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Family is who you choose

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    Chris Laurent
    Chris Laurent

    Irraka Blood Talon


    A hand moves to push Chris up so he can sit, or maybe stand, for the conversation. After a moment it pauses and lays back down. Eyes look at Emily before looking at Tiny and Hector.

    "The Oath to the Destroyer is to offer no surrender that you would not accept. The phrasing of the offer matters." Is said quietly before Chris grins as he looks at Bleeds Well. "I am a No Moon though so I may not be the best for that sort of thing."

    Then the Irraka looks back at Hector. "That said, I have no qualms with being the guy around the corner if things go sideways."

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    "In the days of our fathers and mothers, we fought each other under Father Wolf's eyes. Pack against pack, we struck each other, until one was victor, and the other defeated. We deem you worth of the challenge of Father Wolf's gaze. Bring what you will, we shall bring our all, and defeat and shame you."

    Tiny recites, with the power and presence of a herald announcing a king.

    "That work for you boss?"
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    Bird agrees with Emily, though he doesn't say it out loud. Simply gives her a long look and a nod. There's no guarantees with the Pure. No promise they won't break to strike a blow at the People. A duel means you trust the enemy's honor. The Pure have none, in Fa-ninna's humble opinion.

    Still, this is the course set by the Alpha. This is the path they take.

    He snags another beer from Bleeds and cracks it open, takes a long gulp. Listens to Hector.

    "I'll get down there soon as possible, boss. Take a look at what's what. Let you know real quick."

    A glance at Chris, tip of the beer. No Moon is No Moon.

    And Half Moon is Half Moon. Bird studies Tiny as he produces the wording of the challenge on the spot. Kind of amazed that somebody can just spit that kind of thing out quick as you please.
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    Emily has several tattoos:
    - a sleeve of vines and flowers starting on her right shoulder and ending at her wrist
    - a collection of stars on her left wrist, tapering up her arm
    - flowers on her right foot around her ankle
    - A crescent moon on her left shoulderblade
    Emily Makerith Scenes


    Emily nods along with Hector's plan, but has little to add. She keeps focused on washing Chris' wounds a little more.


    Bleeds Well gets a shrug. "Always gonna be a risk, fighting our own. Not much to be done. They need breaking."

    She shrugs, returning Bird's nod. The Ithauer is heavily focused on Chris, working on his repairs with surprising quiet.

    2 successes

    Still 3 Agg healed, 2/5 the way towards 4.
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    Hector frowned and pursed his lips, clearly taking in the words the pack offered.

    He inclines his head towards Bleeds Well when the beta offers his warning. Hector might not like what the Blood Talon says, but he weighs it carefully: a sigh puffs out from his mouth, indicating the Alpha accepts the wisdom his beta imparts.
    Bird receives a grunt and a nod. No more, no less. The Alpha trusts Fa-Nina enough to know the task will be done.

    Hector's eyes flash when Tiny responds. A well worded challenge - one that brings their full weight as a pack to bear. A challenge that will call out their foe, but not necessarily offer any binding terms. The sudden twist to the Alpha's lips is all the Elodoth needs to know about how well received his challenge is.

    Those same burning eyes flash even more when Emily Makerith responds as well.

    "I like those words, Oath's Bastion. A challenge but without too many binds for us. I think we will be using it. All of us. Its time to kick these punks off our back porch. Then we can stretch more easily - we'll need to, once the territory starts changing on us. We get this annoying trio out of the way, we can focus on what really matters: a new locus; changes in the mortal world affecting the spirit choirs in our care; maybe even a den we can call home."

    Shall we draw things to a close and move things forward?
    Iron Master <<Farsil Luhal>> Cahalith

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    Let's close this thread.

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