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The streets.

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    Arabella walks with Ruslan, having parked the car safe in the garage of their Haven, they now walk down J Street together, exploring the scenery of this new town. It is so... mundane... there is no history here, no ancient Andaluz-ian buildings, epic churches or vast strongholds and keeps.

    It is very different from home.

    She walks slowly at Ruslan's side, keeping up his meager pace, "Interesting place mm?" she tilts her head.

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    "Very," he replies. "Did you know that the name Sacramento comes from the Spanish word for 'sacrament'? Quite appropiate for us, no?" He walks slowly as his cane takes the strain of each step.

    It wasn't that Ruslan got out of breath (his lungs were dead things in any event) but the pressure of walking did occasionaly bring back the memory of such feelings.

    "Tell me," he asks, putting his arm through hers an dlowering his voice, "have you even felt another predator since arriving? I have not, you see."

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    "That does seem perfect for us," she smiles, taking it slow, happy to walk at Ruslan's pace.

    "I have felt nothing since we arrived, perhaps this is the perfect place to bring the Invictus to new heights hm?" she asks, staying close to his side, protective of him to the extreme.

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    As the two walk down the street cars swiftly move along the roads aftera while they feel a beast push at them briefly from one of the cars.

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    Ruslan stops abruptly, holding Arabella close as his Beast growls at another close by.

    "Ara, did you feel that? it seems we are not alone after all."

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    Regina Pia


    Regina, with Nami behind her, is nearly flattened by the three beasts that appear, almost out of thin air. She searches the crowd, spotting two walking together, with a third in a car. She looked at the car's liscence plate, memorizing it to find it again if need be.

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    Ara's gaze instantly goes sharp, her fierce eyes like a lioness protecting her pride, she bristles at the other beasts, instantly in a more defensive stance beside Ruslan, almost snarling already.

    "Yes... I feel them... Let us see who shows themselves to us Ruslan..."

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    Not one for shying away, Ruslan grins at Arabella. "An excellent idea. Let us walk and talk, and you can observe, hmmm?"

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    Randall Mathers, Hound, BP 3

    Randall feels the three and looks out from the window.

    "Guess its time to get to work," He thought to himself. He pulled over and parked then made his way after the couple and looked for the third. He made no bones about his presence and let them know he was coming.

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    Regina Pia


    Regina approaches the pair. Gangrel by the feel of her own beast coming back to her. Best to let the aged one dictate his own terms. The male though, he seemed quite dignified. Had she found some Invictus after all? Not too many gangrel walked about with stylish canes.
    "Salutations" She said, her italian accent flowing through her greeting.

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