"Ugh," Circe sighed as she stood up, wiping sweat from her blue brow with her left hand. Then wiping it down on the apron she'd worn to keep herself mostly clean.

Circe had gone through both her ranch house and her Hollow, scouring the area to figure out one thing and one thing only. How much of an armory had she built up?

And she divided it into 3 categories. Best, anti, and crazy folks.

In her Hollow was whence this occurred. Circe wasn't crazy enough to pile real weapons Iron Side. She was in her Hollow's open space. Between her tool shack, forge, and an old recliner couch.

The last was where Circe went to retrieve two things. A bottle of sparkling water and the more needed thing. A clip board. The elf jumped backwards onto the couch, kicking up the recliner, and getting the things. The Summer Queen drank water as she freed the pens from the clip board. The best first. Guns.

Gunbunny Smurfette found she'd a pair of 9mm Soviet pistols, a small revolver, her Colt 45, a shotgun, and the silenced Soviet carbine. Ammo? Plentiful save for the revolver having none. And the carbine needed more too, plus clips honestly she needed more of as well.

Anti? Well obviously that was the armor. Her kevlar and home made skin suit were the best of course until she made a skin suit that was kevlar. There was also the football pads and the one with the, ahem, upgrade. Really just a armored skirt for the waist and groin. And then there was her leather jackets. Circe found her fashionable protection includes 2 women's, 1 women's trench coat, and a men's bomber jacket.

As for the crazy people weapons? Not much. A baseball bat, a broken machete (thank you again Thorns), and 3 daggers. What did she keep picking up knives at random?

Circe chewed on the pen, thinking. She could gift these out to Freeholders, bribe Hobs, or trade stuff at the spider market. The elfin Fairest nods to herself. She'd try seeing if she could make something pretty with that broken machete before calling Seraphina about traveling to the market. She needed to kill time between buying better guns anyway.