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After shocks: a Social

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    He couldn't blame Tasi for wanting it right here and right now, it was part of her and she wanted it replaced now. Who wouldn't? He was glad to see his comment got a laugh out of Lucas, that HAD been the intent after all. His hand subconsciously went to push the weight of the gun against him, shifting it so it rest more evenly to make the weight less noticeable. Though he knew he'd need a counter balance of some sort on the other side. A trained eye wouldn't be fooled by the quick and dirty concealment.

    When Quartermass opened the wine for Tasi he reached over to pour the glass for her as she devoured her food like the lioness she was. As he finished pouring her glass he got up to get himself some food, the alcohol now in his system providing that comforting, internal warmth he was used to. When the Doc mentioned watching a waiting he shot a glance to Tasi and shrugged.

    "Well I didn't want to volunteer him." He said with a wink to Quartermass thinking he picked up on a sneaky trick the Doctor had been playing. Having got his food he sat back down at the table taking a big bite and chewing as Lucas and Katherine spoke, washing it down before he opened his mouth again.

    "Yea I can teach you a couple basic things in case you get a pat down again. Not a bad distribution Doc. Yea I'm a decent backup gun, though I'm better with a speedy exit." Will was used to shit going wrong. "Know when to sit and wait for an opportunity I guess? We did find something out about each subject when we were speaking with them. That's something." He raised his coke can to the air in that. Leave it to the doctor to push a little optimism into the conversation.

    "Radios maybe? I can see what I can pilfer from a set if we wanna steal the stuff ADs use. Should work fine and that'd solve one issue." Lucas laid out more of the plan and he was quiet at that. Will just ate his food, he wasn't about to step up to lead and any plans that were made were secondary to having fun anyway. No point promising something he couldn't uphold.

    "Monty?" He said confused, mouth still half full of burger before grabbing the coke to wash it down. "Wow." Monty's attire doing its job and stunning Will for a brief second before he brought the burger up and stopped mid bite. "Wait? Where've you been? Well. I guess if you brought beer." He gave another shrug before returning to his food.

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    There is fashionably late, and there is late Tasi take another bite as Monty proves to be the later.

    But there was a point, with their divided agendas. Each and every one of them went in with something different to accomplish, of which Tasi hadn't even gotten close to her objective. A tête-à-tête with the Stranger.

    "Yes, we're definitely going to need to keep in communication with each other on a job, and yes. I'll try to teach you what I know of sleight of hand, even if I am now, slight of hand." a wry look, lips quirked upward.

    We should probably wrap up, and get this in the books so Cayce can open the next Plot

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    "Yeah, I am good with sticking together. Radios can be good, just harder for Tasi and I to hide them."
    Most of the clothing was form fitting, and she debated just buying some pants in the mens section for those cargo pockets that could hold a radio more easily. Hopefully more dressy occasions would be few, because that would be hard to work a radio in. Or pull off pockets o plenty pants.
    "One person to be in charge, hm?" She looked over to the Abbey hunters, then Qaurtermass. Attempting to see who was keen on that position. She wasn't sure that she was going to try for it. She would back Monty- and then he popped up.
    "Monty, good to see you. Grab a hotdog. We went over what went wrong in our various endeavors, how we can not fuck it up again - stay together, radios or cell phones... and this is Quartermass. He is a doctor. I like him, seems very solid. Quartermass, this is Monty. We're making Tasi an awesome arm. Well, they are. I can't assemble IKEA sets, so I'm out on that.
    Will can teach us how to hide weapons. I really missed my knives at the clusterfuck. Oh and Lucas thinks we should get a leader."

    And then the wind seemed to pick up, and she shivered. It was looking like it was time to head in or dissolve the meeting. They had said all that they wanted to say, right? She just wished that Monty and Quartermass had been here earlier, they would likely have good things to say.
    "Good, I am all up for learning how to hide my weapons. I definitely think things would have turned out better. So whenever you want to do that teaching, I am all for it." She nodded as she finished up her lunch. "But its getting later and I am getting cold. Here are my digits..."
    Yes, she had professional Private Investigator cards that she made sure got to every one's hands that needed one.
    "And should we retire and rest up? We have a lot of shit to solve ASAP."


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    Unfortunately, this scene has run out of time. However, feel free to open new social scenes if you'd like, and don't forget to join the plot!

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