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Some call-outs

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    I don't do this often enough, but here are some scenes/moments of the last few weeks that I've really enjoyed:

    This scene as just an example of the sweet budding romance between Kaze and Jennifer Hazelton . From the first beginnings via long stretches of texting to every respectful date - it's a joy to watch those two get closer and get to know each other better. Plus, they have their relationship-nickname as a thread-tag - what's not to love?

    Huge respect and praise for Scourge stepping up as Lost Assistant-ST. Their latest PRP is haunting and fun and a very interesting way to learn more about characters. Thank you! Sidebar: I really enjoy everything put out by Endymion ! Colonel Worm is a proper party-in-a-man and Milton is downright scary in his beige-grey ways.

    The Glimpses I read in Changeling are high quality all around, but this particular one by Rlyeh gave me goosebumps. Playing out an Elemental's mindset is no easy task and this Blightbend's story was a really touching example.

    On that note: Seraphina and Rhodes gave us [url=http://nwod.org/forum/showthread.php?44125-The-Ring-that-Binds]the[url] perfect rings and a wedding for the history books. Great stuff!

    I can't praise glimpses without honoring my personal queen of glimpses: Shenanigans ! It's always so interesting to learn about where a character came from and her homecoming series was especially cool!

    Finally, it's really great to see Phoenyx socialize more and help other Mages to excel in areas the Arrow is comfortable with. Belle , a well-rounded, interesting new addition to Sacramento's Consilium learned that the hard way. Great read!

    In short: this community is amazing! Take care of yourselves and keep on rocking and providing hours and hours of great content!

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    Thanks for the kind word, Aeolus! It's a real pleasure to play with you.

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