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Angel Ducard
“The girl gave him a look which ought to have stuck at least four inches out of his back.” - Raymond Chandler
Domain Nosferatu Unaligned
Femme Fatale
Presence ●●● Mysterious

Angel had green eyes once, cat eyes, eyes that looked into, through and past you. She had ravens hair once, hair that shimmered like water under moonlight. But that was then, now this woman that walks into your life, it is like she steps off the silver screen of the 1940s.

Angel Ducard is the name she gives, Detective is the profession that puts money into her purse. Angel's intelligence and wit is what brought her to this world, and it is what keeps her going. As she breathes out the smoke from her cigarette, she looks to the future, to her goals, and to what the rest of this world will bring.



Pertinent Information

  • Angel has strong supporters within the police and emergency services.
  • Angel has a budding relationship with members of the Judicial System.


  • The Library - Members of Clan Nosferatu know that Angel frequents the Library of Sacramento State.
  • России? - Angel is surprisingly fluent in Russian, despite the fact that when she speaks English, her words carry no Russian accent at all.

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