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New Blood

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    Abe walked down the sidewalk and looked around smilling as people walked past.

    'So lets see what there is in this city shall we, first it probably good to find other kindread, better to find them than step on there toes.'

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    Abe was started to walk down the street that had more people on it than the others he saw most were coming from a bar or club he couldn't quiet tell.

    'Ahh drinking how I miss it, the oldest social activity in the world, getting drunk with a bunch of people, granted it has lead to many mistakes.'

    Smilling as he walked past a couple of drunk people he walked closer to take a better look at this club or bar.

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    It will help other players if you pick a club/bar from the established Locations...
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    I'm gonna pick one

    Abe finds himself near a club called Avalon that bears the markings of Elysium. He sees a rather dour looking young man walk out of the club and get into the car. Moments later, he sees a dirty, haggard bum stop his squeaking, trash-laden shopping cart right behind the thrill-seeking Kine that line up outside the establishment and >ahem< answer nature's call right there on the wall. The screams of women who were getting their Prada peed on merits the attention of one of the bouncers, who goes up to tell the bum to shove off.

    Roll Wits + Composure -1 for the distraction

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    Abe notices a couple of other bums lurking in an alley nearby and watching their buddy's antics carefully. His Beast rears slightly as he watches each of these men set a road flare ablaze.

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    Abe's eye widen at the flare and the beast in him snarls, looking back at the bouncers.

    "Hey you guys!"

    Abe shouts at the bouncers and then points at the bums with the flare.

    "Theres another problem for you."

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    Abe saw that the bouncers were already having problems to deal with the bum and the people complaining so Abe walked over to the bums with the flare carefully, putting on a freindly smile.

    "Excuse me chaps whats you doing with the flare that you have there?"

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    The single bouncer left on line glances at the shouting man from across the street just long enough to remark to the closest patron that she has to be careful of all the damn crazies in this town. Which is kinda funny, since he's admitting them into a vampire den. But anyway.

    The two bums with the road flare see Abe approach, and the Kindred sees the two whispering back and forth. One cranes his neck, presumably to see whether the wizzing vagrant had been chased off, and of course, he had. He curses under his breath, then tells Abe, "What? This? Nothin'." Then he smiles, revealing a mouthful of broken and blackened teeth to the Mekhet. "Here," he says, tossing it at Abe's chest.

    Abe needs to roll for Fear Frenzy with a target of 3 sux. He gets a +1 on the roll since he was expecting to encounter flame. If he gets even one this turn, he can decide whether he wants to try and catch the flare or get out of its way and thus gain his Defense against it, per the rules in the core, then should roll Initiative.

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    Resist Frenzy

    Abe's beast screams in his head as whats left of his mind that isn't scared makes him take two quick steps to the right, letting the flare hit the floor, Abe now more than a little anoyed looks at the bum.


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