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Winter Wonderland!

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    Sonnie Wu's Avatar
    Sonja "Sonnie" Wu
    Striking Looks
    New Identity
    (Sonja Wu)

    An alluring young beauty, Sonnie Wu is 5'2" and lean-bodied, with a light, nimble step and eyes that seem to say "Hey, you know what would be fun?" Her reddish-brown hair often seems slightly unkempt, and an amused smile regularly plays on her lips. Sonnie is usually dressed casually or for outdoor activity. She almost always wears a pair of red leather tabi boots.

    To the eyes of Fae, Sonnie's feet are like those of a monkey: Toes as long as fingers, with one on each foot being opposable like a thumb. A long monkey tail protrudes from the base of Sonnie's spine, covered in hair the same shade as her head. It appears to be prehensile, and often moves to react to her mood and dances about when she speaks, like people who "talk with their hands." Finally, her brown eyes turn golden.
    Mundane Equipment:

    Smart phone, messenger bag, quarterstaff, 2 throwing knifes (concealed), 3 goblin fruit (changes by season), mountain bike.

    Cloud-Stepping Shoes
    Hedgespun ● +2 Speed

    Coin of the Lucky Monkey
    Hedgespun ● +1 Defense
    Sonnie Wu Scenes
      Pathfinder (Catch Fulfilled)



    No chipped teeth for Test Subject Alpha. 0 for 1 on Fairest Dental Durability. The study must continue, though.

    "Hellooooooooooo!" She grinned and waved as she and Cassandra rejoined the other two women. "Find some good loot, me hearties?" The Beast laid a hand over her chest, "Yes, it's true. The funnel cake did not survive for long. Press F to pay respects."

    A sly smile on her face, she offered one of their other finds to Sera and Yamiyo. "Peanut brittle?" Test Subjects Beta and... uh... was it Delta? Yeah, sure, Detla... located!
    Spring Mantle (Scent of Flowers and Fruit)

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    Seraphina's Avatar
    Striking Looks
    Distinctive Voice
    New Identity
    (Sarah Jones)
    Mantle (Spring)
    (In Mini Sheet)


    Softly shimmering gold flakes catch the light whenever she moves, delicate gilded and diamond scales extenuate the luminescent sapphires that are her eyes. The ocean lives in Sera's eyes, perfectly cut sapphires, gleam in the light. Deeper shades always shifting like the tide. The scales trail up to her temples and forehead. Her hair reaches down her back, brushing the back of her knees, spun silver and gold. Very fine diamond dust falls loose from her hair when she moves, reflecting rainbows from the light. The scales on her hands are dulled by the simple fact that her hands are translucent.



    Cherry blossoms gilded in gold bloom from her hair, tumbling down as a warm rejuvenating spring breeze gently kisses the air with the scent of freshly cut grass. The sound of birds singing can be heard as the wildflowers grow and bloom in vibrant colors where she walks, swaying and lively in the breeze.

    A fairly tall woman, roughly 5'10 with long, wavy dark brown hair. Her eyes are an intense, deep bright blue, reminding one of sapphires. Her lips are full, her body perfect.

    Hedgespun Items

    Tear dropped shaped pendant, form fitted waterfall jacket


    -2 to any rolls involving Presence


    Treasured Nix

    Laughing, “That’s why I keep a candy drawer both in my fridge, and in the kitchen full stocked. Don’t get me wrong, I eat plenty, but I know what candies she enjoys, so I always have some on hand.” And cereal, she always had Sonnie’s favorite cereal on hand.

    Looking a bit confused, then realizing, “Oh! You mean roller derby, I think. And that’s really different than going to a rink for fun. I think they rent them out or something for derby.” Maybe? She wasn’t sure.

    Her face lights up when the other two make it back, “We were getting worried!” and gestures to the treats her and Yami had found, “That is completely understandable, that stuff is hard to resist!” very delicious.

    Sapphires narrow suspiciously at the Beast, “Your smile makes me nervous. What’s wrong with it?” she asks, eyeing both the offered treat and Sonnie. “We have this amazing looking brownie, rice crispy and sugar thing, plus some delightful popcorn. Oh! And there is something special.” Passing the floor to Yami.

    One more post and then I'll close it
    Treasured/NixWyrd ••

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    Yamiyo Lillich's Avatar
    Yamiyo Lillich
    Striking looks
    (Unknowing temptress)
    Narcissus’s Blessing
    (Romancer Kith)
    (Perfect grace and klutziness)
    Mantle (spring)
    (Fresh scent of roses, vanilla and cinnamon.)
    Yamiyo Lillich

    See picture link in signature, make slight adjustments for what your character find appeasing.

    150cm, 41kg/90lbs, small petite woman with an appearance slightly changing for each viewer to always be found appeasing.
    Long well managed hair, agile and dextrous but also slightly klutzy.

    A fresh air of newly blossomed roses with hints of vanilla and cinnamon. Small rose petals dancing behind her, around her ankles and occasionally around her hair.
    Hedgespun equipment

    Hedgespun equipment:

    Hedgespun AnkleBracelet (●)
    + 1 Defense
    Mask: Sturdy glistering silver chain with a pagan knot emblem on it.
    Mien: As if woven by the wind itself.

    Hedgespun level 0:

    Hedgespun Choker (0)
    Mask: Choker.
    Mien: Woven threads of glistering amber with the the sun, moon and star woven from the light they belong to lightly glistening when any form of light hits them.

    Small shield: +1 defense, +2 during dodge.
    Lockpicks: +3
    Smartphone - oneplus 7 256gb
    Sewing gear - (various, sheer's, thread's, needles, measuring tape, a couple of buttons, seam ripper)
    Hair/bobby pins
    Zippo lighter
    Ankle bracelet D+1
    A combined personal attack alarm/watch/flashlight - waterproof 160 decibel
    Pepper Spray
    Stun Gun (compact blue streetwise)
    Doggie treats

    Health: 7
    Base: 2,
    Total standard: 4/5
    Contract: 6/7
    Dodge: +2


    Succubus / Incubus Romancer

    Taking a moment to let her Queen delight in her joy.
    "For me so do I always keep some M&M's and some doggie treats in my purse. She said those were her favorite once so I bought a pile to have refills." Softly chuckling. "Now of course my roommate have found it at times and taken more than a few." Evil little girl.

    "Uhh maybe, not really my area at all but if you say so then yes. All I know is if I get tackled or in an aggression with those speeds so will I fly of and that does not sound fun."

    Giggling a little.
    "Ohh did an evil little elf come and knock it to the ground for you? Yes evil little ones." Giving them a teasing smile knowing full well that they had eaten it.

    Looking over the peanut brittle to try and find the smallest piece and picking that one.
    "Thank you." Nibbling it a little with a delightful smile. "It tastes really good."

    Blushing a little as she takes up the banana split deluxe with all the possible toppings, caramel and chocolate sauce, sprinkles, whip cream and the works looking like a giant mess and handing it over to Sonnie.
    "For you." Not really knowing what to say, quickly refocusing on opening the cupcake and holding it up for Fugly. "And we cannot forget his treat, here I have been keeping this safe for you."
    Succubus/Romancer Base mien

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