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    Shout out to Seryna for spicing up court.

    Studying Horatio for his state of mind

    "Priscus Quilz, ignoring the arrivals of her Grace, the Archon Twist, and Seneschal Hart will not endeavor you to any one."

    Jennifer's voice dips to a grave tone as she stares steadfast at Horatio. Horatio was continuing the acknowledgement, yet Jennifer wasn't done yet.
    Jennifer had not seen a bow or curtsy to the Prince from Maeve. Nor did Maeve acknowledge the other Court officers. Jennifer made it clear who she laid the blame. Horatio was a Priscus now, which means that others would look to him on how to behave. She would not abide the new Mekhet thinking that this was appropriate behavior when the Prince and her Court Officials arrive. Acknowledgment was important, but lack of respect for tradition led to so many problems.

    Worse, he was trying to behave like giving proper respect was some annoyance to his role as Priscus. Jennifer could believe that he was annoyed with Jennifer herself for helping his Family know who deserved proper respect. The Beast began to coil within her ribcage, snarling its' displeasure. Jennifer took several moments of silence to soothe it, using her indignation and a bit of awe to fuel her words. The words were delivered in a slow and measured cadence to ensure that she was heard clearly through her Curse. Her voice was strong and at conversational volume.

    "It's best to inform Madame Maeve - and future arrivals - which Kindred deserve prompt respect the moment they arrive. I believe you have met and spoken to Seneschal Hart at length. "

    Jennifer's concern was that someone might take offense at Maeve's behavior and try to call her up on it, which could be difficult for Maeve. Jennifer herself had acknowledged the arrival of Prince, Seneschal and Archon promptly. Horatio, however, had continued a conversation with Maeve. As he had not indicated who to speak to, Maeve had then continued the conversation. Jennifer reigned in some of her indignation to see how Horatio responds. Jennifer does not point out specifics to see if Horatio would correct the mistake. She was a bit curious if he knew.

    "I am not placing this blame upon you, Maeve." Jennifer says to Maeve, in conversation.

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    Jennifer Hazelton

    Thanks, Scourge. Folks likely remember when Jennifer arrived as newcomer some years ago. She was adept at letter writing because she had not yet found her voice. This is a bit of a 'found her voice' moment by striking something that Jennifer is passionate about.

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