Kaze cocks his head like a bird or puppy, trying to understand when Briar Rose says he said something 'stupid but smart'. He nods, guessing it's like when Alastor, his old Master in the Arrows used to say, 'You do you.'.

He laughs when she asks him if he thinks his 'eager puppy' thing is an act or not. "I think that's all me!" Kaze says. "But, that doesn't mean I can't learn to like, channel it, like express it in different ways." He remarks. "I think anything I act though, is coming from inside me anyway. None of it is really 'fake' exactly. Just different parts of who I am that I can kind of exaggerate on or tone down."

Kaze looks really interested when Briar Rose talks about her art, her painting and what it means to her.

"Interesting." he says. "So...it kind of is, about a connection to people. Sort of, right?" He asks. "I mean, it's not just a big, eff you, I don't care what anybody thinks...?" He raises his hands like in surrender, "I mean, sorry. I am just wondering about it, because I'm figuring out how I feel about acting. I know it feels good. I guess it feels like all I care about is that it's...like, 'authentic', you know? Like it comes from a real place?" Kaze pauses,