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(Dis)Respect for the Dead

(Fugitive) Everyone's Watching
Jan 22, 2019 - Feb 14, 2019
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    From the All Hollows Church thread...

    Mariel has dragged her heels as long as was (in)humanly practical, and now has to face up that there will be no dead-body fairy cleaning up the local Sanctified church.

    She is tired, and cranky, and filthy. They really need to empty their ashtrays here, she thinks to herself sarcastically, as she laboriously vacuums up the remains of several Definitely Dead Sanctified.

    Okay, I admit to being potentially biased, since Bo (Mariel's player) is also my wife, but that one made me literally LOL.

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    Agreed Daeva.

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    Magical Chinchilla
    Star Scenes

    That cracked me up, too
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    I laughed really hard. lol

    Olivette whispers, 'I love the way you laugh...' ((Chatroom joke FTW))

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    You have crushed my belief in the dead-body fairy.

    I hope you are all happy.

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