This forum is to be used for any type of electronic communication (i.e. cell-phones, e-mail, text messages). A phone call or text message may be placed at ay time as there are no restrictions to these actions in today's technological world. We do have a few rules that apply to these types of communication.

!) The phone calls and/or text messages must be brief. Since we feel these actions should not hold up an entire scene, we must limit them to 4 posts for each individual involved in the call or text. If the thread goes beyond the limit of 4 posts per person, it will be counted as a scene in and of itself and will be moved to the IC area.

2) If the phone call or text is considered a scene due to excessive posts and all characters involved have already reached their max of one active (non-sticky) thread per character, then the phone call or text scene will be frozen. Once the characters involved in the frozen thread are done with their other scenes, the phone call or text will be unsuspended and players will be allowed to continue the scene.

3) E-mails do not apply to either of the above rules. An e-mail can be sent at any point in time and there will not be any limitations to the ammount of posts in an e-mail thread. We ask that players be very careful with things such as mass e-mails since these can get complicated and confusing to other players (and STs).

4) All Venues may use this forum. There will not be a specified electronics communication forum for every venue.

5) Please specify in your post whether your communication is a phone call, text, or email.