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    Chris Laurent

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    Guile gives a small nod of its head to impart understanding to Emily. Then listens quietly as the pack discusses in their..human language. As the spirit sits still its form seems to blur into a shadow of a cat with glowing eyes.

    Teeth flash as Bleeds Well leaves an offering and Necessary Guile snaps back into its unblurred form. After the Talon had stepped away the spirit lazily makes its way down the pile of stone then grabs the offering and brings it back to its resting pace at the top of the pile. A paw, claws extended, gently rests on the offering as if to stop it from fleeing. After Hector speaks Necessary Guile looks down the pile of stones at him.

    <<Noisy, o so noisy>> The spirit half-whispers from atop its throne of stone. <<We can use your noise better.>> Briefly leaving its prize the extended paw rises to motion towards the sign and area around the pack. <<Artifice and Greed and Concrete are beginning to gather here.>> With speed the paw lands back on the offering, reclaiming its prize.

    <<This place will be good for my kind, places to sneak, places to hide, places to hunt. We wish for it to grow.>> Necessary Guile looks at the rest of the pack one by one. <<Bring your noise and your wrath elsewhere. Protect our home and ensure that it grows and thrives. There are intruders who wish to return this city to the way it was, that can not be allowed.>>

    The spirit takes a moment and looks across the pack again. <<New faces and old. Where is the bloody shadow of Luna?>>

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    Emily has several tattooes:
    - a sleeve of vines and flowers on her right upper arm and shoulder
    - a collection of stars on her left wrist, tapering up her arm
    - flowers on her right foot around her ankle
    - A crescent moof on her left shoulderblade
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    Emily acknowledges Tiny and Galina with a friendly jutting nod. Bleeds well is given a small salute.

    She finishes rolling her cigarette and lights it slowly, eyes moving form Hector and he addresses her to Necessary Guile as it speaks.

    She draws on the tobacco and breaths smoke lazily into the air, listening carefully. "Bloody shadow? A blood... dark moon? Oh, shit. Yeah. 'course." she mutters to herself, before clearing her throat.

    <<Our brother watches the herd>> she says to the spirit. <<He is close to them, but when he hears the call of the hunt, he comes to us.>>

    Or.... at least he'd better, now I've staked my rep on it. Nah. Chris will show up. He always does.

    She looks towards Necessary Guile. <<Do you have something specific you wish? Or are you leaving us to our imaginations?>> the Ithaeur adds, sounding keenly more in favour of the latter, grinning cheekily.
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    <<So, the humans will bring change here, I will explain.>> "So, I don't know if anyone else has seen this." He tosses his cell phone with the plans "but basically they plan to turn this into a giant urban development, stadium, hospital, housing, shopping, offices, the works. " <<So that I understand, your desire is for us to let the humans build?>> Spirits were annoyed by repeating themselves, but Tiny wanted to make sure he understood the totem's direction. He turns to the other wolves, <<How would we change the locus to match? If we do nothing, we would lose it.>> He wasn't certain what the exact resonance of the locus was, and was regretting not investigating earlier. But a locus at home in a decayed rusting trainyard wasn't going to be too compatible with a urban redevelopment. And a greed locus would be aweful. Would they need to put someone on the construction team? nightly rituals? And then probably needing to keep a permanent presence there afterwards.
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    5'5-165cm tall, with a slim light body.



    Watching as Bleeds enter, not really her style but then again she preferred to remain in her human form as much as possible and had more training in using her human body most of the time which made her capable of blending into the masses. Still that were good, diversity were always a strength.

    Remaining in her position slightly behind the alpha to the left, no one challenged it and she had no past experience with this totem. It's words a bit hard to fully grasp not having full knowledge of the history of the place still enough were understood at least.

    Watching the phone Tiny-sama shows to take it in, not saying a word rather just standing firm and listening for now.

    Finally giving a small look towards Emily, a bit annoyed that her question and words had not been answered but luckily her mask hid her expression nor were she one who enjoyed tobacco near her that she had enough of growing up. Still they had said that she were the master of the spirit stuff here so it was a good chance to observe her in that element.
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    Hector remains quiet, respectful. He has nothing more to add and besides, Emily Makerith has provided a response regarding their far ranging (socially, if not spatially) brother.

    Their Elodoth Tiny also voices his questions. All appropriate - which means that he, the Alpha doesn't need to speak. Not yet, anyway.
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