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    Hello Mage players and those that want to join us in the Mage venue!

    I feel honored and humbled to be able to act as the Storyteller for this amazing community. Although they are still running, I feel like the PRPs are going fairly well and the prospect of telling so many more amazing stories with you really excites me!

    I just wanted to write some things down - partly to help me sort my thoughts and partly to give old and new players a chance to get to know me a bit. I'll try to format all of this in a way that makes is easy to read and even easier to find something you may be looking for.
    Please read the whole thread and make sure to read new posts when they come up.


    So, I actually started playing Mage a long, long time ago: back when the previous version of this site was created. I was young and confused and then I dropped the game for over 10 years. What I'm saying is, I have been re-learning the ins and outs of the system over the last year and probably every player of this System can agree on the fact that it's quite a lot to keep in mind.

    I can't promise that I won't make any mistakes, ever but I can promise you that I will double and tripple check my stuff and yours and that I would rather ask one too many time than to just half-ass something.
    I would like to ask you to do the same: please don't take shortcuts, please be thorough in your bookkeeping and please communicate if you feel like something has gone wrong!
    In the same vein, please always include your dice pool/modifications in your roll so that I can comprehend why you are taking a -2 on your casting roll. Not to be self-referential, but I've already made a post about this once.

    I'm not above making mistakes (nobody is), so I have a pretty high patience for questions, clarifications, and mistakes.

    If I am ever not clear in a description or ruling, feel free to hit me up on discord or PM to talk it out. If you feel that another player (or I) have messed up somehow, don't let it fester - talk to me about it.
    Different timezones mean that it might take a while for me to get back to you (and sometimes my decisions might not be what you wanted to hear), so please bear with me.

    What all of the above boils down to: I want everyone to have fun: telling stories, developing characters, and being surprised by the dice is something this community has been incredible at and I would like to enable this to continue and continue this myself.
    I am interested in trying solo-scenes in addition to normal plots (e.g. pursuing personal goals, exploring something personal of a character's past). Since I don't want to burn out I won't do more than one of those at the same time, but if you have a personal goal, a private scene or something else you want to explore together with an ST feel free to hit me up and we can work something out. Or, if I see potential for something like that (and you are okay with it) I might ask you myself.

    One last thing: I would like to keep all the previously established houserules. They make sense, they are well thought out and everybody here is already playing with them.

    Additionally I would like to clearly state that I won't allow Creative Thaumaturgy for the time being.

    Useful/Necessary Links

    What follows are links you should have read by now and some links that got buried in discussions or the wiki. There are a lot of useful sources and earlier players, admins, and STs have done a great job to keep the information accessible, but just in case you are bored - why not give those links another read?

    A huge source of all the ins and outs of this play-by-post experience. Status, Paradox Houserules - you name it.

    I want to bring special attention to this. I will ask every player to keep the information of every scene up to date in their mini-sheet. It is no backbreaking work, just get used to updating your minisheet after you've cast something.

    A well written and illustrated guide about creating side-threads. Be the star of every mass-scene!

    You can close scenes without posting in them again. Took me an embarrassingly long time to get that.

    The posting interruption thread. We all know that life sometimes gets in the way, but please consider posting there or giving us a heads-up in the discord if you are prevented from posting for a few days.

    There is a kick-ass spellcasting flowchart and some very good Order primers in the Mage social group.

    Far from expected reading, but there are some interesting points in the Mage Errata wiki page.

    A reminder how Paradox works. Easily missed thing: even when you take backlash damage to contain the Paradox, your dicepool still gets reduced.

    The wiki page on scrutiny.If you just roll Scrutiny I will either go from context cues in your post or from the top of the list. Please specify what you want to know, because there are a lot of possibilities.

    And finally: here is a handy, uniform way of keeping all your active spells and stats organized during threads, written down in an easy-to-copy format. I found it incredibly helpful to keep a wordpad with stat-blocks like this for my characters, so here you go:

    [3] Spell Name [1]
    [3] Spell Name (Armor 3)

    Armor 0
    Defense 1

    Active Spells: 2/4
    Personal Spells: 2
    Vulgar Spells: 3 (+1 to Paradox)

    The stuff you're carrying.

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    Clarification: Mage Armor

    So, I've noticed that there is some confusion going around concerning what edition's Mage Armor this game is using.
    The Wiki talks about there being 'a testing period' in which people can decide what kind of Armor they want to use, I've heard people say that the decision has been made and 2E is the only edition being used and I've seen people not knowing this (or not knowing what the 2E Armors do) and simply defaulting to 1E Mage Armor.

    So to clarify: as is I'd like to have people decide for themselves what version they want to use, but please write which one you're using (basically everywhere you'd put the spell title).

    If this creates an imbalance or general trouble I might review this again, but this is the simplest way moving forward.

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    Clarification: Monthly Rituals

    Again, this is something I've seen done differently or not used at all. I'm going to be honest: it took me a while (and a few examples) to know how exactly to use monthly rituals.

    You can take your dice pool, divide it by three and then use the resulting number as often as you have dots in Gnosis (since you can do extended casting rolls up to your Gnosis). This means that the pool to cast a successful auto-ritual is not as absurdly high as one might think.


    Pat wants to cast their Supernal Vision monthly without having to roll for it every four weeks. They're using their Mysterium rote for this, their Wits is 3, their Occult 2 and their Prime 2 (they need the Arcanum of the spell one level higher than the spell requires to enable Advanced Prolongation). Pat has a Gnosis of 3

    Their average dice pool is 3 + 2 + 2 = 7, divided by 3 is 2.33333 (which we're rounding down to 2).

    With a Gnosis of 3 they can roll 3 times, resulting in 6 successes on average.
    Every spell needs a Potency of 1, and a month in duration would need 4 successes allocated - 1 success is left, which can be put into Potency (to make it more difficult to dispel).

    Keep in mind that low-Gnosis Mages take a long, long time for each roll - Rituals like that are taxing and might need half a day reserved for that (hey, what a fun possibility for a Glimpse?).

    I am aware that due to rounding it is sometimes better to multiply by Gnosis first, then dividing by three (the example above would give a whole success more to allocate (7 x 3 = 21, divided by 3 is... 7).
    However, this sometime cuts both ways: With a pool of 8 (divided by 3, so 2.6666, rounded up to 3) dividing, then multiplying with Gnosis gives you a higher result.

    I'd like to streamline and am sorry for everyone who maybe will lose out on one success by doing this. Please adjust your monthly rituals accordingly.

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    Clarification: Minisheets and Stats

    I still see some people having small issues here and there with keeping their stats and spells updated.
    I get it: it's bothersome and things fall through the cracks if you just want to get out this post before the inspiration goes away or before the real life strikes back. But please try to get used to updating your mini-sheet and/or stats as soon as you've cast a spell.

    What does need to get updated?

    Is the Spell's duration anything but Transitory?
    It increases your active Spells by one. You can have as many as (Gnosis + 3) Spells active at the same time - there is no penalty for going high here, you'd just need to cancel one Spell before casting another when you're at your limit.

    Does the Spell influence the Pattern (i.e. for instance a curse, a blessing, Armor, Mage Sight, enhanced skills or attributes)?
    It counts against the target's spell tolerance (i.e. add one to personal Spells). This counts your own and anyone else's spells! You can have as many personal Spells on you as you want, but every spell exceeding your Stamina levies a -1 penalty on any spellcasting rolls done by you.
    Enchanted Items also count towards this, yet only half a point per item (rounded up).

    Is the Spell vulgar?
    Add one to the vulgar Spells count. The more vulgar Spells you cast in a scene, the more dice get rolled when checking for Paradox.
    0 vulgar Spells cast so far = No bonus
    1 or 2 vulgar Spells cast so far = +1
    3 or 4 vulgar Spells cast so far = +2
    and so on.

    Did the spell cost Mana? Did you use Willpower?
    Remember to use the power expenditure function in the post (so that the automatic system keeps count) and update the values in your stats and minisheet.

    Finally: Note the Potency, name and other factors of the Spell down as shown here.
    It seems super complicated and tedious, but not nearly as tedious as combing through pages and pages of scenes to find out what Potency a spell cast weeks ago has. Do me a solid and remember this please.
    Also, please always use the Spell's name, even if you're using a rote.


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    New House Rule: Hallows

    Now that we've almost got a full venue, I'd like to address something. Seems like a Hallow has become something people throw 2xp at to have more Mana available without putting much thought to it. I get it: for Mages it's difficult and/or dangerous to get more Mana in running scenes, so you want to be decked out going in.

    But that's kinda the point. Mana should be valuable, and Hallows even more so. They are rare, they require specific conditions to be met or careful cultivation of a place. It's something people are hiding carefully, something Cabals get founded over and deals get made for.

    From now on, purchasing a Hallow rated 1 requires at least writing a Glimpse before making the request. Describe how your Charakter got hold of the Hallow, found it, or created it. If you have found a Hallow in the wild, this means you'll also have to buy that location as separate Sanctum, if the Hallow suddenly were to exist in an established Sanctum, there needs to be reason for that.

    Hallows rated 2 or above need a plot-like scene. Either your Character needs to do research on where to find those powerful locations and needs to work on securing it for themselves or they - through some stroke of luck - stumble upon one but need to gain control of it or get some other obstacle out of the way. We can work something out (and I'll worry about the details), but it shouldn't be as simple as filling out an XP request.

    For now Hallows can no longer be purchased at Character creation.

    I'd also like to ask player who already possess a Hallow rated 2 or higher to write an Oblation Glimpse within the next few months. It's a great chance to describe the Hallow, its Resonance and how your Character interprets their Path. This doesn't have to be a regular thing (although that would be awesome), but following the spirit of Feeding and Harvesting Glimpses in the respective other venues I think it would be a good opportunity for roleplay.

    Status, Order, and Path meetings

    With Sacramentos' newly grown population of Awakened I'd like to bring people on the same page on how Status, Path, and Order meetings could be handled. The Wiki suggests a schedule for the respective meetings and I think it's a good idea to take that as a guideline.
    Following this April's Consilium, Status will be calculated again. Like in other venues, the public opinion of your Character is reflected here.

    Order and Path meetings can of course happen more often/less often (it's up to the Councilors/Heads of the Order to decide), but only meetings that happened during the appropriate Month and meetings with at least 3 members present are eligible to cause a Status vote. Please use the Comms or Herald Forums to announce a meeting ahead of time, to give everybody the chance to manage their scene limit accordingly.

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