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(2007) Eternal Court

11 - 18
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    Lenora was already rising as Jennifer spoke her greeting.

    Joining the greater collection, Lenora nearly spoke before a pang of terror shot through her leashed Beast. The Prince had arrived to join her subjects. The Law would, of course, be observed, but her presence dictated the need for announcement. Thus, Lenora chose to learn from what she had observed from the Lady Notary the previous month and announce the Prince first, for this was a function of the Domain first of all, not of the Invictus.

    "May I present Her Grace, Prince Alessandra Antinori, Lady and Priscus of the Gangrel,"
    Lenora announced, addressing the group, though her gaze fell most heavily on the new whelp Dirt Nap had brought in. Like Horatio, this man elicited rage to That-Which-Lay-Within, but Lenora was not so crass as to show her distaste without cause. Lenora had settled to announce the Prince as Jennifer had done the month prior, with the exception of the inclusion of Alessandra's most recent acquisition: Her title of tribute.

    Shifting her weight to the Savage Prince, Lenora dipped into a deep bow, holding it for some moments before righting herself. Returning her attention back to the group, a hand would extend to formally gesture to Jennifer.

    "May I present Jennifer Hazelton, Lady, Notary and Priscus of the Nosferatu,"
    she said, her cadence as formal and exact as she had afforded Alessandra herself. A respectful dip of Lenora's head was offered to the Haunt.

    Dirt Nap's greeting was met with the Lord's usual slight smile and a nod, but Lenora says little, offering her betters the floor to afford greater greetings or words should they wish to. After all, Priscus or no, the law was clear in regards to attaining audience with the Prince. The choice to engage was hers, not the newcomer's, but Lenora was certain Dirt Nap would guide him.

    Lenora's gaze wandered to the Blind Seneschal, pondering on whether or not to announce her as well, but she thinks better of it. It would be wiser to afford Alessandra and Jennifer the chance to speak after announcing them, lest she be accused of attempting to blunt their importance or show disrespect towards their esteem.

    Thus, Lenora remained off to the side of the Lady Notary in order to observe. Their could be other opportunities to be of further use and such things were always useful when new Kindred came to the city. Wise Kindred of all Clans remembered those who helped them, after all.
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    Jennifer Hazelton

    Nosferatu curse: A voice that withered like a snake sneaking through the grass, plummeted like an old man's nearing his demise


    That powerful Beast that prowled out from the Prime Predator like a crashing wave was the clue that she needed. Jennifer dropped herself into an appropriate curtsy to the Prince. At the Prince's respectful nod to Jennifer, she bowed her head appropriately to the Prince. Alice Hart entered the Elysium next. She bows her head respectfully to Alice.
    A lesser nod was given to Lyssa.

    "Thank you, Priscus Black, for that wonderful introduction. " Sincerity colored her words as she nodded politely, indicating respect to the Priscus. This was a Domain Function, not Covenant, and so she indicated with her nod that she respected the Ventrue Priscus and expected others to view the Ventrue with the respect that she deserved. A calm and measured glance was paid around the immediate vicincity, ensuring no one had approached while introductions were ongoing.

    She spoke slowly and with care, so that one could understand her words even as her ruined voice crept, rasped and slithered the polite words out.
    "I am pleased to introduce Lenora Black, Priscus of the Ventrue."

    "Hello, Dirt Nap. It is good to see you." Jennifer greets Dirt Nap after his introduction of J.C.
    Dark brown eyes focus on J.C. from the petite Nosferatu. She seems to take in his appearance, studying his shoes to the style of his hair, the outfit and the choice of accessories, if any.
    "Welcome to Sacramento, JC."
    Nosferatu Curse: Jennifer's voice withers like a snake sneaking through the grass, plummeted like an old man's nearing his demise.

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    Dirt Nap nods respectfully towards those who offered a greeting, either verbal or non-verbal. Lenora gets a respectful nod of appreciation for her smile and nod. Horatio gets a nod of acknowledgment to his superior rank in their Covenant.

    "Thank you, kindly Ma'am, Lady Hazelton." Dirt Nap says. "It's a pleasure to see you too, Ma'am."

    He pauses as Jennifer speaks to JC, definitely not wanting to do or say anything that would indicate rudeness to her, or contribute to JC being rude to her neither.

    Then he clears his throat quietly and gets JC's attention. "Pardon me, Ma'am, Lady Hazelton. JC here is needing to ask to be acknowledged still." He explains.

    "Over there is Seneschal Hart." Dirt Nap says softly, indicating the observation post that Alice Hart has taken up in the Court. "That would be a good place to start." He says. "I'd suggest we go over there, and introduce you, and explain you being in the family clan and all, looking to get acknowledged."
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    Pay attention. Pay attention. Feel the fear but don’t let it control you. Recognize it and recognize you can’t make it go away but don’t let it distract you.

    The man with the purple tie returns JC’s bow and a few words but no introduction. Priscus Black gives him even less. However, her sudden announcement (again glad for being dead or he might have flinched) did let him know who the Prince was. Only Hazelton seemed to give JC more than cursory attention, yet even that was unsettling. Her welcome felt like a dry shiver crawling down his spine. He some how doubted she approved of his outfit with its stains of homelessness and worn out soles.

    “Glad to be here Ma'am, Lady Hazelton” he says mildly, swallowing his discomfort that would have made a living man shiver.

    Dirt Nap drawing his attention toward the pale woman in the pink dress helped to focus JC’s thoughts a bit. As much as turning your back on a tiger helped keep it out of sight, even if the danger was still there and more likely to pounce than ever. Luckily, the Seneschal’s Beastly nature was hidden from JC’s own. That didn’t stop it from being recognized by other parts. Parts that took note of the obvious empty pits and porcelain sheen of her skin.

    “It was nice meeting you all. Sir, Ma'am, Ma'am” he said, giving another bow as he left to continue the process of acknowledgement. One step at a time.

    Alright, he thought as he approached. He put together what he’d heard so far in what time he had as he crossed the short distance. Lots of titles, some overlapping. Invictus if he had to guess. But not the Seneschal? Or Black had purposefully left her out. That seemed odd.

    He stopped a couple steps from Hart, again waiting for some indication he was allowed to speak. He was a bit surer that he didn’t have but better safe than sorry. Then again, he wasn’t even sure she could see him. He risked a “Ehem”.
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    First thing you will notice about Ale is the abundance of her tattoos. They go from her face all the way to her feet, and not much is left bare. The second thing? Her strong Italian accent.

    Known as Sofia De Luca
    (Lords Danse)


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    Dark eyes see Alice and Lyssa enter, and the Savage offers a bow of her head in respect. A small nod offered to Lyssa.

    Why was Lenora announcing her? But the biggest problem was the mistakes. The mistakes in her titles.

    Her body tenses, but she moves her attention away. This problem could be taken care of later. Behind closed doors. And was not worth her time at the moment.

    Eyes settle on Jennifer, but she says nothing.

    Instead, she watches Dirt Nap, his companion more deserving of her attention this evening. JC. Short for something? But it was, family Clan, that stood out. A Gangrel?

    She had no intention of stepping in. But would make sure she got to speak with him after.
    Alessandra Antinori │BP 4│

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    Lenora receives a call and exists the scene

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    Lyssa Wolfe. Ghoul


    Past her Albinism, Alice is naught but a doll, beautiful in her impossible perfection. Taking on a inescapable sheen of artifice, both movements and manner seem, hollow and fake. She's nothing but a marionette, limbs jerking and twisting as if pulled by invisible strings.

    Marring her unnatural beauty are her eyes, or the lack of them, vacant pits of visceral horror.


    Alice poised, and posed as she was waits for the Gangrel to approach. It's a good sign. She wasn't Gangrel, but his Priscus was Prince, and Her Majesty had rules listed for a reason, and besides, she was Her Majesty's voice.

    She feels the Wraith wantingneedingpressing - this Welp approaches, and Alice asks,

    "Just JC?" Alice asks after a moment, her hollow voice, empty, and aching. would this be like B with one extra letter?

    She presses her finger against Lyssa's arm then flicks her wrist in a distinct movement. The Ghoul leaves, returning to the Senechal's office for those oh so important binders.
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    Horatio watches as the newcomer is introduced and decides to approach him later in the evening if everything goes well. He turns his attention back to Lady Notary and begins a friendly conversation, small talk.
    "How are you this evening Lady Hazelton?"

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