Bleeds Well spun on his stool, taking in the nostalgic scene around him. The forge where he had made the knife that Emily had used to bind Venom Hunter in was made just a few feet away. The drafting table where he'd drawn out the plans for countless parts, weapons, and tools was right in front of him. The scent of grease and gasoline floated in from Emily's garage.

Okay, enough reminiscing, now you're just procrastinating.
A pack was forming, territory needed to be claimed and marked, and that mark needed to be distinct. Bleeds grabbed a pencil and closed his eyes.
Okay, like so many packs before us we're starting as a mash-up of near complete strangers, except for Emily and I. The pencil began moving smoothly across the page. First he sketched they symbols for Wisdom and Purity individually, identifying similar lines, he merged the two symbols as the foundation for the mark.

3 successes

Alright, what else is an identifying feature of the pack. Emily, Elizabeth, and Derek all seem to be motor heads. Riverstep is Suthar Anzuth like me, like Brigit and Chris were. In the privacy of his workshop Bleeds Well pauses and allows himself a moment of grief. He catches a tear before it can hit the paper and ruin his progress so far. Snapping back into focus he gets back to work. He adds the first tongue symbols for power and strength to his line-up and works through several options.

4 successes

Cyan and I are both survivalist. Endurance is key. Emily and I have endured plenty and are still around.Bleeds Well sketches out the symbol for Endurance. Examining the symbol and comparing it to others an idea begins to take root.

3 successes

B.W. grabs a fresh sheet of paper draws out the packs new mark. It's starts like the compass on a map, with the Purity/Wisdom symbol in the north position; strength and power are in the east and west positions, with Endurance in the south. The lines of a broken a broken circle connect each symbol on the outside, making the symbols appear to be part of a circle... or a moon.

2 successes

Extended action 12 success total, 4 rolls made at half hour per roll, took two hours to complete.

Now for the hard part, turning the symbol into a stencil and a brand for easy marking of the territory. Bleeds Well looks at the forge and smiles to himself. Then reaches for his forgotten beer... that can always wait until tomorrow.