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    MiniSheets and Signatures

    It is a requirement for you to have your Mini-sheets and signatures for your characters. There are two methods, you can place most your information on your signature line or in your mini-sheet. Personally I prefer mini sheet but the choice is yours. The information only needs to be displayed once in either your mini sheet or signature.
    • Seeming / Kith
    • Court & Mantle Level
    • Any Constant Effects Affecting The Character
    • Glamour
    • Willpower
    • Health
    • Striking looks / Physical Deformities
    • Defense
    • Brief details of oaths / pledges taken
    • Any other information other characters would easily know.
    It is up to you if you put these on your signature or mini sheet. More Information on Mini-sheets can be found Here and Here. If players do not keep their Signatures and/or Minisheets up to date with Scene information, XP will be docked.

    Wiki Pages

    Some of these are shockingly bad. Could you all make sure you have set up a Wiki Page with character description, details of their mien and details of how their mantle manifests.

    This means that those details are easy to find. Another good idea is to include details of any oaths and pledges taken.

    XP and XP Reports

    Changeling XP Report form!

    Just a couple of small reminders:

    Starting from a week left in the month, you can turn them in.

    Like Glimpses, it's not mandatory, but it does affect your evaluation.

    It's the last day of the month, midnight. Few exceptions. You have a week to get them done, which is pleeeeeenty of time

    After You Submit
    XPRs will be graded and the results pushed out to your character sheets' XP Log. If you're new, you'll find a post in your character sheet thread that shows the XP Log, and it will be there.

    Longevity XP
    Every calendar quarter, active toons receive a Longevity award. If you were active from Jan 1 to the end of March, you'll be getting a 5XP bonus. This is to encourage active, sustained characters. If you qualify for Longevity, we'll factor it in. If you think it should be there and it isn't, feel free to ask me about it, but be prepared to possibly​ be told you just weren't active enough to qualify

    What's the usual amount of XP given per month?
    Since the awards are 0-10, the average is 5.

    What is the XP award based on? Number of posts? Length of posts?
    - Activity
    - Engagement with others/the venue
    - RP Quality
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    Forums and Scenes
    Mantle, Mien, and Mask

    So there seems to be some confusion as how to Mantle interacts with Mien and Mask. Let me makes this clear for everyone so we are all on the same page. A Changeling's Mantle represents their connection to their Court, but is in fact a change to their Mien, regardless of how subtle or obvious it is. Thus, if a Changeling hardens their Mask, their Mantle isn't perceptible, just like other elements of their Mien.

    If you are curious as to how I came up with this, well...

    Quote Originally posted by Changeling the Lost, p. 97:
    Mantle represents a mystical connection with the elements and emotions that a particular Court embodies. The higher a changeling’s Mantle rating, the more he has come to embody that Court’s ideal — even if he is a hermit who doesn’t involve himself in local politics, a character with a high Mantle is still given at least grudging respect by his peers because of his obvious commitment to the values his Court cherishes. From a descriptive perspective, as a character’s Mantle rises, his fae mien reflects this ascendance, displaying both literal and figurative signs of the season.
    Key words there are "his fae mien," just in case it wasn't clear
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    Wasp Kween


    A reminder about Changeling Status, it's generally done only around Coronations. Which means 4 times a year. This is the time to make those status posts count.
    Please see below for a guide to status. A lot of people don't participate in Status posts because they're unsure if they're "doing it right." It took me a while to figure out how the numbers correlate, and it was also suggested that I share my 'cheat sheet'.

    Remember, these comments/ratings aren't just political, but social as well. Let's say Joe is third level Bloodbound to Jane. Jane gets 5's from Joe, even if she's a street thief who's on the verge of being run out of the city.

    • Public is what you would say to a group of strangers.
    • Private is what you would say to your very close friends.
    • You must be a member of the Freehold to hold status in the Freehold. Attendance to a formal event such as a Coronation is required to accomplish this.
    • There need to be a minimum of three Public Freehold Status posts to calculate new status.
    • If Private Status includes less than three people, it will go into the tally calculator as the same value as Public Status. So if Public is 5 and Private is 1, but only given to two people, it will be counted as 5 (the same as Public).
    • Use numbers. Using Power Icons doesn't replace the need to leave numbers for tallying.
    • If you're giving out higher Status than is appropriate, it might reflect poorly on you.
    • Answering Status is considered around XP time
    • Details on Status.
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    Forums and Scenes

    It seems that things have gotten a bit muddled as far as when and where particular types of scenes should be posted. Here are the guidelines we will be using going forward.

    Beyond the Hedge is the default forum for the venue. It is where you should be starting scenes the most often. I've noticed that many scenes have been consistently posted in the Lost forum that really belong in Beyond the Hedge. Unless a scene takes place as a memory(Glimpse) or in a private location(Hollow), it should be posted in Beyond the Hedge. I realize that Key allowed players to have "private" social scenes in the Lost forum that were set in public places, but I would like to put an end to that practice. A Private Scene must occur in a private location(not accessible to other characters, i.e. someone's home, office, or hollow - or even after hours at a normally public location), otherwise it is a Public Scene. Posting a social scene in Beyond the Hedge doesn't necessarily mean that "plot" will be dropped into that scene, but it is a public place, so other characters might indeed drop in. That's kinda the whole point of the site. If players really wanna do a scene together with absolutely no chance whatsoever of other players joining and ruining their private fun, then one of you needs to either invite the other to a private(not public) mundane location or just go ahead and drop 2xp on a hollow. As a note to those wishing to join a scene in progress, please use both sense and courtesy of the common variety and try not to be disruptive. If two characters have been interacting for over a dozen posts, it's probably about time to wrap it up and past the point for new characters to join. Players can only be in one non-Sticky Beyond the Hedge scene at a time.

    Lost scenes are meant to express aspects of a character that cannot easily be explored in Beyond the Hedge. Players can be in as many simultaneous Lost scenes as they want, however these do sometimes need to be moderated. If players start making up wild stories for their characters, they should expect a staff member to either ask them to clarify it is a dream, hallucination, other symptom of their insanity before demanding a Clarity roll for robbing a bank eating their neighbor's child. Just sayin'. All Hollow scenes will be encouraged to end within 30 days of when they start.

    Eternal Seasons are for either "any random day in the freehold" or "special event" scenes. The Reigning Seasonal events will always be Sticky scenes. Other seasonal scenes are regular scenes with the same participation rules as Beyond the Hedge(one non-Sticky scene per character). Although anyone can start Eternal Seasons scenes, they do need ST approval and should have an announcement posted as a bulletin in the Freehold forum at least one week in advance.

    The Freehold forum is meant to keep track of all IC pledges with a duration longer than 1 Day(a single scene), to allow characters to make Status posts after important scenes(usually after one of the Eternal Seasons Stickies), and to post bulletins that will only be seen by other changelings. From now on, characters will be responsible for starting their own Status posts after we make an announcement. If they don't, then they just might not receive any Status posts from other characters and will never progress upward in the freehold hierarchy. Does your character have goods or services to offer to other members of the freehold? Or, are they in search of such services for themselves? If so, post a bulletin in The Freehold forum.

    Thanks again for your patience during this time of transition. Please feel free to share any questions you might have.
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