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Shopping spree

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    Warden of the Sacred Grove
    (girl next door)
    Striking Looks
    Mable Wood


    "The plan sounds good to me." She listened to the others.

    Then Circe, the puns... Mable started laughing so hard she had to stop and lean against a wall, "Mary, you are a dahlia. You make me daffodil with laughter." she managed to get the words out.

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    Yamiyo Lillich
    Striking looks
    (Unknowing temptress)
    Narcissus’s Blessing
    (Romancer Kith)
    (Perfect grace and klutziness)
    Mantle (spring)
    (Fresh scent of roses, vanilla and cinnamon.)
    Yamiyo Lillich

    See picture link in signature, make slight adjustments for what your character find appeasing.

    150cm, 41kg/90lbs, small petite woman with an appearance slightly changing for each viewer to always be found appeasing.
    Long well managed hair, agile and dextrous but also slightly klutzy.

    A fresh air of newly blossomed roses with hints of vanilla and cinnamon. Small rose petals dancing behind her, around her ankles and occasionally around her hair.
    Hedgespun equipment

    Hedgespun equipment:

    Hedgespun AnkleBracelet (●)
    + 1 Defense
    Mask: Sturdy glistering silver chain with a pagan knot emblem on it.
    Mien: As if woven by the wind itself.

    Hedgespun level 0:

    Hedgespun Choker (0)
    Mask: Choker.
    Mien: Woven threads of glistering amber with the the sun, moon and star woven from the light they belong to lightly glistening when any form of light hits them.

    Small shield: +1 defense, +2 during dodge.
    Lockpicks: +3
    Smartphone - oneplus 7 256gb
    Sewing gear - (various, sheer's, thread's, needles, measuring tape, a couple of buttons, seam ripper)
    Hair/bobby pins
    Zippo lighter
    Ankle bracelet D+1
    A combined personal attack alarm/watch/flashlight - waterproof 160 decibel
    Pepper Spray
    Stun Gun (compact blue streetwise)
    Doggie treats

    Health: 7
    Base: 2,
    Total standard: 4/5
    Contract: 6/7
    Dodge: +2
    Yamiyo Lillich Scenes


    Succubus / Incubus Romancer

    Keeping her tail a bit calm, she needed to learn to remain calm even when being called Miyo.

    "What? Poor little Max haven't he learned that you can never have to many clothes, just to little closet space for them." Hmm she would need to remember that when going house hunting.

    "I just pack my clothes down in boxes if I do not manage to wear them within a certain time period but It's hard to give them up." They needed at least one evening out first. "A library can be to small but there can never be to many books around."

    "The fear in me is gone, slayed by thee gentle maiden." A cheap watch? Heck even a watch were starting to get rare to see. "But digital books does not come with the scent and feel of the book."

    Gently guiding the group into the largest thrift store in the mall and starting to look around.
    "What is the strangest thing you all have ever found in a thrift shop?"
    Succubus/Romancer Base mien

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    Cassandra Moore
    Striking Looks
    Kith Blessing
    (Prismatic Heart)
    New Identity
    (Cassandra Moore)
    Cassandra Reeding

    Her fae mien is humanoid with opalescent skin reflecting several colors, though she retains her mainly pale complexion. It can be observed that the brightest colors reflected are tied with her strongest emotion at any given time. At least, that's anyone's best guess. Her eyes are a deeper and more reflective green than her masked form, adding another gem-like quality.
    Cassandra Reeding Scenes
      Pathfinder (Catch met), Pathfinder
      Seal the Pledge


    Polychromatic Artist

    Cassandra smiles at Sera, "When I do need one, I will be sure to take you up on it." Who knows, maybe it could be fun though to get a new dress sometime soon. Could give her an excuse to bother Miri about potential solo opportunities. Though, did she want to keep going that route when... No, performing more would be good for showing off her instrument.

    "And I second on dessert after this! Never a bad time for a sugary snack."
    It was true, of course.

    As they enter into the thrift shop, Cassandra begins her immediate search for books while she stands with the group, "Weirdest thing I've found?" She had to think about that. Not that she could say it out loud, but once she found an Icon. Not one of hers, but still. Then there was that time she found an entrance to the Lexington Goblin Market in one. Though, was that really all that surprising? Baltimore was filled with all sorts of weird "Found an original copy of a piece by Samuel Barber. Was possibly the one that Leontyne Price touched herself, so that was pretty special. Not a vocalist though, so I haven't had too much of a use for it, sadly."

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    Striking Looks
    Distinctive Voice
    New Identity
    (Sarah Jones)
    Mantle (Spring)
    (In Mini Sheet)


    Softly shimmering gold flakes catch the light whenever she moves, delicate gilded and diamond scales extenuate the luminescent sapphires that are her eyes. The ocean lives in Sera's eyes, perfectly cut sapphires, gleam in the light. Deeper shades always shifting like the tide. The scales trail up to her temples and forehead. Her hair reaches down her back, brushing the back of her knees, spun silver and gold. Very fine diamond dust falls loose from her hair when she moves, reflecting rainbows from the light. The scales on her hands are dulled by the simple fact that her hands are translucent.



    Cherry blossoms gilded in gold bloom from her hair, tumbling down as a warm rejuvenating spring breeze gently kisses the air with the scent of freshly cut grass. The sound of birds singing can be heard as the wildflowers grow and bloom in vibrant colors where she walks, swaying and lively in the breeze.

    A fairly tall woman, roughly 5'11 with long, wavy dark brown hair. Her eyes are an intense, deep bright blue, reminding one of sapphires. Her lips are full, her body perfect.

    Hedgespun Items

    Tear dropped shaped pendant, form fitted waterfall jacket


    -2 to any rolls involving Presence


    Treasured Nix

    Sera had to laugh, “I already have a monopoly on the closets.” And it was true. She either needed a bigger house with more closets, or to buy less clothes. And buying less clothes didn’t seem like a healthy choice.

    Looking from Circe to the dress, “Oh, there are ways. It depends on what the dress is lined with, and then add some double-sided tape and you’re good.” Double-sided tape had saved her more than once.

    Then it seemed Mable was going to get in on the puns, and the Nix could only smirk and shake her head.

    A shrug to Yami, “What can I say, I don’t think men will ever understand. I have a climate-controlled storage unit for most of my evening gowns, but I just keep getting more.” It was a thing.

    “The women at the shelter get more use out of a lot of the clothes that would just gather dust in my closet. And hemming them is great sewing practice for me.” And it helped those who needed the clothes more than she did. “I hear you there, I really want a bigger library, but what I want isn’t really structurally possible at my current house. So, we’ll see.” Moving sucked, but, if she had to, she would.

    Looking thoughtful, “The strangest thing? Hmmm.” Thinking it over for a moment, “Oh! I came across a crocheted frog with boobs! Like, someone hand made this frog and decided he needed to have boobs.” A nod, “Was so weird.”

    A smile to Cassandra, “Great! It would be a pleasure and honor to create something for you.” And the red in her hair! So many colors that could highlight that.

    “Any type of sugary snack sound good? Or just jump on the first thing we see that looks tasty?” she could work with either.

    Sapphires widen, “Oh wow! Really?” she was quite surprised, “He was such a talented composer, that was truly a lucky find! And one that such a singer could have touched? Wow, she had such a phenomenal voice.”
    Treasured/NixWyrd ••

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    Circe's Avatar
    Striking Looks
    Mantle Dry Heat

    Merit-Striking Looks (exotic)

    Her skin turns a slate-blue and her hair bone white. The whites of her eyes are blood red, the irises are purple with cat-slit black pupils. The helix of her ears elongate out 2" inches ending in a tip. Her features sharpen and her figure has an unnatural, inhuman litheness that can be intellectually disturbing.

    Mrkt Wat

    Iron Con
    Retro Mat

    Her skin brings to mind Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, or Asian races, though her high cheek bones and sharp facial structure don't match. Most assume she is of mixed ancestry given the pale blonde hair.


    "Well I was," she says to Seraphina as they discuss the dress, "Just worried it'd involve wearing fertilizer," Circe tries to make her smile angelic. It really doesn't work, "But I figured that'd be a shitty solution." Then winces at the talk of double-sided tape, "Yeah, ya want ta be careful with that tape. Better ta wash then pull off."

    "Oh ho ho ho! Pun corrupted,"
    she smiles at Mable before turning the other three, "Three ta go."

    Circe probably had it beat regarding used items "stores" yet couldn't talk about it. Like the guy tryig to sell flintlocks beside Glocks. As for more legal used purchases, "I don't know who those dudes are," she admits to Cassandra. "Fer me it is a toss up between two. Ya know the bang flag guns? Found a Tommy Gun version with the rat-a-tat-tat unfolding flag."

    "That or the gold plated Spongebob statue,"
    Circe lifts both arms in a shrug as she raised and lowered her hands. Circe beings walking amongst the shelves nearby to see what she can find. And it looks like someone donated a collection of elbow gloves. An entire shelf's worth. "Didn't leg versions of these used ta be popular? '80s fashion was really weird."
    Fairest: Larcenist | WYRD 2| Mantle: Dry Desert Heat |Health: 7| Willpower: 5 | Glamour: 7

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    (girl next door)
    Striking Looks
    Mable Wood


    Mable did a double take to Sera, "Frog with boobs?"

    "Well, this isn't weird but sweet. In one of the books I bought was an old love note written on the back of a gum wrapper."

    "Mary, I have always been a sucker for puns and one liners, even corney pick up lines."
    She pretended to swoon, "Leaves me weak in the knees."

    Talk of book smells, sweets, and silly stuff made Mable grin ear to ear as they walked together.

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    0 Scenes

    Yamiyo receives a phone call and leaves.

    Yamiyo has been removed from play. LadySin is no longer playing on EoD

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