This is the Cliff Note's version of nWoD Debate rules.

Target # of suxx to defeat opponent:
Personal: Highest Status + higher of Intelligence or Presence
Procedural: Highest Status + higher of Intelligence or Manipulation

Audience: 11-20(+2); 21-40(+3); 41-50(+2)
Mood: favors speaker(+3); harried(-3); serious matter(+5); frivolous matter(-2)

* Debater's DEFense, subtracted from opponent's pool
* equal to lower of Wits or Composure
* ablative

'Defensive Arguments' double Integrity, but make no headway (Dodge)

'Humiliating Attacks' add 3 dice but sacrifice Integrity; also cumulatively reduce Integrity by 1 for the remainder (All Out)