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The Resurrectionists OOC

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    Jennifer Hazelton

    Regarding entering the structure. The doors hang, yet the entrance has been bricked over. It will require breaking through the bricks to gain entrance.

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    Shenanigans's Avatar

    I know I'm next in the chain and we need to have this anagram solved, but my brain is absolute mush and I can't solve it on the OOC side. My character is generally quicker than I am half the time at catching onto things and we did the roll ICly. Is it possible I could get a hint or an answer, because this is stressing me out more than it should.

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    Jennifer Hazelton

    It's okay to make a post and in character ask the others what they think. I don't want anyone stressed.

    Hint: what was Pope called?

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    Seryna's Avatar

    Jennifer Hazelton

    Are you ready to proceed?

    I want to double check on character goals atm. What are you doing in the thread ( and make sure you have posted to have the plot progress). At the timeline I gave earlier, I am continuing.
    This is because this is a time crunch plot and each of these actions and activities are taking time.
    Each search roll takes 15 minutes.

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    Jennifer Hazelton

    Anyone who wishes to remain apart of this plot, post in the next 48 hours. Those who do not shall be written out of the plot.

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    Is Jack walking in a direct line from the newly opened entrance to the padlock?
    entering the crypt, Jack would have walked to the right of the trap door that was padlocked until he could reach the padlock to unlock it. He did so slowly, taking as much precaution as the 1 success afforded him in being aware of any traps/tricks.


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    Seryna's Avatar

    Jennifer Hazelton

    Killian I appreciate the clarification! I have responded in my Storyteller post about what has occured.
    Shenanigans Maeve shall be written out of the plot so it can continue. Feel free to have her call an Uber or message me if she does something different to make it back to Sacramento proper and Maeve's Haven.

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    Jennifer Hazelton

    pisces Quinn Durant there's no roll needed to find the exit to the shaft. I'm looking for a description of what Quinn does to find the exit.
    I shall post it after the next round.
    I am posting a bit more quickly to signify the time crunch

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    Jennifer Hazelton

    I want you to start thinking about how your character wants to wrap this evening. Your character has the goal.
    Time is running out.
    I want to wrap the scenes at the cemetery this week.
    Killian Drakken Endymion pisces

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