I'd like to give a shout out to Pisces. Great job with not only keeping with Vampire's theme of political intrigue but with helping bring in plot opportunities/involvement as a 'punishment'. Excellent job as an IC leader and OOC player.

"This is my judgement Maeve O'Ryan. You will attend every single court between now and Formal court. You will also be subjected to the Shadow within my Shadow shaming. Yes. You will literally walk in my shadow during court so maybe you will soak up a bit of proper etiquette and respect. You will also attend the hunt to bring what I have coined 'The Jackal' to justice and doing so will go along way to proving you support of this domain and its laws. Lucky for you I am heading the investigation along side Mr. Smith, so I can guarantee you in on the action to prove yourself."

"This is your way forward to overcome this slight against the court and the knife you put in my back because you were to lazy to write her Grace and ask permission to be excused from court so you could wrap up some personal clan business." She paused again, and for just a moment a slight shade of heat showed in her words. "If you cannot get on board with that.." Quinn paused and pointed at the steps that lead out of Elysium. "Leave now. You walk out that door, and know that as long as I am Priscus of the Clan Mehket in Sacramento, you will never be acknowledged here again."