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PrP Blood and Faith

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    Drakken's Avatar

    BoxingUnicorn Go ahead and do a glimpse for the letter, give me a Manipulation + Composure roll along with it please.

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    BoxingUnicorn's Avatar

    BoxingUnicorn Go ahead and do a glimpse for the letter, give me a Manipulation + Composure roll along with it please.
    Already done!

    Continued from RE: B&F - Call for Parley...

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    Jennifer Hazelton

    The current plot thread needs to enter continuity Drakken

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    Seryna's Avatar

    Jennifer Hazelton

    Hi Drakken ,
    I have 2 questions.
    1. Is there time to write a Glimpse about Jennifer reaching out to her allies / contacts about the investigation?

    2. Jennifer is undertaking some preparations for the investigation such as giving some of her surveillance equipment to Liam and disguising herself. Shall I post this in a separate Glimpse before entering the thread or post it to the current thread?

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    Drakken's Avatar

    So for your first question, go ahead and post the glimpse and I will respond with the information as soon as I possibly can.

    For your second question, post Liam installing the cameras (and include the equipment bonus as part of your first investigation roll) and the disguise roll as part of your first post in the thread.

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    Twist Scenes

    Helen's doesn't really feel there's a lot she can add to the stakeout so she's not going to take part in it. Good luck for the ones on scene, though !

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    John's Avatar

    Twist Scenes

    Okay, another dumb question: How's those observations going on ? I recall there have been rolls, but nothing more came of that. Should we consider that a dead end and move on from that ?

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    Jennifer Hazelton

    I am taking over the plot and am working with what I was told. I had the information that Jennifer learned conveyed here Albert has been given information in his Plot thread
    If more information is needed, you can seek it with a scene with me once Blood and Faith: Striding forward scene closes. It looks to be closing in 4 days. I am adding 2 days for the site having access difficulties.
    Empahsis only due to my decision to limit my Storyteller scenes.

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    Seryna's Avatar

    Jennifer Hazelton

    Conner Wells BoxingUnicorn George John

    I want to check in on what you are planning for the plot. The warehouse has been staked out and additional back entrance has been found. Someone who has black veins in their aura has been spotted by Albert.
    Are you planning on converging on the warehouse?

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