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Helen Kingsley: Alert on an Assault

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    Jennifer Hazelton

    ​A letter is delivered to Reeve Kingley's office.
    Reeve Kingsley,
    I regret to inform you that I was assaulted after departing Elysium this night. As I was walking some three blocks to the south of Elysium, a car pulled beside me. Someone dressed all in black, muscular yet shorter than I, and a broad shouldered large man, grabbed me and pulled me into their vehicle. I was doused in something liquid and told to inhale. When I did so, I smelled gasoline.
    I was informed that I was required to give up my stolen blood or I would be immolated. I created a cut on my hand and a hood was placed over my head. I believe someone supped on my offering and I was tossed into the street, the vehicle speeding off. The vehicle is a silver older model Honda. The license plate is 4ABC132
    Logan Howell
    Phone number included


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    Helen Kingsley


    Helen pens a short reply.

    'Good thinking to get the plate. I'll look into it. Stay safe.

    Sure, it was clear the pressure would rise at some point, but turning up this close to Elysium and starting to go after vampires like that ? Someone needs to nip that in the bud, and quick.

    Nosferatu Curse: The vibe that that shadow is not doing as a shadow does as soon as you're not looking directly at it.

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