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(DA) No one can hear you scream...

Nov 11, 2020 : (Deadly Acquisitions)
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    Lucas Boucher

    Cool, so Monty has secrets no one bothered to tell them about, the vampire knew, and Kat was just.... wow....

    There was going to be a meeting when this was over. One to exchange information, evaluate priorities, and establish a chain of command. This entire op was sideways, unnecessary, and worst of all? Entirely avoidable.

    For now though, Lucas was going to continue compartmentalizing and find a time down the road to process everything that was transpiring. He silently followed the others as they made their way out the door.

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    Thankfully, all was silent as they exited the booth. No screams. No gunshots. Only the sound of footsteps leading back towards the Great Hall.

    The Stranger lead them slowly in that direction, no doubt eager to throw any one of them to their death if it would save her, but when they rounded the corned into the great hall, they found themselves not staring down certain death, but rather a pair of rigid security guards with faces that looked carved out of stone. There was a brief flurry of questions, but then all four of them were being guided through the Great Hall and towards the exit.

    On the way, Lucas Boucher couldn't help but notice that the case containing Lot 13 had been broken open, and the item was no longer there...

    And then they were being ushered outside, where guests milled uncomfortably, waiting for their cars to be valeted for them, more security had fanned out around the perimeter, and a large, metal cart that held all of their phones and other unmentionables.

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