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(The Nameless) A Cry For Help

(The Nameless) Driving Hazard
Mar 15, 2021 - Apr 19, 2021
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    Everything is fictional and bears no resemblance, blah blah blah

    __________________________________________________ ____________________________

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    >>>>>[Sender: 3v3nt H0riz0n 13:29 2-19-2021]<<<<<


    Found some crazy shit on that finance bro you flagged.

    Check out this vid. Also, lemme know when I can post it.

    You found the trail, but I get the cred for finding it, yeah?]<<<<

    >>>>[Attachment: northpointcomislabs.mp4]<<<<<

    __________________________________________________ ____________________________

    The video begins:

    The image of a sterile, white room is captured in the wide-angled lens of a webcam. Stainless steel shelves hold a variety of lab equipment, and a table with rows of machinery can just be glimpsed in the lower right corner of the frame. A stainless steel door with a round, frosted glass window sits off to the left. A man in his mid-twenties stares into the camera, a white lab coat covering most of his collared shirt. He wears a white lab cap on his head, a few strands of sweat slick hair escaping from beneath the band. Brown stubble covers his low jaw, patchy and thin, and his eyes are wide and bloodshot. Terrified.

    A shiny metal name tag reads: Patrick.

    "I don't know what the fuck is going on, but all of the phone lines are down, there's no goddamn reception, and someone sealed the lab. I mean, what the fuck?" Patrick half sobs, spittle bubbling onto his lips, snot beginning to drip down his nose.

    "This isn't the fucking CDC, or like, Raytheon or whatever," he continues, barely managing to contain himself.

    "Goddammit, I didn't even want to move to Colorado, it was just too good of a job to pass up without a doctorate in particle physics. I'm just supposed to be an advanced imaging technician, not some -- some -- sacrificial lamb or something. I mean, Microsun Imaging Systems doesn't even have any government contracts, or anything! We mostly work with archeological artifacts! What the fuck is this?!"

    Patrick's ranting is cut off as a furious pounding begins on the stainless steel door, and a furious wailing can be heard just outside.

    "Oh shit, oh shit!" Patrick whimpers, whirling around to look at the door. "Ok, ok, I'm out of time. Listen, if anyone finds this, this all started after Mr. Ozob came back with some high priority object. All our projects were tabled and we got a whole slew of new security protocols. No one was really worried, we work with really fragile stuff all the time, but then weird shit started happening. Like, glitches in the software. LEDs started burning out. People's RFID cards got wiped. Then, all of a sudden, the head of the lab, Dr. McCray, started acting really weird. Like, he started staying at the lab all the time. I really don't think he slept for like over 60 hours! And...he started eating only fish. I know that doesn't seem important, but it's all he started eating, and he was microwaving it, and everyone was getting upset because the break room--"

    Patrick cut off as the pounding against the door cut off with a sudden scream. He looked back over his shoulder, trembling. Then jumped, his hip smashing into the table and rocking the camera like it was in an earthquake.

    The last thing that could be seen was a hand slapping against the frosted glass window, leaving a viscous smear of blood and mucous, and then the lights went out. Patrick's panicked whimpers could be heard, followed by the sound of something heavy slamming against the door, again, and again, and just as Patrick began to prey, there was the scream of buckling steel and the sound of something crashing through the room, equipment shattering on the floor, and then Patrick screaming, and screaming...

    The video ended shortly afterwards.

    __________________________________________________ ____________________________

    Information is gathered soon thereafter:

    Microsun Imaging Systems, headquartered in North Point, Colorado, since 2004. Northpoint was a relatively small town, only about 6,000 people, maybe 10,000 if you counted the surrounding area. It was situated in a small mountain valley with a beautiful lake, lots of forest, and only one road in and out.

    According to local news, winter storms had brought down some of the town's utilities, but repair crews were already underway...

    Please feel free to plan and do any additional research, and let me know when your characters are ready to hit the road. Yes, road. Driving will be involved
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    Quatermass sets to work as soon as the hunt is called. He has spent some time travelling himself, so he knows where to go and who to speak to, roughly, when one is looking to travel across the country and track down an obscure town in an equally obscure valley in the Colorado Rockies. Being an active Hunter also makes him more than prone to conspiracy, so he attempts to construct an impression of the town and the company that has made it a home.

    Unfortunately for the good doctor, his time is wasted. He fails to dredge up anything on the town or the company beyond what they already know - and that is being generous.

    And as for hitting up fellow roadies for hints, tips, rumour and conjecture... Well... He gets nothing beyond cold shoulders or friendly yarns and tall tales over beer and snatched cigarettes. The tall tales are interesting and all, but they don't provide anything remotely useful about where they are going or what to expect in the Rockies.



    I took penalties to reflect the general obscurity of the information he is seeking and to reflect lack of materials, poor information, etc. I figure he is simply talking and gently guiding conversation (for manipulation) or hitting up libraries / basic internet searches (for investigation)

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    Lucas Boucher

    Lucas wasn't going into a hunt unprepared again.

    In the time leading up to their next expedition he was spending no small amount of time hopping libraries and looking for any books or articles that could help him identify anything relevant to the next gig, or the idol that had eluded them. For days Lucas existed in a state of laser focused research. One where there was the Hunt, his bed, and the occasional break for food, hygiene, and relief. Any information available in the public sphere would be brought to the cell's attention. Did his eyes feel like shriveled raisins slowly receding into their sockets after staring into a screen for so long? Possibly, but if that was the price of making the auction the anomaly rather then the norm then he was going to pay it.

    Research task results before bonuses/penalties: 15 suxx for Microsun, 12 suxx for Dr McCray, 7 suxx for Northpoint, 16 suxx for the idol, 11 suxx for Ozob.

      Research for dayz
    Date Action Roll Result
    2021-02-23 19:43:47 [06] Lucas Boucher rolls 6 to Research Ozob (Int+Academics) (10 Again) 6, 9, 2, 7, 8, 1 2 successes
    2021-02-23 19:43:47 [05] Lucas Boucher rolls 6 to Research Ozob (Int+Academics) (10 Again) 2, 9, 8, 2, 6, 3 2 successes
    2021-02-23 19:43:47 [04] Lucas Boucher rolls 6 to Research Ozob (Int+Academics) (10 Again) 5, 4, 10, 6, 9, 2, 8 3 successes
    2021-02-23 19:43:47 [03] Lucas Boucher rolls 6 to Research Ozob (Int+Academics) (10 Again) 7, 8, 2, 2, 5, 9 2 successes
    2021-02-23 19:43:47 [02] Lucas Boucher rolls 6 to Research Ozob (Int+Academics) (10 Again) 3, 6, 2, 5, 9, 9 2 successes
    2021-02-23 19:43:47 [01] Lucas Boucher rolls 6 to Research Ozob (Int+Academics) (10 Again) 3, 4, 3, 6, 5, 7 failure
    2021-02-23 19:39:32 [06] Lucas Boucher rolls 6 to research lot 13/idol? (Int+Academics) (10 Again) 9, 8, 5, 10, 2, 3, 10, 10, 5 5 successes
    2021-02-23 19:39:32 [05] Lucas Boucher rolls 6 to research lot 13/idol? (Int+Academics) (10 Again) 8, 5, 2, 3, 6, 4 1 success
    2021-02-23 19:39:32 [04] Lucas Boucher rolls 6 to research lot 13/idol? (Int+Academics) (10 Again) 8, 2, 9, 9, 3, 9 4 successes
    2021-02-23 19:39:32 [03] Lucas Boucher rolls 6 to research lot 13/idol? (Int+Academics) (10 Again) 8, 7, 9, 1, 2, 1 2 successes
    2021-02-23 19:39:32 [02] Lucas Boucher rolls 6 to research lot 13/idol? (Int+Academics) (10 Again) 1, 10, 5, 1, 2, 3, 2 1 success
    2021-02-23 19:39:32 [01] Lucas Boucher rolls 6 to research lot 13/idol? (Int+Academics) (10 Again) 4, 6, 9, 8, 5, 9 3 successes
    2021-02-23 19:36:23 [06] Lucas Boucher rolls 6 to Research Northpoint (Int+Academics) (10 Again) 3, 4, 6, 1, 4, 4 failure
    2021-02-23 19:36:23 [05] Lucas Boucher rolls 6 to Research Northpoint (Int+Academics) (10 Again) 8, 7, 1, 4, 4, 1 1 success
    2021-02-23 19:36:23 [04] Lucas Boucher rolls 6 to Research Northpoint (Int+Academics) (10 Again) 5, 1, 5, 2, 7, 3 failure
    2021-02-23 19:36:23 [03] Lucas Boucher rolls 6 to Research Northpoint (Int+Academics) (10 Again) 8, 10, 9, 3, 9, 7, 8 5 successes
    2021-02-23 19:36:23 [02] Lucas Boucher rolls 6 to Research Northpoint (Int+Academics) (10 Again) 10, 4, 5, 6, 5, 6, 7 1 success
    2021-02-23 19:36:23 [01] Lucas Boucher rolls 6 to Research Northpoint (Int+Academics) (10 Again) 4, 6, 6, 4, 1, 6 failure
    2021-02-23 19:34:58 [06] Lucas Boucher rolls 6 to Research 'Dr McCray' (Int+Academics) (10 Again) 3, 3, 8, 9, 5, 3 2 successes
    2021-02-23 19:34:58 [05] Lucas Boucher rolls 6 to Research 'Dr McCray' (Int+Academics) (10 Again) 7, 4, 4, 8, 7, 1 1 success
    2021-02-23 19:34:58 [04] Lucas Boucher rolls 6 to Research 'Dr McCray' (Int+Academics) (10 Again) 9, 9, 5, 1, 8, 5 3 successes
    2021-02-23 19:34:58 [03] Lucas Boucher rolls 6 to Research 'Dr McCray' (Int+Academics) (10 Again) 10, 6, 8, 6, 6, 2, 4 2 successes
    2021-02-23 19:34:58 [02] Lucas Boucher rolls 6 to Research 'Dr McCray' (Int+Academics) (10 Again) 3, 9, 7, 8, 2, 3 2 successes
    2021-02-23 19:34:58 [01] Lucas Boucher rolls 6 to Research 'Dr McCray' (Int+Academics) (10 Again) 1, 2, 5, 10, 9, 2, 3 2 successes
    2021-02-23 19:34:15 [06] Lucas Boucher rolls 6 to Research Microsun (Int+Academics) (10 Again) 2, 7, 10, 9, 9, 9, 9 5 successes
    2021-02-23 19:34:15 [05] Lucas Boucher rolls 6 to Research Microsun (Int+Academics) (10 Again) 5, 5, 2, 5, 8, 2 1 success
    2021-02-23 19:34:15 [04] Lucas Boucher rolls 6 to Research Microsun (Int+Academics) (10 Again) 10, 5, 5, 4, 6, 9, 6 2 successes
    2021-02-23 19:34:15 [03] Lucas Boucher rolls 6 to Research Microsun (Int+Academics) (10 Again) 10, 1, 9, 5, 8, 5, 7 3 successes
    2021-02-23 19:34:15 [02] Lucas Boucher rolls 6 to Research Microsun (Int+Academics) (10 Again) 5, 5, 2, 9, 5, 10, 6 2 successes
    2021-02-23 19:34:15 [01] Lucas Boucher rolls 6 to Research Microsun (Int+Academics) (10 Again) 4, 10, 6, 1, 4, 7, 9 2 successes

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    Monty Pennington

    Monty walked over to Lucas and handed the man a bottle of imported beer. "Time for a break. Tell us what you found out!" He looked around the almost empty warehouse this little ragtag team of monster hunters was currently holed up in. It wasn't anything to call home about, a quick phone call to his father's aide and they had an out of the way little grotto to call home. A couple of swipes of Monty's black credit card and they had access to all the needed creature comforts to make this barren space more homelike.

    After dropping off the beer he walked over to a rather comfortable couch that looks oddly out of place in a darkened warehouse. He sat down hard, throwing his body at the cushions expecting they would soften his fall. He looked over at the new guy, the one called Quatermass, He seemed ok at Kate's party but Monty hadn't yet formulated a true opinion. To break the ice he called out the the gathered people "Which reminds me. Everyone should get a little "needs" list and I can see about hooking us up. I am sure after the shit show that was the auction we all want to go in better prepared so let me know what y'all need.

    OOC: Cayce gave me the go ahead to set the scene. I figured a warehouse out in the middle of wherever was as good a place as any. We have probably been here for a little while so it is reasonable to assume that anything we needed, like computers, fridge, coffee maker ect would have been bought.

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    Katherine Port

    Kate had opened her occult books and attempted to reseach what this 'creature' could be. After a few hours of study and research, she brought up her laptop for a search on other instances and a deep dive on the site. That seemed to only confuse her and waste time going down incorrect sites. The detective spent the two days focusing on returning to the initial topics to see if her new intuition would bring up different sources. Her unofficial research (combing popular TV shows and matching the effects) made her think that there could be the possibility that this could be a ghost. She looked to her occult books to check how one could interact with ghosts.

    A back pack, padded laptop bag with shoulder strap and duffel bag were packed and brought to the meeting. Kate showed up wearing a light blue tank top, a black long sleeve shirt, her silver charm on a necklace, athletic pants and running shoes. The detective wore a case on her belt that contained her Tazer. The holster for her gun was on her belt, yet empty, as she needed to check the gun laws of this area.

    "Hey folks. I have done some research on my laptop and my occult books. Not a great start. You all are welcome to use the laptop and books if you want to." She gives the people present a friendly smile. She offers Monty a hug and a "Glad you are here".
    "I packed some heavier clothing in approximate sizes in the duffel for all of us if you want to try them on or if you want to load them into your gear."
    She unzips her duffel and gestures if anyone wishes to.
    "I wouldn't mind a good combat knife or two, Monty. I concealed my machete and baseball, the stuff I like to bring when not being patted down, in the back of the Ridgeline. I have 3 seats to transporting a few us and the truck for transporting gear." She mentions the Ridgeline so people can recognize that the truck was a bit smaller than a full- sized truck.

    The backpack held her sweater rolled and lashed to the top of the bag. Her Private detective ID was alone in a side pocket of the backpack. The research books that she had referenced were in the main section of her back pack. A plastic waterproof documents folder held a print out from a copy shop of any maps of Nortpoint, CO, Kristen could get from the internet. The crime scene kit was within the backpack center. A large container of salt was sealed in a plastic bag. A side pocket held her smart phone in an impact resistant protective case and her multi - tool, the ear protection for hitting the gun range. Kate had brought two mag lights and an extra pack of batteries and a head lamp with a pack of batteries. A locking gun case was near the top of the backpack that held her firearm and the extra loaded clips. Flash paper and glow sticks were in the last pocket, along with two packages of Celox first aid gear.

    The duffel bag carried her larger or heavier gear: reinforced clothing of a leather jacket and layered thick clothing, as well as a reflective construction vest for any assuming a construction persona, were folded into the duffel bag. She had bought heavier clothing in approximate sizes for Tasi, Will, Quartermass and Monty. Duct tape, a few wash cloths and a first aid kit were on the top of the bag. Scattered around to distribute weight more evenly were several bottles of water and Powerade, bags of beef jerky and dried fruit. There were two changes of clothing, a few pairs of socks.

    Kate had driven her 4 door Honda Ridgeline and had concealed her padded camera bag in the trunk area under the bed of the trunk. A machete was concealed as best she could in the rear of the cab. The baseball bat was on the floor of the backseat.
    Dice rolls

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    Tasi Morgan

    Professional Training Contacts:
    Fashion, Entertainment, Clubs

    Status (Entertainment) 1
    Status (Fashion) 2 | Fame (Fashion) 1

    Status (Compact Ashwood Abbey) 1

    Tasi, contrary to the others in the Cell, or perhaps. The Ashwood girl, contrary to the Computer Zeros takes a more social route to make sure she isn't caught with her arm in the bone cracking mandibles of another hellbeast.

    When the tape drops, she heads to the Abbey to rustle up some rumours.

    2 successes

    Then, and while it might not helpful in what to stab and how to stab it, she goes to a party, round up some modeling friends for drinks....remote location. Gorgeous views. Maybe someone had been there for a shoot. Or an affair.

    3 successes

    "Hello, hello~" Tasi sings as she appears, duffle bag thrown over one arm, obviously where her chainsaw and knife attachment is located, as well as any other gear she designed to bring. "I brought the ambrosia of the gods~" between her fleshy hand and her new griping attachment, she has cups in a cardboard tray, coffee's done up to taste (and hot chocolate for lose who regrettably didn't enjoy a good cup o' joe) as well as a box hidden in a cloth bag dangling from her wrist. "Doughnuts too you computer gremlins, and I mean that with lo-ove~"

    Chainsaw attachment (-2L 8 Again), Knife attachment (1L), grip attachment (worn), Smartphone, bowie knife (2l), Duct Tape, Zip Ties, Kevlar Vest (thin) 1/2, Reinforced Clothing (leather Jacket) 1/0, Reinforced Clothing (leather protective motorcycle pants) 1/0, Worm clothes, winter jacket, beanie, gloves, scarf, as well as comfortable travel clothes

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    William Reed

    Will's needs to Live were endless, his needs to survive were few. The beer was pretty much enough to keep his morale on point so long as it was there. Eating anything around without much question as to what it even was. This was the aspect of the Hunt where he took a backseat, the professionals handled the information and the planning and he did the grunt work. But it didn't mean he wasn't totally helpless here.

    His Subaru came loading his gear, a variety of weapons, his motorcycle leathers and what looked like stuff for construction. Will set a room by covering it with plastic sheeting and a single chair. He'd have to soundproof the outside of it a bit later, though he'd want to talk to Lucas about the best way to do that first. Whistling happily to himself as he finished that job.

    He could have kissed Kathy when she brought the map. Instead he settled for a small bow bringing both his hands to his lips and blowing her a kiss. "Exactly what I needed, here..." He'd help set up the map on a cork board and started his part of the job. When you're a criminal you think like a criminal. As noble a deed some of their ilk might think they're doing, it was still highly illegal if they got caught. Good luck explaining to the DA that the corpse in front of you was actually a shapeshifter. Yea right.

    So he looked at the map, put a pin in the center of the city and then rolled a string out to a length and cut it before putting a sharping at the end of it and drawing a circle. This time he place a blue pin in the map and drew a blew circle, a few notations were made on the side of the map. X's placed, red lines drawn on roads, green on others, yellow circles over bridges and rail crossings. He worked the map as best he could until it pulled itself together. Or until he got bored, it was hard to tell which.

    Int + Drive - 6 sux total

    "I might know a guy, who knows a guy who can get us some fake credentials to get in. I'd have to check with the contact first, otherwise I might know someone on the take. Just let me know how you want me to utilize my contacts if needed. If not, an ace we can hold for later. You know, if we gotta lay low.

    "Fuckin zombies, I was a zombie once..." Not really said to anyone in particular as the stray thought drifted off.

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    Quatermas watched as they gathered before joining them last of all. As he crossed the space, he raked a hand rather helplessly through his hair.

    "I got no real needs at this point. I mean... OK... A fake ID if we're doing this cross country trip. And someone to put up a war chest - cash - 'cause we're going to need it to stay off grid as much as possible. I - clothes! Yeah! Now thats talking! I'll take a look before we're done and... Thank you!"

    He sighed and gestured helplessly with his hands.

    "I can't say I came up with anything. Tried the libraries and internet. Ah! Nothing beyond what we already know. So I hit up where my fellow roadies go... You know... In the hope of digging up something specific about the town and all. Nada. Nothing. I guess it really is an out-of-the-way kind of town. So... Best not let on where we're headed because that might perk eyes and ears simply because it is so off the map, so to speak."

    He paused again as William Reed began placing things on cork boards. One might say Quatermass was feeling a little useless already.

    "Um. Maybe another medkit or two. I reckon we have enough vehicles to spread such stuff across without raising too much suspicion. And I got a van, too. The back might be a bit cramped with all my stuff, but if we need to spread people out... Or shake things up while we do this road trip... You know... The offer is there."

    He looked over at Monty Pennington then covered his embarrassment at his lack of assistance to the cause by going and retrieving some extra seats so they could sit in a rough circle around the couch and the cork board.

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    If I missed something, prod me, otherwise, the information gained:

    • Microsun Imaging Systems, Ltd, is a lab that contracts out to various energy companies to help with the identification of artifacts, as well as universities and research institutions. It was acquired by Boyle Consolidated, a shell corporation owned by the shadowy financier known as Fernand Ozob. It owns the patents on several pieces of imaging technology, though doesn't appear to have made any significant contributions beyond that.
    • Dr. Aloysius McCray is a Scottish national with a doctorate in particle physics from Oxford. He gained US citizenship in 2003, and became involved with Microsun in 2009. Aside from some impressive postings at CERN, some well received papers, and temporary teaching positions at MIT, there's not much of note. Unmarried. No scandals. Microsun might have been seen as a step down for his career, though perhaps it was simply the move of a man who was interested in finally settling down...
    • Northpoint, CO, was incorporated in the late 40s. It hosts one church, as well as a resort, a small hospital, and various tourist attractions. The majority of the town's income depends on tourism, although forestry and municipal works support another large majority. Microsun is something of an oddity, although who wouldn't want to live in such a beautiful place?

      As for cryptozoology and other local legends, there's a number of hauntings of little repute, occasional sightings of Big Foot, and supposedly a massive snake that lives in the lake. Blah, blah, blah.

      In all likelihood, there is something that goes bump in the night near Northpoint. There's a suspiciously high number of bear maulings, and an even larger number of missing persons due to tourism. Digging back even further, Northpoint was the site of several fierce battles in the Comanche Campaign, and was also the site of a union massacre when the local coal mine went on strike. All in all, blood has definitely soaked into the valley, and with that blood comes stories of hauntings...
    • Unnamed Artifact #13 was found in a dig near Byblos. The dig unearthed numerous artifacts reminiscent of ancient Egyptian iconography, though it has largely come to be regarded as a hoax. Carbon dating placing the artifacts over 10,000 years older than they should be, indecipherable script, and the general disappearance of the majority of artifacts suggests there's little of note beyond being the remnants of an incomprehensible grift. That is, of course, except for Unnamed Artifact #13. All previous owners have died terrible deaths, many of suicide, others murdered by family, and others found mysteriously mauled...
    • Fernand Ozob is an American national that likely doesn't exist. That is to say, he exists, but is likely a cover so deep as to be indistinguishable from a legitimate, government sanctioned identity. Approximately 35 years old, Ozob is a shadowy figure lurking in the world of finance. He's the sort that would car bomb the journalist from the Panama Papers, though, of course, there is no hard evidence. Nevertheless, Ozob is connected to several shell corporations involved in aerospace, defense, energy, and pharmaceuticals.
    • HOW TO DEAL WITH GHOSTS: Anchors. Ghosts have physical objects which anchor them to the physical world, and when in possession of this object, one can destroy it or perform banishments.
    • Abbey Rumors: Werewuffs. All the Werewuffs. Somewhere...maybe in the woods?
    • Lastly, maps are obtained and gun laws are researched. Thankfully, Colorado is an open carry state for both handguns and long guns.

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    Lucas Boucher

    Lucas raises his hand and shakes his head in the negative at the offered beer. Nothing against Monty, but he wasn't the type to drink on the job.

    "So, Microsun specializes in identifying artifacts, Dr McCray took a step down to work there, and we don't really need credentials to get into Northpoint. It's a tourist town, which makes explaining our presence fairly easy."

    He rises from his seat, grabbing hot chocolate and some glazed doughnuts as soon as Tasi puts them down and gets a safe distance to not be run over. Coffee is gross y'all, just a fact, but warehouses are cold and doughnuts are best when dunked in warm chocolaty goodness.

    "Also apparently the artifact was thought to be a hoax? A bunch of stuff didn't add up and most of the other stuff from the dig went missing. The idol was the only thing that didn't disappear unceremoniously. Because, y'know, people around it die a lot. Also Ozob is likely an alias, and his shell company bought Microsun some time ago. We should hunt him for being a psycho with a magic murder statue, but we need to be discreet. Dudes an entrepreneur with his hand in a lot of major industries. If he suddenly disappeared there would be questions. Questions asked soon and investigated soon."

    As for equipment?

    "I have a pickup I reinforced and would prefer to use. Upgraded the engine to offset the extra weight from the heavier materials. Basically the closest thing I can get to a tank. Seats four including the driver. As for things I need? Any kind of body armor would be good. I got some leather and ski jackets that could do in a pinch, but nothing like kevlar."

    Then he looks over to Will and the map.

    "The hell is all that?"

    And finally, half a doughnut goes in his hot coco and gets jammed into his food hole.

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