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Crashing a party

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    The tenants of Purity rage within Bleed Well as he storms out after Tiny. Twice now he's visited the lair of the offending pack. A pack that dares claim territory in Sacramento.He blames them for Brigit leaving. He blames them for Chris' disappearance. He doesn't want to kill them, Imru Nu Fir Imru, but he sure as hell wants to make sure they leave Sacramento and never come back.

    His muscles tense as the outside air hits him. Once again under Luna's light Bleeds Well preternatural awareness returns to him, no danger can surprise him when he walks in Mother's light. He turns back towards the club eyeing it with disgust as he watches over the pack, Alpha has spoken and so Bleeds Well stands down. Hector, who is betraying the Oath of his Own Tribe by allowing this blight persist, but the Low Honor the High, so he says nothing. Not now.

    "Which way?" he growls to Tiny, before giving the man a glance, protecting Bastion as their Elodoth follows the trail.
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    Inside of the club the crowd shifts as something else pushes on it aside from the smashing of a hammer. From people starting to move Bird can tell some the something is coming from the back of the club though whatever it is it is human sized as nothing looms over the crowd.

    Outside of the club the smell of Anshenga fades and instead Hector can smell traces of Chris's bleed and something burnt. It's clear that the trail needs north away from the club and away from the pack's territory.

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    Bird slips out the door shortly after Bleeds Well. He's not sure if the pack was aware of his presence, but they will be now.

    He shuts the door behind him carefully and positions himself on the hinge side, flat against the wall. When the door opens, it will hide him from whatever is coming, just long enough to give him an edge.

    Eyes seek out Hector, addressing the Alpha in a low voice, almost a hiss: "Something coming from the back of the club, pushing through the crowd. Following him," eyes cut to Bleeds Well and then back to Hector. "Man sized."

    Bird itches to grow, to assume the Dalu form in preparation for whatever's coming. He looks around the area for any witnesses or threats before changing his shape.

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