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"Most of us can, as we choose, make of this world either a palace or a prison." — Sir J. Lubbock
Consilium Obrimos Free Council
Presence ●● Geek
Former Member of Veiled Threats

- Adept of Forces

- Apprentice of Prime


Ermac's public persona is Eric Marks (
New Identity ●●●●
). Eric works as an I.T. Associate. Thanks to his career, he has established connections within the field.

Ermac Rickrolled Mages at karaoke.

September 2014, at the Obrimos Meeting, Ermac was elected Councilor and Asp as Provost. In November, following the closure of the Byzantine, he became Syndic.

Councilor and Cabal

At Formal Consilium II January 2015, Order and Cabal membership was required for the Council. At the time he did not have a Cabal, thus calling his qualifications into question. Star asked Ermac to resign. Setting his pride aside, the Theurge immediately abdicated his position and named Star as his successor.

Following the Formal Consilium II, The Mighty convened at the Circle of Creation in February. Star did not want the position of Councilor. Asp resigned as Provost to be focus her efforts as Sentinel. Under the Charter at the time, Einstein was qualified to serve as Councilor. She became Path Councilor. While Ermac was not immediately eligible, she did retain him as her assistant until he could officially become Provost.

Later on, The Whispering Wave was formed.

Crisis of Faith

Cracks in the Ice

Following the loss of his seat as Councilor, he remained hopeful. He held firm to the Free Council's first tenet, "democracy seeks the truth." Unfortunately, the democratic process within The Consilium continued to be more of the same. Bickering and fighting whilst accomplishing nothing. The Councilors and Provosts attempted a closed door session to minimize interference.

It was in this session that Ermac's cabalmate, Emrys, spoke his contribution was not well received. "The only thing that binds you is that which you choose to shackle yourself with." Councilors Avis and Pepper voiced their disappointment.

Aquinas requested a private session with the Councilors, Truce brought Ermac and Emrys downstairs to await the Council's call. Emrys expressed his frustration with the Council's decision making. Ermac stated, he called Ermac's responsibility as Sigil Holder into question.

After Emrys left, Ermac confessed his own dissatisfaction to Truce. The Moros Provost provided the opportunity for the Obrimos to ease his tensions.

The Tipping Point

At Consilium, April 2015, the session was interrupted and quickly devolved into a shouting match. Pepper called out Striker's misconduct and implied that he was an embarrassment to the Whispering Wave. Striker protested the Acanthus Councilor's statement. As Pepper had made certain she focused upon Ermac, he arose and requested peaceful proceedings.

Following the Recess, Einstein had resigned from her position as Councilor, naming Ermac her successor. In the chaos that ensued, once again Emrys sought to undermine his Councilor. This challenged Ermac's limits. Quickly leaving the table to speak with Star, the Guardian expressed interest in being Obrimos Councilor. Ermac ceded the opportunity to Star, finding him to be the best of their options.

Ermac followed up with Einstein at the Lorehouse. Her account for resignation was Avis infiltrating her mind and Einstein no longer wished to participate with Consilium. When he asked of her standing within Consilium, Einstein stated she would be a "fringe member."

It was in the solitude of his apartment Sanctum did he attempt reconcile the situation. It was on night that he had come to terms with his own incompatibility within the Free Council. His reasoning, The Consilium was being run by children with godlike powers. In his view, democracy was not seeking the truth, but drowning it amidst internal strife.

Ermac invited his confidant, Truce, over to discuss his conflicting beliefs. "As it is right now, leaving the decision making to the teeming masses is crippling us." It was at that point the Moros indirectly asked, "is it worth it to stay with the Free Council?" Ermac's admission, no, it was not. How he saw the way forward would inevitably be counter to the Libertines' tenets. The Theurge reached his conclusion, it was no longer the Order he aligned with. Ermac asked to learn more about the Silver Ladder. Truce was happy to extend an invitation for their next meeting.


At the Free Council meeting, June 2015, Ermac swiftly stepped down as Syndic and rescinded his membership as a Voter. Crowley was stunned. Einstein's opinion was "Better to let a poisoned seed go than plant it and hope it won't grow a poisoned plant." Most surprisingly of all, Emrys said, "You don't have to answer anything your not comfortable with. Good luck with wherever you go and we'll see you around." The Acanthus Syndic had moved on as opposed to dwelling on the Obrimos Syndic's departure. Ermac's parting words, "Oracles be with you," the Obrimos waved farewell and exited.

Another Step

Ermac was invited by Truce to the Silver Ladder meeting. Truce was officially inducted as a member to the Silver Ladder.

Out of Character Trivia

Ermac's theme song is Handle Bars by Flobots. Special thanks to Jag for introducing me to this song.

Ermac's interrogation strategy is very unique.

Ermac's debate style is, "Lightning Diplomacy." Your argument is invalid.

The Obrimos at age 50 as portrayed by David Bowie.

Power grabs are sometimes very literal.

Xander - Ermac isn't just building a robot, he is one. He's been experimenting on sleepers for months, and soon the Assembly's transformation will be complete. Don't bother trying to stop him, resistance is futile.

Ermac can't do jazz hands because when he does someone else in the city gets struck by lightning.

His soul is a graphing calculator

He is Sacramento's Aragorn - stepping up as Syndic and Councilor because someone had to do it.

Cayce - Ermac isn't really an Obrimos. He's a creature that was brought to life with caged lightning! Either that, or he's trying to make one!

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