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Oath Studies

21 - 22
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    Jennifer Hazelton

    Nosferatu curse: A voice that withered like a snake sneaking through the grass, plummeted like an old man's nearing his demise


    Jennifer considered the question. She spoke after reflection.
    " I wouldn't say that having prepared sheet is standard. As you move about, you'll find kindred who knew Notaries that always had a dozen variations written out. Another might mention that the Prince only allowed a kindred to swear to them if they could provide thier lineage up to six generations.
    One may mention that a notary in another Domain is a keeper of records, and used to record all transactions.

    We're in a situation where the Lady Prince is not forcing an Invictus rule on the domain. I rather admire her dedication to neutrality.

    I do have journals of various Oaths it have observed, to better adapt an oath to a specific situation.
    If you am swearing over someone not in the invictus, I likely would add some misdirection in a way that wouldn't hamper the effectiveness of the oath."

    After all, those outside of the Invictus would have to trust what they were told. Although it was a fine line- Jennifer strode to keep herself honest in what she spoke.

    "I was also asked to use my own words to swear. I did ask to have the position the same meeting that my coterie and I were accepted.
    Have you practiced the language yet?"
    Nosferatu Curse: Jennifer's voice withers like a snake sneaking through the grass, plummeted like an old man's nearing his demise.

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    Goes by Jack. Has never introduced himself to anyone as Jacque.

    Educated, scholarly, lawyer, scientist.
    Jack's outward demeanor and tone are a baseline of respectful and calculated.

    He actively debates, persuades, negotiates and even at time tries to intimidate, as core skills of any lawyer worth his salt.


    "You asked to be named notary the same night you swore your oath?" A grin cracked, impressed with how he imagined that conversation would have unfolded, "That is quite ambitious."

    He furrowed his brow as he considered the question, "The language of flowers?" He shook his head, "I've been pointed in other directions, but I do hope to commit some time to it soon."

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