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Julian Durand
Domain Nosferatu Invictus


Julian is tight-lipped when it comes to his past, particularly his life prior to the Embrace. The Haunt first arrived in Sacramento in late 2014, serving as Whip of his Clan, and was called back to Philadelphia at the behest of his Sire in 2015. In the years between his departure and return to Sacramento, Julian served as a Soldier for the Invictus.

Those with a proclivity for literature may recognise J. Durand as the author of a well received series of horror stories published around 2012. His best known novella, 'In the Mire of Madness', explores the turmoil of a divided mind. The protagonist, a typical every-man, gradually loses himself as he acts upon his cruel and base instincts. Neither his publisher, nor any fans have been able to get in contact with the author since early 2015. This has only fueled rumours in online communities; and provided some of his older novels with a niche, cult-status.


Julian stands at roughly 5.11, his skin pale and his hair a brownish blond. Julian bears no physical deformities or peculiarities as a result of his curse, which instead manifests as a feeling of predatory dread emanating from the young Haunt. His green-brown eyes are often narrowed into something akin to a scowl; even the friendly smile he wears passively on his lips appears vicious and forced.

Fake News

Kindred who are well connected outside of the Domain, or who have spoken to Julian himself, might have heard about the Philadelphia Covenant War. The longstanding feud between the Circle of the Crone and the Lancea Sanctum exploded into open conflict in early 2015; when the Crone allied with the Invictus. Details are scarce, and as likely to be fiction as they are fact. All that is certain is that the War was brutal, and that the Lancea Sanctum ended up purging their competition from the Domain. Other rumours, true or false, might include:

  • Philadelphia always had a problem with Draugr and Larvae beneath the City. The First Estate thought they could be hunted down, and they were wrong. The Lance thought they could be used and controlled, and they had the right of it.
  • When the Sanctified won, they rounded up the competition and gave them a choice. Swear loyalty to the faith, or be exiled from the Domain. Thing is, the zealots crucified everyone who swore loyalty, and made the rest watch before evicting them from the City.
  • There were never any Draugr. The Circle invited in the Brood, thinking it'd give them an edge. The whole thing blew up in their faces.
  • The Masquerade was all but shredded in the War. Battles in the streets could be written off as turf warfare and gang violence, until the Draugr hit. The Sanctified are still running damage control.
  • The whole thing was started by the Dragons. They moved into the City the same night the War ended, cozying up to the victors. It all over some real estate that the Crone had held.

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