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(Deadly Acquisitions)

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    Lucas was trailing as usual. Grateful to be out in one piece but deeply disturbed by the steps that got him there. That wasn't even talking about the idol and...

    ...holy shit!

    They weren't apart that long, but apparently not that long was long enough for Tasi to lose an arm. What happened? Was that the arm she had wrapped around his? Because this is how a moment turns into a complex. Not that Tasi losing her arm was about him? Just, wow. Talk about bad timing.

    For a few seconds he's simply staring at the stump where Tasi's arm used to extend from. "Uh, hospital?" He should probably say something. There was plenty to say. In front of the crowds. In plain view.

    Okay, maybe they could talk a bit later.

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    “Subtle.” Was all he said though there was venom in his voice as the two geeks caused a scene around them. Yea, sure just drag the fuckin’ monster over here. Let’s just let it snack on Tasi while we’re at it, should make it go away, yea? He was already in a bad mood when he saw that grinning mother fucker get into his car. He felt his blood begin to boil, his fists clenching in white knuckled, yet impotent rage.

    “This isn’t a hospital, what good’s a doctor going to do in a parking lot? Let’s go.” Let’s go before they start asking questions, you know, like why the fuck your friend is missing an arm. He nodded his agreement with Lucas. “Seems you and I share a score now.” While Monty’s display gave them way too much attention there could still be an upside, gotta grab Tasi’s shit and go. And if that smug motherfucker was driving toward the hospital? Well that score might get settled a little faster. People died in car accidents all the time after all. He assumed that smiling mother fucker stole the artifact and the servant they murdered was its guardian and that's why people died all the time. That fire twisted and turned in his stomach turning it into knots, a vein in his forehead beginning to throb as his bloodlust rose.

    “Those who are rolling with me better hold on tight, it’s going to be a rough ride.”

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    Well, there went their quick and clean getaway. she thinks still dull, still far away.

    "Darling, if you wanted your hands on me you only had to ask," slurs out of her mouth when Kitty Cat comes to help carry her weight, "Apologies that I can't reciprocate, huh. Kate. " Is what she wants to say, she doesn't really know what the others will hear.

    She stumbles in place, or had she started to move? "I would love to see a doctor. Please. Now?" Monty can get her things? Right, didn't she have things? Hmm.

    Her head lulls and her eyes drop to half mast, Everything was very fuzzy and it was wonderful.

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    There's a reason why they say that the first casualty of any conflict is the plan. At least for now, this maxim holds true. Monty is able to convince the security to abandon protocol and slip the Hunter's phones and other unmentionables back to them.

    Meanwhile, a small swarm of guests and security swarm over towards Tasi, rubber necking and chattering, but soon Will is ushering Tasi to his car. Security promises that a police escort will meet them on the way to the hospital (a benefit of mixing with the rich and powerful), and then it seems that their quarry is slipping away.

    The Stranger has slipped into a chauffeured Rolls Royce Ghost steeped a deep wine red. However, the license plate is easily captured.

    As for Ozob, he pauses for a moment to flash a teasing grin. He straps a box in to the passenger seat of his Prosche before climbing into the driver's seat and speeding off.

    For now, it seems, the Hunt is over.

    But soon...it will resume.

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