Liam looks for Helen around the necropolis, holding an expensive envelope with a wax seal in emerald green. The seal is one that should be familiar by now: Jennifer's personal seal of a quill pen writing on a scroll.

Dear Helen
I wish to inform you of what I discovered watching the safehouse. The first night, I placed cameras around the building. I noticed another door around the back, offset to the right-hand side. Around 4 AM, I noticed the door open and two blurs on the camera footage. Clearly, two distant relatives having a pow wow, unaware of my surveillance.
I regret to inform you that I am going to step back from this investigation. I need to apply my energies towards catching those responsible for dropping bodies. I feel that from our last meeting, we had several interested investigators in this mystery. I have left the cameras in place should you wish to review them simply arrange a time to meet with me to view the footage.
May you be well until we meet again,
Priscus Jennifer Hazelton, Lady Notary of the First Estate

Helen Kingsley