looks ●●●● (Mesmerizing)
Mantle ●●●●


Pre arcadia:

On the day she was born the stars were either aligned to bless her with more fortune than anyone should ever have or to curse her beyond belief. Whilst still an infant she got turned over to become a ward of the state now if this is because her parents abandoned her, died or were deported is beyond her knowledge but the fact that she got into the system told it all. Her first years were quite similar to those of anyone else in the system and were neither good nor bad but she never did have the fortune to get adopted. At the age of four she developed a rapid on set of menieres disease after not receiving the proper medical aid she needed, the rapid on set made her lose her hearing in just a couple of years and by the time she turned seven she had gone completely deaf. The next 11 years were a constant change and rarely for the better, she got into foster families with siblings that teased and bullied her, foster parents that used the bottle or hit their kids only seeing them as meal tickets. Gotten turned back to the state, moved to new homes both of the state and new foster families across not only the state she was born in but through various ones and several cities never letting her grow any roots nor ever acquire any lasting bonds with anyone. School life weren't much better the lack of deaf schools made it hard to keep up a lot of the times and the other kids saw her as weird or different resulting in her getting shunned. This once more took a turn for the worse as her teenage years came where she started to grow exceptionally beautiful causing some boys to notice her, girls to get envious of her and culminating in all from mild to severe bullying. She rarely got anything for free at all just barely being clothed in most her families whilst seeing everyone around her having so much more filled her with envy and a hatred for those that only took in life as such she learned to take what she desired, stealing a little from those whom could stand to lose it and grant it to herself. She was often overlooked unless people wanted to use her anyway and her small frame made her steps light whilst making it easy for her to move at most places she wanted. Whilst she got caught once in a while so were all her undertakings just minor offenses leaving her out of police custody but costed her a foster family or two. Then came the day that would change her life forever her 18th birthday, she was no longer a ward of the state and thrown out on the street. She found her way into a small clearing where she knew there was a old cabin she could hopefully get shelter under for a night or two at least but alas a couple of people from her school also used an area close by for some drinking and having fun. As they spotted her they dragged her in, tossed her around, slapped her, bullied her, ripped her clothes of her as they prepared to take her innocence but as she closed her eyes nothing happened, what felt like hours but probably weren't more than a minute at the most she opened her eyes to see two men she had never seen before, seemingly talking to one another one of them cloaked seemingly covered in a mist the other one she cannot remember more than that he possessed a grace whose like she had never seen before. The misted man spoke to her seemingly delighted that she didn't respond next she knew he pulled her up and she might have been freed from one hellish experience but a far worse one had just begun. What happened next in the city where how she seemingly walked into a police station telling how a mad man had attacked her and the other kids. she only survived thanks to this mysterious man showing up to scare the mad man away, she never could give them a good explanation of their appearances though. The youths were found killed and shattered around in grotesque manners, the loyalist went back to his life of servitude and the fetch took the life that should have been hers.


Her keeper quickly grew overly fond of her keeping her as a prized slave, loving her inability to hear and how he could play with it by taking it back and forth using ordinary sound as a weapon against giving her reactions that no one before her had ever had. It wasn't long before this monster wanted more slaves like her but whom had never heard a sound it hadn't allowed, experimenting on how to make her have children using it's other slaves, loyalists and creations to try and make a child but like every other keeper in arcadia so did he fail and grew bored with it. Changing her role to seduce his other slaves at first and later things that might have been forms of itself, enemies or friends, loyalists or other things in honest no one truly knows. Often keeping her close and "blessing" her with a lot of it's attention at least in comparison to what the other slaves got. During this time she did develop her first friendship with one other slave, one whom actually cared about her and whom still remains with her to this day. As a feast came to pass, a legend played itself out and her keeper lost one of it's title this moment created the perfect opportunity and along with a group of other slaves they took their chances to escape. Sadly the way back from arcadia were not so easy nor were the chase of both the beings under their keepers command and the beings in the hedge. As they reached the end, finding their path back into this fallen world only her and her close friend remained, sadly she had suffered severe damage during their escape which claimed her life minutes after they were finally back.

Post arcadia

Whilst not knowing for how long she had been away or how long she had been in arcadia so was this the point in her life where the question of if she was born under a lucky star or not come into play. Merely a couple of years had passed in this world and she came out close to a hunters cabin that weren't in use where she could spend the next few months in peace. She had come out of arcadia with a strong wyrd (2) and the special attention and desires from her keeper had resulted in a mirror like effect blessing or cursing her with both the sexualised kith of the succubi and the ever changing illusion of the romancer. It didn't take long before another lost found her and introduced her to her world, teaching her enough about the changeling world to be able to understand and maneuver in it. She got introduced and taken into a court, taught how to use her contracts properly and so forth but as she had enough knowledge under her belt she decided to travel the country. Her first stop were to find her own fetch which in this days modern era weren't that hard, they met briefly in a passing by where they exchanged a quick discussion no one around them could understand as the sisters? Swiftly spoke in ASL, not caring much for it Yamiyo quickly left it there and left the city. After all she had no roots, no bonds nothing the fetch had truly taken more than her name which she weren't that attached to too begin with. After this she sought out to learn more about fetches and to find the fetch of her one friend to see what it had done with her life, not that she could remember more of her friend than a name, the face she had when they came back and the warm feelings she had for her. To this day she haven't been able to find it and after some time she decided to settle down in a city for a while, find a grouping of other changelings, seek out the court and hopefully learn enough or get help to find the fetch and perhaps with some luck creating another strong bond or maybe even the true love that fairy tail's always ends with.

Character information

  • Whilst one might believe that a succubus and master of seductions would be quite fond of sleeping around or enjoy having one night stands so does this not hold true for Yamiyo, in fact she holds no fondness for it at all and doesn't typically enjoy sex with men even though she can fake it quite well.
  • Fairly unsurprising for a succubus so is she a master of seduction even without relying on her looks.
  • Cursed blessing, whilst her blessing of Narcissus’s is a potent tool both to seduce, remain hidden and various other situational benefits so should it be said that it also leaves those around her wondering if she is sincere. Her words and appearance doesn't always match but even when they do how can you ever truly know that her blessing isn't just enhancing her act? This is primarily true for other Lost whom can see her mien but affects mortals to a lesser degree as well. These things tends to go away once you get to know her though but for initial contact so is it hard to figure out if she's a skilled liar, sincere or perhaps a mixture of both?
  • Her bad memories of men have left their scars and she just cannot relax around them whilst the warm feelings of her one friend have managed to at least make her desire human contact and love.
  • Sadly her moving lifestyle didn't leave room for much else than harvesting glamour though so she often uses her appearance to drive up lust or desire, feeding of it and then leaving the man or woman hanging and she is not against using her looks to get both free food and drinks.
  • In addition her moving lifestyle never did leave her much of a chance to earn a paycheck instead she have taken her old tricks and combined them with her new found powers to steal for her living. Whilst she is very selective with whom she targets making sure that no one that cannot afford to lose what she steals gets on the wrong side of her fingers so does she rarely manage to hold on to the money she gains, even if she comes over large amounts of money which have been the case more than once so does she end up giving most of it away to others whom are in situations similar to those she has been through anonymously helping them out to do what she can so that they will have a better life.
  • Her Narcissus’s Blessing have been a great aid to her during these last few years in this regard helping her avoid any accurate sketches or description of her to look out for leaving any whom have tried to solve a case involving her dumbfounded.
  • She is quite withdrawn not really comfortable around people and no master of the social scene, preferring to speak ASL when she does speak herself so does she speak with a low deaf accent, often combining the two though needing to use mental effort to not use ASL simultaneously with speech. youtube link to a girl with a similar accent/voice
  • She seems to have severe issues with hearing but her lip reading skills in close quarters where she can easily see someones lips are second to none rarely missing even a single word.
  • At her core so is she a very none physical confrontational person and can rarely be seen with any actual weapons, armors nor any desire to actually fight preferring to escape any such situations or at least lean back and let someone else fight. She can be seen with a gun at few times though but it should be mentioned that whilst the gun may look real so is it nothing more than a water gun mainly used to give her a chance to scare people and escape.
  • Unlike 90% of the global population or like 10% of it whichever you prefer so is she left handed.
  • Living without an identity, Yamiyo is the name she has worn all her life and chosen to kept even after becoming one of the lost since it was the only gift her mother ever gave her or at least that's what she had been told however her new surname is one she have chosen for herself. Sadly this means that the fetch is the one who holds her real identity and thus far she has not managed to get any papers to backup her identity as of yet but luckily enough so are there plenty of people willing to take payment in cash and not ask to many questions so her living situation weren't hard to fix.


A fresh breeze of air carrying with it the faint scent of newly blossomed roses.

Hedgespun equipment

Hedgespun Dress +1 Persuasion, Seduction Mask: A black dress with the right sleeve going down to the middle of her arm and her left arm being completely exposed. Mien: woven from the contrast between the light of the stars and the moon combined with the scent of roses.


See the top right pictures for her base mask and mien appearance. Being a romancer so is it very to get a physical grasp on what she actually looks like, her romancer kith combined with her being a beautiful succubus to begin with makes her appearance vary a lot from person to person that sees her but she always has an undertone of appealing, tempting and seductive in her appearance no matter how much she tries to not have it, even if she wears simple comfortable clothing so will she look like she dressed entirely different.


Yamiyo hold's a very annoying mask to determine since no one can ever truly agree on what she truly looks like what is certain though is that she is very petite and small of frame standing at 4'11 (150cm) tall and very slender. Her hair is very long, her eyes enchanting to gaze into and she is very light to pick up into your arms. It is clear that she is of asian descent but to specify which one could start an endless argument which no one would ever be able to give concrete evidence. Her clothing is always a mixture between stylish and sexualized, even whilst trying not to so is there always something sexual about her. Her gaze, her perfume, her presence, the way she moves or just the way she speaks or doesn't speak it's just always there.


Her mien is the one single thing you either always dreamed to see or never wanted to see. Flawless or porcelain skin, a small tail, wings whom sometimes seems to be there and sometimes not, sometimes complete other times with perfect holes in them. Clothing that seems to be made from a metallic form of wood perfectly woves into her appearance just precisely hiding the areas that needs hiding and enhancing her beauty and allure and which seems to always just show you the exact right amount when she desires to show more or in the bed chambers. Her head crowned with small horns that seemingly grows out of a tiara made by the same type of fashion. Long enchanting hair that seems to be woven and spun like gold that only could exist in a fairy tale and moving to always be in the exact right spot to please or arouse her onlookers at all times. Ornamental feathers clinging to her hair and clothing just behind her back, long ears adorned with earrings and markings. Eyes that seems to sexually devour anyone whom she gazes upon even if she doesn't even try. Her combination of being a succubus romancer makes to many details of her appearances hard to pin down but what is always true is that she remains beautiful and sexualized.

Roleplaying hooks

● Yamiyo can often be found in various clubs both common ones and various gay clubs where she either goes to replenish her energy or to just get out of her own head. ● Although she tries to not show it so is she a hopeless romantic constantly dreaming of falling in love but no one ever seems to truly awaken the warmth and love she felt from her dead friend, she can often be found in book stores when a new romantic book is released or someone is doing a signing though or some quiet corner of the library. ● She can often be found running both at a gym, in nature or free style, climbing and doing most other forms of exorcises that focuses on speed and agility rather than strength.

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