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    Striking Looks
    Madison Cross
    (Sleeper ID)

    Dedicated Magical Tool

    Multicolored copper bracelet with intricate loops winding around her right wrist.

    The sweet, fragrant smells of roses mixed with lilacs emanate from her as she casts magic. The scent intensifies, bordering on intoxicating, when Life magic is cast. When Aurora casts Vulgar magic, the scent takes a nasty turn, to the putrid, nauseating odor of a rotting corpse. The stronger the magic, the more those around want to retch at the smell.
    Monthly Spells

    Monthly spells done on character sheet.

    Pulse of the Living World[POT 6]
    Organic Resilience[POT 6]
    (Sanctum Strike)

    Active Spells: 4/6
    Personal Spells: 2/3

    [5]Pulse of the Living World(Sight)(Rit)
    [5]Organic Resilience(Shield)(Rit)
    [5]Organic Shield(5pot)Animia, Kaze
    [2]Gossamer Touch


    Snorting as she laughed, “I get that. There is a lot to learn, and sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming, not knowing where to start.” The flush was unexpected, but she doesn’t say anything.

    An eyebrow arches, “Really? You’ve decided to not pursue that?” she was surprised, very surprised. “What changed your mind about it if you don’t mind me asking.” It was a worthy profession.

    “Maybe now it’s about prioritizing what you want to study. Going after what will make you feel the most happiness and accomplished. You get to decide what that is now, no one else.” She never liked the idea of others telling you what was important to study and what wasn’t.

    Now that was not where she was expecting him to go. But he did. And this was a delicate topic, full of landmines and millions of ways to insult and upset others. Part of the reason she avoided it.

    There was a deep breath as she thought for a moment. Not wanting to get into religion, but not wanting him to feel like she wasn’t open minded. Again…difficult. But if it came down to sharing her feelings for someone or religion, she’d pick religion. Any day of the week.

    “I,” she begins, then stops. Stupid religion. “I’m not a religious person. Never have been, and I won’t start.” Nope. “But I respect what you’re saying, so long as it’s not, like, a way to convert or something.” No judgement. “So if believing in that helps you, and brings you some level of peace, then I’m all for it. Believing in something is good, or so I’ve been told.” And now the whole marriage and kids thing was making sense. But hell, who was she to judge? Whatever worked for him.

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    Striking Looks
    (An Extremely Fit and Healthy Glow)
    (Disconcertingly easy to talk to and open up)
    Danger Sense
    (+2 Detect Ambush)
    Zanshin (Iaido)
    (+2 Detect Ambush)
    Toxin Resistance
    (+2 vs drugs, alcohol and toxins)

    Nimbus. The sound of rushing wind and flashes of lightning surround Kaze, and his clothes and hair move as if he is in a windstorm.
    Monthly Rits

    Monthly Rits Spell Cloaks Spells do not show unless scrutinized
    Transform Aura pot 1 (Aura is as a Sleeper)
    Organic Resilience (Life Mage Armor 2e) pot 3 ( Armor 2; Defense 2 + Higher of Dex or Wits)
    Body Mastery pot 1 (x2 rate healing Bash, Letha, Agravated; +1 success on all extended and instant rolls to resist diseases, poisons or drugs; +100 years lifespan)

    Scene specific spells: in mini-sheet 4
    Scene Specific

    (Portrait) Portrait of an Angel
    Armor 3 ( +1 vs Bashing: Kung Fu 1)
    Defense 5
    Vulgar -1
    Active Spells: 3/5
    Personal Spells: 3
    Spell Tolerance: 3/3 Spell Rolls
    [1]Transform Aura[M]
    [2] Supernal Vision[D]
    [2] Organic Resilience[M]
    Key: Potency | Effect declaration if needed | Turns remaining ("M" = Monthly Ritual)

    (Bad House) The Return
    Armor 3 ( +1 vs Bashing: Kung Fu 1)
    Defense 9 (Dex 6 from Honing the Form)
    Vulgar -1
    Active Spells: 3/5
    Personal Spells: 3
    Spell Tolerance: 3/3 Spell Rolls
    [4] Honing the Form
    [3] Organic Resilience Aurora's Life 5
    [2] Body Control [M]
    Key: Potency | Effect declaration if needed | Turns remaining ("M" = Monthly Ritual)


    Kaze sighs, "Yeah. That was hard to admit." He says when Aurora asks about him not pursuing further medical training, or rather being a paremedic. "It took me some time to figure that I was into it as a 'lessor of two evils' kind of thing. I mean, if I had to be part of people getting hurt, at least I could be about helping them not die instead of doing the hurting."

    "The thing is. I don't really want to pursue anything where my job is to be just interacting with people when their hurt, even if my job isn't to actually hurt them." He says. "That's part of the thing with acting. It's interaction that's...positive. People come because they want to, if they do come. Not because their bleeding...you know?"

    He sighs again. "That's what I meant about the difference between discipline and self-discipline. I was just doing the thing where I ignored how I felt and made myself do what felt bad for me, telling myself I didn't matter and my feelings didn't matter, only the 'great good' or only other people. It sucked, and honestly I think it just came from not really liking myself very much, and believing that I didn't deserve to be happy." He says.

    "So...yeah, maybe it is a little bit selfish to be an actor instead of a paremedic. I'm...kind of okay with that now."

    When Aurora talks about religion, or really says she doesn't want to, Kaze raises his hands as if in surrender. "Hey, no problem at all." He says, smiling. "I didn't meant to go there, I mean, not to say that I know what's best for you or anyone else. I guess I was just trying to figure out if believing in Fate was something that helped you to do what you really wanted or needed, or made it harder?" He asks.

    Okay! Last day and I am totally okay with a 'fade to black' kind of deal where we just assume that they talked some more but nothing super important was said or happened before they were done?

    Sorry! I am having so much fun and Kaze just won't shut up! LOL!
    Spells: Monthly Rits Transform Aura (aura appears to be a sleeper) Spell Cloaks (See mini-sheet)

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