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Hello, How Are You, Can We Have Some Blood, Please?

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    Gabriel awakens in utter darkness. His body is strapped to what feels like a metal table. Starving and scared, the Beast takes over, and the next hour is spent thrashing uselessly against his restraints before the Beast finally gives up the ghost and returns to the subconscious, content to let the Man deal with whatever situation he's found himself in.

    A door opens and light, beautiful, blinking incandescent fluorescence, fills Gabriel's tiny metal box world. Then he is forcefully taken from it by men who look like doctors, not unlike a newborn child from its mothers womb.

    Make that hungry doctors.

    "I told you he was awake," one droll face says to the other. "What do we do with him now?"

    The Beast takes control again. They are flesh, they are blood, they are...food. Gabriel's body starts thrashing again before the other answers, his voice clumsy, as though he suffers from a fat lip. "Feed him, for god's sake, before he breaks his neck."

    "Can they do that?"

    "I don't know. You think Lazarus would have told us if they could?" A small, humorless laugh.

    One goes away while the other watches. It comes back with a frail, shaking young woman, whom they put on a table. They put a breathing mask over her face, and minutes later, she's sound asleep. They hook one end of an IV up to her vein. The other is just above the Beast's open maw. They flip a switch, and blood is delivered directly into Gabriel's mouth.

    "See?" says the one. "He's calming down. Science!"

    When they decide Gabriel has had enough, they close the pump. The Beast goes away and the men venture close.

    "Hello. My name is Harold. This is Charles. What's your name?" The question is friendly, but the man's voice has a desperate edge. Neither man looks into the Kindred's eyes.

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    Gabriel looks about the room and sees the two men. Gabriel listens to the talk and decides it would be unwise to argue with them but he was not interested in playing games either.

    "Gabriel" is all he said.

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    "Nice to meet you, Gabriel. So..." An awkward pause hangs in the air as Harold decides how to proceed. "You are at Amber Hills Asylum. Deputy Mac brought you here with-"

    "We want your blood."

    "Charles!" Harold exclaims.

    "What? We do."

    "Well, yes, but I was easing into that."

    "You were beating around the bush,"
    Charles counters pleasantly.

    "I was not- look, let's not do this right now."
    Harold clears his throat. "Excuse us. We're sorry about broaching it like this, and keeping you locked up, but the thing is, Mister Gabriel-"

    "Your buddies put our boss to sleep. And we don't know when he's gonna wake up, if ever. So we need your blood. And we're gonna take it."


    "What? We are."

    "Yes, but please! There's a right way to do this, and a wrong way. You are doing it the wrong way."

    "That's not what you said last night."

    Harold has the decency to sound embarrassed. "Be that as it may. Mister Gabriel? How long is our Master going to be asleep?"

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    Gabriel just smiles a small smile, "I have no idea what your talking about and I have no idea how I got here. Last thing I remember was being hit by a van."

    "Have you ever been hit by a van? you should try it its a rather exhilarating experience. " Gabriel says as he admires the one mans gray near skullet and the others thick coke bottle spectacles. "You should really kill that rat that is on your shoulder." Gabriel says with his eyes going a bit wild.

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    "Please don't play with us, Mister Gabriel. I brought you in myself at Deputy Mac's request. He asked if our Master would be so kind as to bring you back. We are-"

    "We're ghouls, dumbass." Apparently, Charles didn't like the comment about his toupee.

    Harold rolls his eyes. "I was going to say 'Assistants.' But yes. We are ghouls. And the proof, they say, is in the pudding. Shall we, Charles?"

    "About damn time, yes."

    They poke an IV into Gabriel's arm and sup at the Vitae that flows forth. "Oh, yes," Harold says rapturously, the ghouls taking turns passing the IV between them like it was some Roman orgy. "That's the stuff. Would you like more blood, Mister Gabriel?"

    "I would."

    "Shh." Harold waits for Gabriel's response.

    Gabriel gained 5 Vitae from the woman upon waking. He just lost 4. We're gonna skip Anger Frenzy for now, as it would simply slow the story down. They'd just come back later.

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    "If you two wanna keep drinking from me that would probably be a good idea." Gabe says as he looks to the woman on the table.

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    Harold nods, pleased that any pretense that this wasn't what it was is over. Charles carts off the first patient, presumably to return with another. Harold asks Gabriel with manic cheerfulness, "While we wait, let's have a chat, shall we, Mister Gabriel? Believe me when I say, we hold no ill will toward you, but we are...desperate men. When will our Master return from his slumber?"

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    "I have no idea who you Master is. Is he still here?" Gabriel says to the two of them. Gabriel remains silent for a bit trying to formulate some sort of plan. "This place is rather dank, it could use some drapes." Gabriel looks around the room.

    "Harold, how well do you know Charles?"
    Gabriel asked.

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    "Well," Harold laughs, "Charles sure does like back rubs." He looks around and tells him. "You're right, you know. This place could use some drapes." He sighs, then moves forward to look Gabriel in the eye as he asks breathlessly, through a busted mouth healing all the time, thanks to the vampire's precious Vitae. "Don't you know my Master? The great Doctor Lazarus commands the harrowing halls of Amber Hills Asylum. Of course he is here. And that is where you are. This is the morgue, Mister Gabriel, and where we intend to keep you until he wakes again." He smiles wanly at the Mekhet. "But that doesn't mean we can't be friends, surely? What color drapes would you like, Mister Gabriel? A pillow, perhaps?"

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    "Yes a Pillow would be lovely. Charles seems to be a bit over zelous though. But its nice of you to give him more of my blood." Gabriel pauses and watches the mans face...

    "You did mean for him to have more didn't you?" Gabriel paused again waiting...

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