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(2112) Winter Coronation

(2112) Ash and Onyx
Jan 4, 2022 - Jan 19, 2022
(2112) Liam, Gerrit, and more?
Jan 4, 2022 - Jan 18, 2022
(2112) R & R by the Box
Jan 5, 2022 - Jan 18, 2022
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    Cassandra Reeding's Avatar
    Cassandra Moore
    Striking Looks
    Kith Blessing
    (Prismatic Heart)
    Cassandra Reeding

    Eyes like cut, polished emeralds, waist-length scarlet hair, and glowing prismatic skin that seems to react to her emotional state, however what they mean is anyone's guess.


    Polychromatic Artist

    It's been a cold and rainy day, the air chilled, but calm with hardly any wind. Dreary and dark as a day like this is the perfect as a signal of the changing of seasons, and the courts will do just that.

    The Winter Court has invited the Freehold to celebrate the change of seasons - the natural constant that promises a sense of security against the Others, flimsy as it may be.

    The Sacramento Memorial Auditorium has been rented and secured, thanks to the pooled resources and connections of the Onyx Courtiers, looking mostly closed down for the night. From the outside, the windows are dark and the silent air hangs around the building giving a somber quality to the usually celebratory and awe inspiring location.

    Those in the know can check the backstage door and find it unlocked. Inside, a burly man wearing a tuxedo and has been entrusted with making sure no unwanted guests enter the private event. Inside, a ball shall be held, but the comfort of anonymity is only granted at the threshold after verifying the guest's permission to enter.

    The hallway is decorated with dull, white strands of twinkling lights guiding the way up the stairs to the ballroom. The lights are dim and radiate melancholy as if walking through a graveyard at night with only the glow of the moon to guide your way amongst the fog that's settled upon the ground. There is no fear in this walk, however, just that lingering hint of sorrow and loss.

    In the ballroom, four tables are set giving every guest a place to sit if they so choose when they arrive. They are places to gravitate and get comfortable to listen to the official parts of the evening. As centerpieces upon the tables, there are beautiful flowers, combinations of lilies, chrysanthemums, pansies, and snowdrops settled in a bowl that makes them seem to be floating somehow, little bits of icy smoke drifting across the table from it. Along the walls of the ballroom there are many mirrors caked in what looks to be frost. Not a reflection could possibly be seen in such, but there they are. There is almost a sense of danger to them and yet without their reflective nature, they are harmless. There is something about the way they are all paired that just connects it all - a calm ballroom, dim and sparkling with a hint of mystery given the low fog.

    The first table is reserved for the members of the Winter Court, the hosts of the night; the second, seating the other three Monarchs of the Freehold. The third and fourth tables have space for the other members of Sacramento's Lost. For the ease of socializing, there are even some spare chairs standing nearby. Who knows what new Lost might find their way here? Off to the side, there is a final table prepared with refreshments of varying strengths, simple pastries, and snacks.

    The middle section of the ballroom is bare, perfect for dancing. A cello case can be seen off to the side, just begging to be opened and played. Soft, classical music plays in the background, enough to pull your attention for just a moment, but never enough to dominate.

    The Wydstone sits upon a small table fitted with a delicate white cloth toward the end of the ballroom, the Autumn in it still living, but ready to change. Its presence is both subtle and drawing as it always seems to be in your peripheral.

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    Saber Sloth's Avatar

    0 Scenes

    James Turner will need to spend 1Glamour to reinforce the magic of the Wyrdstone, each New Arrival that haven't sworn to the Wyrdstone / gotten their Freehold Status 1, will need to spend 1Glamour to the Wyrdstone, to be brought into the Wyrdstone cycle, after which if you are a part of a Court your Monarch will be Swearing each Equinox/Solstice.

    Courtless Changeling will also need to prove 1Glamour to the Wyrdstone to be included into the protections.

    If a new arrival is swearing for the first time, once the Glamour is spent using the Power Icons, that person can increase their Freehold Status to 1!

    Once James' spent the Glamour, and described his Crown, tag me and I'll come in with some narration

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    Gerrit's Avatar
    New Identity
    (Gerrit Jameson)

    Leathery scars, bruises and scaly scabs cover the whole hairless body. There is a certain symmetry to the disfigurements, the color of the visible skin ranging from pale pink to purple and dark red. Lately patches of dark blue and black - frostbite - have appeared on his skin and some of the scabs have frozen over and crystalized.

    Contrast seem to grow slightly more stark around Gerrit, the crisp clearness of a winter morning.
    Active Pledges


    Stonebones Snowskin

    Gerrit grew to like traditions more and more - they added a sense of control and stability to this otherwise chaotic life that somehow comforted the Ogre.
    Hence he rented the same tuxedo as last year, hence he agreed to stay at the door until everyone had arrived and he could lock the entrance. Sure, this was no masquerade this time around, but over the last year the Stonebones had almost mastered the art of keeping his expression neutral anyway.

    On a table next to Gerrit (far enough to offer some privacy, yet within line of sight of the 'bouncer') was a padlocked black box with a slit to throw in the guests' submissions to Winter's special activity this year, two dozen identical looking pieces of paper and black felt-tip pens. He was ready to explain the idea to anyone interested and even threw in his own statements first thing after he had arrived. It was simple: one truth and one lie about oneself was submitted and after a certain point every participant could draw from the box and learn something new about an unknown Lost. It all boiled down to trust, really.

    Gerrit didn't know if everyone trusted the Freehold (let alone the Winter Court) enough to participate, but maybe this could lead to some introspection, reflection and new perspectives.
    Between the three Onyx Courtiers they really knew how to sell a night's theme.

    So like last year the Ogre stood guard and waited for the polite small-talk before the main event started.

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    Circe's Avatar
    Scene Stats
    Striking Looks
    Mantle Dry Heat

    Merit-Striking Looks (exotic)

    Her skin turns a slate-blue and her hair bone white. The whites of her eyes are blood red, the irises are purple with cat-slit black pupils. The helix of her ears elongate out 2" inches ending in a tip. Her features sharpen and her figure has an unnatural, inhuman litheness that can be intellectually disturbing.


    Her skin brings to mind Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, or Asian races, though her high cheek bones and sharp facial structure don't match. Most assume she is of mixed ancestry given the pale blonde hair.


    Soft boot falls announce the first arrival. The heat identified the person as the Groundskeeper of Sacramento.

    Circe had often made and brought gifts to these events. But, she'd been busy lately. In a flash of brilliance, Circe decided upon the universal gift card. And something fittingly Winter-ish for the Winter King, hence a tote bag. Something she'd demonstrated before at another coronation.

    That, and she was rocking her her craftsmanship. Jewelery, her Hedgespun glasses, the Summer broach on her circlet, and her newest attempt at hedgespun attire. She could have rocked the ice armor she'd tried making, but nope. Wearing Winter colors as a sign of respect was less chilly, er, more political.

    She walks up to Gerrit with a smile, "Hail and well met Gerrit," Circe smirks, "Am I the actually the first ta arrive? Neat."
    Fairest: Larcenist | WYRD 2| Mantle: Dry Desert Heat |Health: 7| Willpower: 5 | Glamour: 7

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    Liam Gelt's Avatar
    (7 feet tall; not fond of low ceilings)
    (Lean but well-muscled)
    Spring Mantle
    (+1 to Pres/Day)
    Liam Gelt

    Mien: Liam's skin is hardened into a bark-like armor with pine cone-like ridges throughout. His hair is made of pine needles that act a bit like a hedgehog's quills; standing up when agitated or smooth when calm. His eyes are a deep amber and his tears appear to have the consistency of sap until they leave his face.

    Mantle: The scent of pine sap in a close radius, his needle-like hair ripples occasionally as if tugged by a light breeze.
    Combat Stats

    Def: 2 (Dex/Wits)
    Armor: 0/0
    Initiative: 5
    Speed: 12 (w/ Fleet of Foot)

    Ogre Seeming Bonus
    -Add Glam to Str pools (1 per Glam)
    Liam Gelt Scenes
      Spurious Stature, WP + Ogre Glam: Add to Intimidate



    Liam lumbers up to the Auditorium entrance dressed for warmth more than fashion. He's got a large leather coat on, under which is a button-up shirt and dress pants. Despite being a of warm-weather Court, he was looking forward to Winter's festivities. Especially since he hadn't gotten a chance to really interact with most of the Winters.

    As he approaches he waves to Gerrit. With Ram gone, us Ogres have to represent the best of us. "Hi, Gerrit! Long time no see." It had been months ago he'd seen the Stonebones last, and that had been at a distance. Maybe he'll be more open at his Court's coronation? The Summer Queen is a welcome presence as well, and Liam beams a smile at the shorter yet equally strong Fairest. "Looking sharp, Circe."

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    James Turner's Avatar
    John Campbell
    New Identity
    (John Campbell)
    Rigid Mask
    Trained Observer
    Perfect Stillness
    James Turner

    Skin pulled back tight against his frame and a ghostly white, eyes and mouth sucking and empty pits that appear to be without end. His shadow a deep black that seems to be driving the body instead of the other way around.
    James Turner Scenes



    Winter Coronation was always a stressful time for John, a struggled between responsibility and duty. The Holiday season happening around it, school, work, it was the busiest and most stress he'd had around the season to date. If he hadn't had Cassandra there to help anchor him, to help be the small light in the darkness that helped him take that next step forward he might have given up on school, put it off as he'd had been since he'd gotten back.

    His slip being placed in the box as it had been locked. He wasn't entering with everyone else as he'd been early to help set up and he'd hidden away backstage to hide his change of clothes and to switch into the suit. Gerrit and John seeming to share something of tradition and routine, routine helped stabilize chaos and right now his stomach was telling him it was chaos. He took a few moments to himself, to collect himself, to get his nerves in check. He was so less prepared than he'd like to be.

    A few last minute adjustments, fix his hair, make sure his tie was straight and everything was ordered and he slipped into the room. The Winter Night sky visible, clear, stars twinkling in his pocket square as he put a smile on his face at the first two arrive. "Liam, Circe. It's good to see the both of you. Did you or Sera make that dress because it looks great, very fitting for the season." The crown seemed to have change from last season to this, it was still the hard edges there to remind the King of the burden of leadership but a weave of dried and dead vines wrapped around the base with tiny blue flowers sprouting out from beneath their wrap.

    Goes by the name: John

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    Seraphina's Avatar
    Striking Looks
    Distinctive Voice
    New Identity
    (Sarah Jones)
    Mantle (Spring)
    (In Mini Sheet)


    Softly shimmering gold flakes catch the light whenever she moves, delicate gilded and diamond scales extenuate the luminescent sapphires that are her eyes. The ocean lives in Sera's eyes, perfectly cut sapphires, gleam in the light. Deeper shades always shifting like the tide. The scales trail up to her temples and forehead. Her hair reaches down her back, brushing the back of her calves, spun silver and gold. Perfectly placed streaks of sea green are seen throughout her hair. Very fine diamond dust falls loose from her hair when she moves, reflecting rainbows from the light. The scales on her hands are dulled by the simple fact that her hands are translucent. There was an iridescent scale like skin that pulled delicately up from her ears. The membrane shimmered and created three curly points.



    Cherry blossoms gilded in gold bloom from her hair, tumbling down as a warm rejuvenating spring breeze gently kisses the air with the scent of freshly cut grass. The sound of birds singing can be heard as the wildflowers grow and bloom in vibrant colors where she walks, swaying and lively in the breeze.
    Wedding Ring
    Gold band around her finger with a pale red jewel at the center

    A fairly tall woman, roughly 5'11 with long, wavy dark brown hair. Her eyes are an intense, deep bright blue, reminding one of sapphires. Her lips are full, her body perfect.

    Hedgespun Items

    Tear dropped shaped pendant, form fitted waterfall jacket


    -2 to any rolls involving Presence
    Seraphina Scenes
      Willpower cause Sera is really trying!
      -1 Glamour Consumptive Voice


    Treasured Nix

    The chill of Autumn had given way to the cold of Winter. As it did every year. While she wasn’t a fan of the colder weather, she was a fan of Rhodes , hopefully, not being as busy. But she had been busy as well. Hedgespinning for others didn’t happen overnight.

    Her dress this year was not Hedgespun, she preferred to save those for her own Season. So instead, she had hunted online and in store, for the perfect dress for the evening. Winter was a bit trickier for her, with the colder weather, it was harder to wear what she usually did. Then it was finding the right color that ft the feel of Winter, but wasn’t too bright. Though as a Spring, she had to have some color.

    The dress had muted reds, blues, golds and grey. A mixture of materials, all blending into one stunning dress. Her long hair had been styled in an elaborate number of braids stretching down her back and brushing the floor. Makeup was very minimal this evening, a soft red lip was it.

    But one of her favorite things about Coronations? Getting to coordinate with her husband, who thankfully, didn’t seem to mind.

    And so, The Spring Queen and Dread Lord make their entrance. Her free hand held a small box for John, a pair of expensive cufflinks, in a beautiful blue color that went from light to dark. The note inside will tell John that they reminded her of him, their color symbolizing peace, tranquility, stability and loyalty. All qualities she felt the Winter King possessed.

    Spotting Gerrit, she smiles, “Good evening Gerrit, you’re looking great this evening.” A warm smile.

    Then Circe, smirking, “Circe! What a beautiful dress! Did you make it?” was Circe dipping her toe into spinning dresses?

    It was hard to miss Liam, he was the giant of Spring. Smiling, “Hey Liam! Great to see you.” She liked the ogre; he was eager to help and kind.

    As John made his way in, she dipped into a curtsy, a bow of her head in respect, “Winter Sovereign, good evening.” Smiling, “May Winter be bountiful for you and your Court.”

    The box then placed on the gift table.
    Treasured/Nix Wyrd●●●●

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    Sonnie Wu's Avatar
    Sonja "Sonnie" Wu
    Striking Looks
    New Identity
    (Sonja Wu)

    An alluring young beauty, Sonnie Wu is 5'2" and lean-bodied, with a light, nimble step and eyes that seem to say "Hey, you know what would be fun?" Her reddish-brown hair often seems slightly unkempt, and an amused smile regularly plays on her lips. Sonnie is usually dressed casually or for outdoor activity. She almost always wears a pair of red leather tabi boots.

    To the eyes of Fae, Sonnie's feet are like those of a monkey: Toes as long as fingers, with one on each foot being opposable like a thumb. A long monkey tail protrudes from the base of Sonnie's spine, covered in hair the same shade as her head. It appears to be prehensile, and often moves to react to her mood and dances about when she speaks, like people who "talk with their hands." Finally, her brown eyes turn golden.
    Mundane Equipment:

    Smart phone, messenger bag, quarterstaff, 2 throwing knifes (concealed), 3 goblin fruit (changes by season), mountain bike.

    Cloud-Stepping Shoes
    Hedgespun ● +2 Speed

    Coin of the Lucky Monkey
    Hedgespun ● +1 Defense
    Sonnie Wu Scenes
      Fang & Talon 5
      Beast's Keen Senses



    Sonja Wu, Claviger of the Emerald Court, has arrived! Sound the trumpets!

    Well, they played in her head, anyway. The Beast was going to have to find ways to entertain herself, as Winter Court functions tended to be somber (read: boring) affairs. At least they were in Sonnie's world view.

    Still, her fun was not entirely internal. She came wearing a vintage spaghetti strap dress. It was covered in snowflakes, honoring today's ascension of Winter, yet was also green, the primary color of Spring. Her Season was right around the corner, after all.

    "Seasons Greetings, everyperson! You all look spiffy!" Sonnie smiled as she looked around the ballroom, before her eyes centered on the nametags at the tables. Always happy to engage in a scavenger hunt, the Steepscrambler looked for her own moniker until she found it. "Aha! My seat!"

    She did not sit. Too much to run walk around and see!
    Spring Mantle (Scent of Flowers and Fruit)

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    Anatole's Avatar
    Mantle (Autumn)
    (Shadows press closer)
    New Identity
    (Anatole Kolowksi)
    Strong Back

    A shorter, barrel chested man with a thick beard.

    A 'dwarf' with burned, scorched, and scarred skin.



    A wizened Smith appears: a burly dwarf with a burned face and effusive, soft, curls. On this occasion, Anatole wares a suit with crisp shoes polished till they almost shone. The suit is nothing fancy but the cut is decent and in the current fashion for once. He has a scarf draped stylishly across his broad shoulders and hanging down his chest.

    He has also brought his gnarled walking stick along. This time it is for show, for he plainly does not need it for support: there is a spring in his step and his walking stick is tapping out a rhythmic beat as he walks into the ballroom.
    Gerrit receives a formal incline of the head, followed by a sly, secret smile from the Smith when he arrives. Anatole ponders for a moment, then muscles his way to the box and adds his own script to the growing pile within.


    Anatole grunts as he writes, noting the presence of the Onyx Sovereign James Turner

    "Liam. Good to see you. I've missed you these past months."

    He gave the other Ogre a grandfatherly smile BoxingUnicorn


    Anatole tried to sound formal as he tried to attract the bouncy Emerald Courtier's attention. He didn't really succeed - at that point he was slipping his paper scrip into the big black box and finding himself in a conversation between Circe and Seraphina

    The burned dwarf was lost staring at Hedgespun...

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    Cassandra Reeding's Avatar
    Cassandra Moore
    Striking Looks
    Kith Blessing
    (Prismatic Heart)
    Cassandra Reeding

    Eyes like cut, polished emeralds, waist-length scarlet hair, and glowing prismatic skin that seems to react to her emotional state, however what they mean is anyone's guess.


    Polychromatic Artist

    Cassandra stands in the dressing room of the symphony hall finishing up getting dressed. She looks in the mirror, gazing in awe of the incredible creation Seraphina had made for her. There is a beautiful lightness to it. The feathers at the bottom give a dramatic life and movement that she couldn't have even imagined being able to be put into a dress. And then there's everything she's done to bring it fully alive. The bodice is like peaking starlight coming through on a snowy winter's night and the feathers are like the first snow of the season, freshly fallen. The way her skin glistens and sparkles with its shifting hues goes perfectly with the more monochrome dress. It's perfect. She feels perfect.

    Her waist-length, scarlet hair is half up, pinned with the bass clef hairpin that Seraphina had also gotten her. It felt like the perfect time to wear it, so why not? She looks in the mirror just a little bit longer. She hasn't felt this beautiful since her wedding day, but she can't let those feelings well up. They might damage the dress, after all. No crying. At least, not yet.

    The Polychromatic steps into up to the ballroom, greeting Gerrit with a sweet smile, "Thank you." She says before picking up one of the pieces of parchment, jotting down her truth and lie before slipping it in the box. There is a slight grimace as she knows the weight of the truth she's written. "You look great, by the way," Another smile before she walks deeper into the ballroom to see all that had arrived.

    Circe is always hard to take ones eyes off of, particularly when she shows up in unexpected gowns. For some reason, she'd expected more chainmail. Still, the hedgespinning done on the gown is beautiful. It makes her Artist hands itch to create something new.

    Liam is in what she expected. Nothing too fancy, but correct for the event.

    Sera looks incredible, as always, though lacking oomph, probably on purpose. This isn't Spring's event, after all. It made her feel weird suddenly, because this event isn't about her either and yet...

    She spots John in his suit and it takes her a moment to realize that her bodice and the underside of his suit aren't far off in appearance with the starlight. Would they look like a natural pair if they stood next to each other? This time last year, her mind had the same worry, only slightly adjusted for the fact that they weren't in fact together at that point. Nope. And she was so worried about her feelings for him, she'd gotten herself all worked up. Having Gerrit there for her last year was a blessing, a blessing that would eventually make reality be what it is today for her and John.

    It's then she realizes the change in his crown from last year. Blue flowers? What could that mean? Something about him has fundamentally changed for his crown to take a new kind of life, right? Or perhaps it was the season's way of changing things up. She tries not to stare too long, but it's difficult when you've had to spend a whole hour apart while dressing. But she wanted to look just right. After all, this is a dress he's never seen.

    "Hello, everyone. You all look so wonderful."

    Her eye briefly wanders to her cello, which she knows she'll be playing later. But this year it isn't just a prepared piece as a gift of music to the sovereign. No, this is a composition of her own making. For the first time, she'll show a piece of her she's never gotten to explore.

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