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(The Nameless) Driving Hazard

Feb 19, 2021 : (The Nameless) A Cry For Help
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    They stop, Tasi gives Lucky Lucas a smile, bright, vibrant as the thrum of adrenalin starts pumping, and while she might suspect, she doesn't know.

    The lights are cold and blinding, washing her, and everyone, but mostly her out. She's pats herself on the back for not driving with one of the Zeros and their cameras, while she was always camera ready, these lights. Hm. No thank you.

    She's debating complying, (she does have very ilegal things in the car, and she for one did not want them taken from her, especially with the time and care the boys put into her arm.) when Nickle and dimes scrambles out of his van, shrieks then dives back in.

    Which is. Well.

    Definately not leaving the truck then.

    I'm unsure if Tasi can hear exactly what Quatermass yells given the space, and the vehicles running, so I'm going err on the side of caution here

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    Monty nodded at Will's good-cop, Bad-cop, plan. "Play the good cop, I can do that." He tried to slow his breathing. It isn't like they are doing anything illegal. Yet. He reached into his pocket and pulled one of his Go-Pro cameras. With a practice flick he started recording as Will pulled the car over.

    Monty Watched as the S.U.V. passed them and flipped around. He squinted at the sudden burst of bright light. Through the glare he could just make out two forms. SHIT!. The voice came over the loud speaker. To Will he said "Don't get out. Something's wrong. They got machine gun's pointed at us. I got a bad feeling about this."

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    Lucas is confused. Also blinded by the light. He tries to look but doesn't see past the colorless white void of the landscape. What he does hear is Quatermass's muffled voice.

    "You get any of that?" He looks over to Tasi, squinting as he avoids looking at the lights any more then he has to. "Cuz I got nothing."

    Something is wrong but Lucas can't tell what. For now he's simply confused. Unsure of what to do other then reach slowly for his gun. Or attempt to. Those lights are distracting af, and Lucas isn't super careful as he pulls the pistol out. He's keeping it low though, or trying to. His other hand is on the ignition, ready to turn the car back on if any of their companions begin to make a getaway attempt.

      Failure to perceive and to draw a gun without drawing attention
    Date Action Roll Result
    2021-03-27 15:56:56 Lucas Boucher rolls 4 to reach for his gun (Dex+Larceny) (10 Again) 5, 1, 7, 5 failure
    2021-03-27 15:53:33 Lucas Boucher rolls 4 to Perception (Wits+Comp-4) (10 Again, WillPower) 6, 6, 2, 4 failure


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    Kate took in Quatermass's movements in alarm. She reached over and grasped his arm, assisting him into the car as quickly as he could get. Squinting through the bright halogen light, she covered her eyes with a hand and studied the situation. Her dark eyes widened in alarm as she took in the Black SUV and black uniforms.
    "Fake cops!" She agreed with her driving partner, realizing what all the commotion had been about. She had seen the fellow Network Zero man try to warn the others, but it sounded a bit jumbled.

    Kate considered the situation quickly. Yelling 'Fake Cops' or 'not cops' could cause the beginning of her sentence to not be heard, and she could miscommunicating to the team that these were in fact, police officers. She urged Qautermass.
    "Reverse?" As the SUV had blocked the road into town. It was possible that the act could show the others how to get away from the danger.
    Kate wasn't sure how mobile the van was, but braced one arm on the dash and the other rapidly toggled the 'lower window'.
    "REVERSE! TAKE COVER!" She bellowed as loudly as she could to the others.

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    Will's world was all white and black, flipping his visor down didn't do shit but at least gave him a fucking spot of freedom in this hellscape. Will heard a door, scrambling, shouting and then keen eyed Monty, god bless the beautiful bastard told Will more than what he needed to know. Fake Cops, Ain't Cops, that was for sure. Was it alphabet soup or private sector? The darkness inside him pulsed to life, his veins running cold.


    No matter who or what they were they represented what Will hated most. Authority. Will wasn't a Wheelman because it was lucrative, he was fucking stuntman and professional driver he'd be fine without the sidegig. He did it because there were people out there telling him what he could and could not do. And that he could not abide and then when he was told the truth? Fucking Monsters? Fucking Monsters like Monty's strangers pulling strings from behind the scenes? No. No he would not stand by and do nothing.

    This was the thing he didn't think the Zero's understood. This was it. This was the job and you had to do something when the shit went flying. You just had to make a decision one way or another, stop or go, back or forward. By the time you blinked your eyes you had to make a decision because that's all the time it took once the shit started flying. If they opened fire one second was the difference between life and death. Reverse. Take Cover. Back? For what? He saw the map one road in, one road out. They only had one choice. Through.

    Suddenly glad Monty was filming his muscle memory kicked in, eyes growing distant as he focused. Hands flicking the keys, shifting the car not back but forwards. These were terrible conditions, visibility was shit but Will was a professional. In a split second they were going forward music blaring. Fuck, man Sabotage would have been better. He had to feel the car, hear her feel when the tires slipped, when they gripped and how the effected his steering. They had blocked the road but they'd pulled over to the shoulder, all he had to do was dip a bit to the side and not lose control. Worst case hey, they'd get a serious love tap and his friends would get away.

    He was able to maintain control in the tense moment, there was a thousand ways this could play out he was just hoping he wouldn't be a corpse just yet and he'd carve a path for his friends to follow. Either way he was the one with the car built for this after all. "Monty. GUN!"

    7 successes

    With Stuntman Will can take an action and drive if it's too much to kick it into drive I apologize.
    With Safe Passage Will will ignore 3 dice of penalties from bad or unsafe conditions.

    Performance Mid-Size Car

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    Dear all,

    I'm struggling with lots of commitments IRL, so I need to pause Hunter for the moment. I mean, it has been paused, and I do want to sincerely apologize for that, and for the lack of notice, but it will be officially paused from here on out. Towards the end of May I will open a new thread to continue the Nameless plot, but until then, feel free to do socials or other PrPs or whatever. I look forward to rejoining you all!

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