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Hunter Player Run Plots

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    Coco Scenes

    Hello everyone!

    The magnificent Saber Sloth and I asked if we could open up the Hunter Venue for Player Run Plots and we got the go ahead, woo hoo!

    The idea is that there will be no ST, but instead we will run plots for one another, and Saber and I will handle the admin stuff of Character Sheets, XP, thread management, etc.

    Now, that said, because there needs to be some guidelines, here we go:
    • Hunter players must accept that the possibility of death, dismemberment, or other trauma for characters is incredibly high. If you choose to play, you are accepting these risks.
    • Characters will have 40xp to start with, and can drop morality to 5 (gaining 5xp per point dropped, for a total of 10xp). All other character creation rules apply.
    • Saber Sloth and Cayce will NOT ALLOW any tier 3 (conspiracy) hunters in their PrPs for the time being. This also applies to Second Sight. We will not run for Second Sight, currently.
    • There will be no official setting. PrPs can take place anywhere EXCEPT Sacramento. Sacramento, as the setting for the other venues, is off limits.

    Now, I'm sure you're wondering about some of these guidelines, so allow me explain. The first guideline is due to the fact that hunters, for the most part, are just mortals, and mortals are fragile. The Vigil is incredibly dangerous, and in order to play, you have to be ok with that.

    For the second guideline, due to the fact that Hunters ARE much weaker than other splats, we think an extra 10xp (for a total of 40xp) is fair, with the option to drop morality for extra xp on top of that.

    For the third guideline, Saber Sloth and I want our PrPs to feel grounded, horrifying, and dramatic. Obviously tier 3 can have those qualities, but it also opens the door for some, frankly, absurd characters and stories. I, personally, don't want to run a story where your FBI psychic crashes the Union Barbecue, or where Father Batman ziplines out of his church to go fight vampires. So, for now, we will only run tier 1 and 2, with the intention of having characters join conspiracies in play. That's right, we'll run introductory stories for your characters...at some point. You gotta earn it, but we'll do it

    That said, if you want to run your own tier 3 PrPs, or Second Sight PrPs, feel free. We'll handle the sheets, but the stories are up to you.

    Lastly, because Hunter is mostly antagonistic towards all the other splats, there will be no cross venue contact via the PrPs. As such, Sacro is off limits for Hunter PrPs, and will instead allow PrPs to take place anywhere else. Also, technically, your hunters could appear as Shades in Sacro, as Shades cannot be part of reveals, combat, etc, so if you DO intend to socialize with characters in other venues, keep in mind that you'll only be visiting.

    And, as always, site wide rules apply. Just because there's no ST doesn't mean there's no oversight. So, let's follow the rules and have a great time together!

    Oh, and one more thing!

    On November 7th (or maybe a little sooner), I will be starting the very first Hunter PrP! More details to follow, but I wanted to let y'all know that a Plot was incoming so you could start brainstorming your hunters!

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    Hello. I am stoked for this. Just had two questions.

    1) We are sticking to core 1e rules as opposed to say GMC correct?

    2) Are you expecting players be full hunters or are you open to vanilla mortals who have no "supernatural" experiences for your nov 7th plot?
    I am like a fine cheese. Old and smelly and usually best when accompanied by wine.

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    Coco Scenes

    Firstly, yes, we only use 1st edition. We do NOT use 2nd edition/GMC.

    Seconldy, sure, a proto-hunter is totally fine.

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    OMG Cayce is back!


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    Yumyumcrow Scenes


    Thinking. Maybe too much.

    Is this venue going to be purely PrPs or will there be opportunity for more typical 'social' threads?

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    Coco Scenes

    There could totally be social threads

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    Jennifer Hazelton


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